Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 243: The Fox

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 A few months have passed since the Fujimiya family became vassals, and it is now March. The season is autumn.


 It feels a little chilly, but basically, it is a season of pleasant weather.



 It is also the time of year when Canale is in full swing, with several large-scale festivals such as the Harvest Festival being held.



 Three members of the Fujimiya family became vassals and worked very hard.



 They contributed to the maintenance of security in Canale County, and Maika used her words to procure ether at a low price.



 After that, Mireille, who was suffering from a labor shortage, persistently asked me to lend the three of them, and I decided to send them to Mireille.


 The three then seem to have been getting overworked.



 On the contrary, Mireille seems to be bored with little to do. I will threaten Mireille next time that I will remove her from the post of Lamberk’s manager if she slacks off too much.



 The three Fujimiya siblings were steadily beginning to make their mark as vassals of the Louvent family.



 During the next few months, I did not neglect to search for new talents.


 Although I found and hired a variety of people, I was not able to discover any outstandingly talented individuals.


 Nevertheless, I was able to find several people with a reasonably high aptitude for magic and strengthen our magic unit.


 In addition, I was also able to find a good number of highly skilled and brave men and women.


 I deployed them in Braham’s elite units, and the elite units were further strengthened.



 On the other hand, I could not find many people who were skilled in Strategy and Politics.


 Thanks to Verge’s joining, Reetz’s workload was reduced. However, he is still very busy, and I would have liked to find competent personnel as soon as possible, but this is all luck, and there is nothing more I can do about it.


 I would still like to find new talent, but I have a much larger staff, and it is getting tougher to hire new people with our current funds.



 If Canale grows more, there will be more leeway. Until then, I have to suspend the search for talent for a while.



 As for the movements of the province of Sights, with which our territory borders, they have not attacked us, although they have been increasing their military power by collecting ether and increasing the number of soldiers.



  It is possible that they are doing something behind the scenes. But we have no concrete evidence that they are doing anything.


 It is also possible that the increase in the number of bandits is a scheme by Sights. However, so far, the soldiers are doing their best to deal with the bandits, so the damage was decreasing.



 As for the current military strength, Canale County alone is much stronger. Since Messiaen has been unified and reinforcements from Lord Clan have become easier to come, it is unlikely to be invaded by the Sights unless something serious happens.



 The economy is doing well, and the population is still growing.


 Territory management in Canale County was going well so far.





 March 16th, Canale Castle.



 I had thought that I might have some free time after suspending the personnel search, but I have been rather busy.



 Recently, I had received many letters from other nobles, and they had sent messengers to Canale, so I had a lot of diplomatic work to do, and as a lord, I was busy dealing with them.



 This was probably because the surrounding nobles’ evaluation of the Louvent family had risen even more because of our victory in the war against the Sights and the rapid growth of Canale County.



 When it comes to dealing with guests, it is impossible for me, as the lord, not to answer. I had to do a lot of preparation, and there was little time to rest.



 Today, too, I went back to my room after finishing my work.



“It’s a bit tiring to have visitors every day, isn’t it?” (Lithia)


“Yes it is.” (Ars)



 Lithia, who was walking next to me, said with a wry smile. I nodded in reply.


 Lithia, my wife, was also dealing with the visitors with me.


 To be honest, Lithia is more cunning and better at talking and negotiating than I am, so she helps me a lot in some areas.


 I need to grow up more.



“Brother!” (Claus)



 Suddenly, a voice called out from behind.


 It’s Claus’s voice.


 In the first place, only Claus calls me Brother.



 When I turned around, Claus and Ren were there.



 Both of them looked troubled.


 Claus is holding something in his arms.


 It is not a thing.


 It is an animal covered with blue fur.


 It has big ears and a thick, fluffy tail.


 Its eyes are slanted.




 It was an animal that looked like a fox.



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