Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 241: The New Retainer

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 Several weeks have passed since Rikuya woke up.


 For a while, he was rested in the castle’s infirmary, but Rikuya’s resilience was high, his injuries were steadily improving, and he was completely healed faster than expected.


 By the way, it was decided to return the Dragon’s End sword that Rikuya had, of course.


 Tenes, who had purchased the sword from Robke, was given his money back by Robke, and Robke, who knew the sword was stolen and made the transaction, was punished by being unable to do business again in Canale.


 Now that Rikuya has recovered, I went to give him the Dragon’s End sword.



“Th Dragon’s End sword… so you got it back…” (Rikuya)


“It’s not that I got it back, but more like I found out where the bandits were because I had this.” (Ars)



 I offered the Dragon’s End sword to Rikuya, but Rikuya didn’t accept it.



“What’s wrong? Take it.” (Ars)


“I can’t accept this.” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya shook his head and refused to take it.


 Why would he not take it?



 I was confused because I couldn’t read Rikuya’s intentions.



“I can’t just take back the Dragon’s End Sword for free… I can’t owe you more after you saved my life.” (Rikuya)


“You don’t owe me anything. …They are criminals living in Canale, and the Louvent family, which governs this city, has a duty to protect its citizens from criminals. In fact, I think I even owe them an apology for them injuring you.” (Ars)


“Hey, hey, don’t apologize for helping me, please stop because I don’t have any reason to complain about it. I was saved by the Louvent family and it is a big debt. There is no doubt about that.” (Rikuya)



 It seems that he has no intention of changing his mind, and Rikuya continues to refuse to accept the Dragon’s End sword.


 Without this sword, Rikuya and his family would be in a lot of trouble, and I want him to accept it, but I don’t know what to do.



“I’m sorry to ask this of you after we have refused so many times, but will you make us vassals of the Louvent family?” (Rikuya)



 That’s what Rikuya asked.



“I will definitely work for you as a vassal and repay you our debt, please. (Rikuya)


“I don’t mind having you as a vassal, but… I don’t know if that’s a good idea. You are royalty, aren’t you?” (Ars)


“Well, it doesn’t matter, you know? I realized that there are more important things than becoming a king. I know it’s a promise from a lowly person, but please accept us.” (Rikuya)



 Perhaps he had a change of heart, but Rikuya repeatedly bowed his head and asked me to make them a vassal.



“Yes, I too beg for your acceptance!” (Maika)



 Maika, who had been standing nearby and watching quietly, said.



“I may look like this, but I’m pretty smart, Takao is strong when he fights as you saw, and my brother… he doesn’t have any special skills, but he doesn’t have any flaws either, and he can handle anything skillfully, so I think he’d be quite helpful if he were here!” (Maika)


“Hey! Isn’t my appeal just a bit like a side dish!?” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya was indignant at Maika’s appeal.




 Even without being appealed, I understand the potential of the three of them.


 I was not even angry because I had been rejected twice.



“I would be very happy if you guys could become my vassals. It would be great having you all as my vassals.” (Ars)



 I readily agreed to Rikuya’s request.



“Thank you… Thank you for your kindness! Now that I’ve become your vassal, I promise I will definitely help you!” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya bowed his head many times.



“I am very proud of you for making me your vassal, milord, my master.” (Rikuya)


“Oh, milord?” (Ars)



 Once she became a vassal, Maika started calling me strange names.



“I’m going to be able to eat a lot of delicious food when I’m a vassal. I’m satisfied.” (Takao)



 Takao seems to be the same as ever.



“But I can’t give up my dream of you becoming king just because we’ve become vassals, brother. We are going to make Milord the emperor of the Somerforce Empire, and for that achievement, you are going to lead Messiaen. Then, how about you lead an army to invade Yo and have brother rule it as king?” (Maika)


“E-Emperor?” (Ars)



 She was talking nonsense.


 I have no intention of becoming emperor.


 I only hope to survive and do well in this time of war.



“If that happens, we’ll be usurpers, won’t we?” (Ars)


“Hmph, it’s a bad idea to usurp them. Or rather, when I think about it now, I feel like this is the most realistic plan. With our lord’s special power, it’s not a dream for him to become emperor.” (Rikuya)


“Oh, hey, don’t say such things. I have no intention of becoming emperor. I just want to live peacefully.” (Ars)


“What is with that kind of attitude? Typically, this war will not end until a new emperor emerges. If our lord becomes the emperor, it will be settled.” (Maika)


“No, no, I have to fight even then… and I’m not the kind of person who can become an emperor…” (Ars)



 I was having such a conversation with them,



“That’s a good idea. Lord Ars is certainly the one who should become the emperor.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu, who had not been there until a moment ago, suddenly appeared and said so.



 Had he heard what they were saying?



“Someone like Lord Ars, who can evaluate all people equally, without being misled by race or gender, is the one who should be the emperor.” (Ritsu)


“I don’t want to… Well, I think it would be easier to reach a higher rank to some extent, but being emperor is too much. I’m sorry that I couldn’t live up to your expectations.” (Ars)



 That’s what I said here and ended the conversation. I don’t want to be expected to do anything strange.



 Thus, Rikuya, Maika, and Takao became my new vassals. 



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