Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 252: Keefe Recruitment

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 Keefe Venge.


 So that’s his name.



 It’s been a while since I’ve found someone this talented.


 I guess they are out there if you look for them.



 He seems to be from Alcantes, so there is nothing suspicious about his origin. The only thing is that he has a lot of siblings. Since all of them are still alive, it is highly likely that they were born into a wealthy family.


 He doesn’t seem to be in the service of anyone at this point.



“Ars… Maybe you found a good person?” (Lithia)



 Lithia asked me that after the shocking appraisal.



 I didn’t have a particular reaction, but somehow Lithia knew what I was thinking.



“That’s true, but… How did you know?” (Ars)


“Ars gets very tense like this when you discover talents. It’s rather easy to understand.” (Lithia)



 Lithia said this while imitating my face.


 I was not aware of it at all. But it is true that my face might be a little tense. It seems that Lithia is observing me very closely. I am a little embarrassed.



“So, is that boy a very talented person?” (Lithia)



 I nod.



“I’d like to talk to him for a moment, is that okay?” (Ars)


“It’s okay! I’ll go with you too!” (Lithia)


“That’s reassuring.” (Ars)



 The boy, Keefe, was born in Alcantes and is still here, which means that he has most likely spent his entire life in Alcantes.


 The chances of me, as the lord of Canale, succeeding in recruiting him as a vassal are not so high.


 However, if Lithia lends me her strength, the success rate may increase. Because to be honest, Lithia is better at persuading others than I am.



“Is that kid really good… Well, I don’t see anything wrong with Lord Ars’s eyes…” (Braham)



 Braham looks slightly skeptical.


 He has a well-defined face, but it is rather neutral and not very masculine. He is not very big, so you would not normally get the sense that he looks strong.


 His current status is not very high, so he is not that capable at the moment.


 However, his Strategy and Politics are definitely quite high considering his age.



“Certainly, Lord Ars, who found the captain, would be able to see through any human.” (Zat)


“…That’s right… Hmm? Perhaps I’ve been made a bit of a fool of?” (Braham)


“It is just your imagination.” (Zat)


“I see, is it just my imagination…?” (Braham)



 Braham had an incomprehensible expression on his face.



 We approach Keefe.



“…Oh, welcome.” (Keefe)



 He seemed to have noticed us from the other side and said so. It was a quiet voice.



“Nice to meet you, my name is Ars Louvent. Nice to meet you.” (Ars)



 First, I greeted him. After me, Lithia also introduced herself.



“Ye-ye… Um… my name is Keefe Venge…” (Keefe)



 He greeted us back looking a little confused, and also introduced himself.



“…Are you really… Ars Louvent?” (Keefe)



 Keefe stares at my face.



“Could you be Ars Louvent, Mayor of Canale County!?” (Keefe)



 He asked, his eyes bulging.



“You know me?” (Ars)


“Of course! I’ve heard that you led your vassals and brilliantly repelled Sights that invaded Messiaen!” (Keefe)


“Or brilliantly…? Um, well, Sights was repulsed, but because my vassals are very powerful…” (Ars)


“You are truly humble! I heard you have a great personality and a true superhuman! Even though you are about the same age as me, you’re amazing!” (Keefe)



 Keefe said with a twinkle in his eye.


 I had thought I was becoming more well-known, but I hadn’t expected that even the general public in Alcantes someone would be an admirer of mine.


 I’m not sure how to react.



 But the fact that Keefe is a fan of mine should make it easier for me to succeed in recruiting him. It’s not a bad thing.



“Actually, I drew a picture of Lord Ars! Please take a look!” (Keefe)



 Keefe pulled out a framed picture from under his feet and showed it to me.



“Is this… Me?” (Ars)


“Yes!” (Keefe)



 Keefe’s drawing of me had the same black hair, clothes, physique, and other features to some extent, but the face was incredibly beautiful.


 Although I’m better looking than before I was reincarnated, I’m not particularly good-looking now either.



“Well! It’s exactly like you!” (Lithia)



 Lithia said looking at the picture.



 Is it really like me…?


 I think we are different no matter where you look at it.


 No, I see, saying otherwise might give Keefe a bad impression, so are you saying it on purpose?



“Eh, umm… well, well, maybe they do indeed look alike, like around the eyes and stuff.” (Braham)



 Braham, who also saw the picture, said so with a confused expression. He clearly felt uncomfortable, but he seemed to be trying to be considerate. It seems that Braham has also become able to read the atmosphere.



“I wonder if you would be willing to sell me the painting.” (Lithia)


“Huh? Oh… I-I didn’t draw this to sell…” (Keefe)


“Oh, I see. That’s a shame.” (Lithia)



 Lithia seemed genuinely disappointed.


 I don’t want a picture that doesn’t look like me.



 You are acting… Right…?



“I mean, we didn’t come here to buy a painting.” (Lithia)


“Huh? Is that so?” (Keefe)



 Lithia looked at me telling me to get to what I wanted to say.



“Keefe Venge. I want you to become my vassal.” (Ars)



 I said directly.



“…” (Keefe)



 Keefe stared at me with a blank expression on his face.


 He was frozen for a few seconds,



“Whaaaaaaaat!?” (Keefe)



 I was surprised when he shouted out loud.



“Wh-wh-why a vassal!? Did I do something?” (Keefe)



 He seems quite surprised.



“Ah, uh, now that I think about it, I heard a rumor that Lord Ars has a good eye for people… Maybe I have a talent…” (Keefe)



 As my popularity has increased, it seems that people have heard rumors about my powers to some extent.


 It’s easy and saves me the trouble of explaining.



“Does that mean I have great talent as a painter?” (Keefe)


“Eh? As a painter…” (Ars)



 I can’t measure a painter’s talent with my appraisal.


 As far as I can see, he is still young and draws well, so I think he is a talented artist.



“Well, I think you are good and talented, but… I can’t even see your talent as a painter. You have many talents: a warrior, a minister, a military strategist.” (Ars)


“Eh… Yeah? I-is that so? I’m weak, you know?” (Keefe)


“You may be so at the moment, but you will surely become stronger with training.” (Ars)


“Eh? Really?” (Keefe)



 It seemed like he was skeptical.



“That may be true if Lord Ars says so… But I want to work as a painter…” (Keefe)



 Keefe was troubled.


 It’s true that it may be hard for someone who loves painting to suddenly become a soldier.


 When I was wondering how to convince him,



“Oh my, you can paint even if you become a vassal. Wouldn’t it be easier to paint better if you joined the Louvent family and saw Ars and the others in action?” (Lithia)


“I-I see… You certainly have a point… I might not be able to get any more inspiration if I stay in Alcantes…” (Keefe)



 Hearing Lithia’s argument, Keefe begins to think.



“Um, let me think about it.” (Keefe)



 Keefe said, seemingly unable to come to a conclusion.


 Well, it is true that no matter how much you knew about my activities before, you can’t suddenly nod your head.



 It is not good to rush to a decision.



 I was planning to return to Canale as soon as the ceremony was over, but perhaps I will have to wait until Keefe comes to a decision.


 The stay in Alcantes could be extended for a little while.



“Okay. I’ll come back here in a few days.” (Ars)


“Y-yes.” (Keefe)



 With that, we left Keefe.



T/N: Let the boy paint. A boy who didn’t become a professional artist became an impetus of a war that even dragged an Asian like me, well the people from my grandparent’s generation. Just a short reminder for you Ars.



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