Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 255: Declaration Plans

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 the next day.



 A declaration ceremony was held.



 It took place in front of Alcantes Castle.



 A balcony was set up in front of the Alcantes Castle for speeches and other events.


 Lord Clan seemed to stand on the balcony and make a declaration.


 It is quite high and looking down on the people.



 There were many nobles under the balcony seats.


 The citizens of Alcantes will not be able to enter until Lord Clan makes his declaration.


 Instead, they used sound magic to make Lord Clan’s words reach the entire city.



 After waiting for a while, Krang stood on the balcony.


 Clan always wears luxurious clothes, but today he was wearing more expensive clothes than usual.


 He wears a crown on his head.




“Oh……” (Audience)


“The legendary crown that was worn by the Messiaen kings for generations…!” (Audience)


“It has been forbidden to wear since the Somerforce Empire was established, but… To be seen with my own eyes…” (Audience)



 Several nobles were admiring the sight of Lord Clan.



 This was the first time I had ever heard of such a crown.


 Will Lord Clan continue to wear that crown?



“Everyone be quiet! Please listen to the declaration from His Majesty the King!!” (Robinson)



 Robinson, an aide who was standing next to Clan, said so loudly.


 The nobles, who had been buzzing about, heard his voice and quieted down.



 When it became completely quiet, Lord Clan opened his mouth.



“I am very happy that everyone has gathered here today on this auspicious day. Until last year, Alcantes had fallen into the hands of my brother, but we were able to get it back, and now we are here today. It is thanks to everyone’s efforts. I look forward to your continued efforts in the future.” (Clan)



 Lord Clan began speaking in a calm tone at first.



“More than two hundred years have passed since the evil invading nation of Ansel invaded other countries and founded the Somerforce Empire.” (Clan)



 His tone gradually changed to a harsh one.


 He seemed to have a strong grudge against the Somerforce Empire.



“Two hundred years ago, they took many things from us. Many people were killed, kidnapped, and robbed of their treasures and food. They took our treasures, our food, and even the throne of our king. Messiaen, having lost the war, suffered the greatest humiliation. But power and justice no longer exist in the emperor’s house. The time has now come to take back the pride that was taken from us.” (Clan)



 Perhaps Lord Clan is simply trying to gain independence in order to avenge the regret of their ancestors.


 The day before, he had indeed said that he would declare independence for the sake of peace, but it didn’t seem to me that this was true.



“Messiaen will become independent from the Somerforce Empire, and from now on it will become the Kingdom of Messiaen! And from today, I will ascend the throne as King of Messiaen!” (Clan)



 Clan loudly declared.


 With that declaration, the nobles cheered.



 May 21st, year 213 of the Imperial Era.



 Clan Salemakia ascends the throne as King of Messiaen.



 The Messiaen kingdom has been revived.





 The feast that followed was uneventful.


 Other nobles talked to me a lot, and I had to deal with them, but I was used to it, so I was able to end the party without any problems and without getting too tired.



 And the next day.



“I successfully received permission!!” (Keefe)



 Keefe told me with a cheerful expression.


 He went to his parents to ask if he could serve as my vassal, and it seems he succeeded in getting permission.


 It was pretty lax of them to give permission so easily…



 However, it seems that he received quite a bit of money for his departure.


 I wonder if they are raising their children with the feeling that they will pay the money and let them grow up on their own. That’s quite a problem, but I guess that’s why Keefe was able to paint, so it’s a win-win situation.



“Then come with us to Canale.” (Ars)


“Yes!” (Keefe)



 We left Alcantes with Keefe in tow. 



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