Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 257: Poison

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“P-poison…” (Ars)



 Indeed, it seems that the assassin coated her knife with poison or something.



 So far, there is nothing wrong with my body, but something may start to happen over time.



“Let us start with first aid.” (Femme)



 Femme performed first aid to get the poison out of my body.


 He washed the wound with clean water and then applied pressure to draw blood.



 Then, using a first-aid kit, he applied rubbing alcohol to the wound and covered it with gauze.



“There’s nothing wrong with it at the moment, right?” (Femme)


“Y-yeah.” (Ars)



 Femme asked and I nodded.



“It could be that a slow-acting poison was applied, but… hmmm… what kind of poison is it? If it’s a commonly used poison, I have an antidote in one hand, so I can deal with it…” (Femme)


“I-Isn’t there a possibility that he didn’t get poisoned?” (Braham)



 Braham seemed to sense my anxiety.



“I’d like to think optimistically, but… it’s just that the person who approached us so carefully, calmly left. I can only assume that he was convinced that he was going to die…” (Femme)


“…What do you think? You said that he left because his appraisal looked bad… and he was actually an enemy. That’s surprising.” (Braham)



 Perhaps because he couldn’t think of the words to say, Braham awkwardly changed the topic.



 Well, we certainly can’t rule out that it was definitely poisoned.


 I’m asymptomatic right now, so I can’t say anything for sure without symptoms.



“Sorry… I couldn’t see through it.” (Femme)



 Femme apologized with an unusually depressed look on his face.



 He seems to think that this attack was his fault.



“You have nothing to apologize for. It’s my fault for being overconfident in my own skill. If I investigate more carefully before making them a vassal…” (Ars)


“No, every time a new vassal joins, I become suspicious of them and investigate various things. That’s my job. But I couldn’t tell that he was an assassin.” (Femme)



 Femme said regretfully.


 Does that mean he was a skilled assassin who even fooled Femme?



“Anyway, there’s no use in feeling sorry! Please rest today, Lord Ars! It is going to just hurt your wounds!” (Braham)


“R-right.” (Ars)



 I followed Braham’s instructions and went to my tent.



 My tent was with Lithia’s.


 It was a particularly good quality tent.



 Lithia was sleeping soundly, oblivious to the commotion.


 She does not have much physical strength. The long trip must have drained her strength.



 I try to sleep, but I can’t.


 I’m lost in thought.



 How should I talk to Lithia about this matter?



 It has not yet been confirmed that the knife was poisoned, but if it was, it would be cause for concern.



 More specifically, if I die, Lithia will…



 It was something I didn’t want to think about.



 What reason would Natasha have had for trying to kill me?


 Was she acting alone? It seems unlikely. The most likely possibility is that she was an assassin hired by someone else.


 If so, who hired her?


 Was it another nobleman from Messiaen?


 Or did the state of Sights try to assassinate me out of spite for losing the battle?


 It is also possible that they resented me because I had punished the bandits.



 Making a name for yourself as a nobleman can also lead to resentment and envy at the same time.


 There are a surprisingly large number of reasons to hire assassins.



 In the first place, why was Natasha able to falsify her appraisal?


 There is much I don’t know about my appraisal skills.


 I was born with the ability and have never seen anyone else with the same power.


 No one else knew about my abilities.


 Maybe I should do some more serious research on my powers.


 …Well, that is if I survive.



 There is no change in my body so far.


 I still don’t know if it was actually poisoned.


 I hope it turns out to be an unfounded worry.


 I couldn’t fall asleep, but as time passed, I became more and more sleepy and fell asleep.





 The next day.



 When I woke up in the morning, everything was fine.


 But I can’t let my guard down. If it’s a slow-acting poison, it should be possible to have no symptoms until a day has passed.



“Good morning… Ars, what’s going on with that!?” (Lithia)



 Lithia was surprised when she saw my face.


 I had a piece of gauze on the spot where Natasha had cut me.


 It is wrapped with a bandage, so it looks as if I have suffered a very serious injury.


“No, I just got a scratch…” (Ars)


“Really…?” (Lithia)


“……” (Ars)



 I debated for a bit whether or not to tell her, but I decided to tell her about yesterday.


 It would probably be a bigger shock to Lithia if I suddenly collapsed.



 I told Lithia everything about yesterday.



“So… Mr. Keefe was an assassin? And the poison…” (Lithia)


“Yeah, Keefe was the enemy. It’s still not certain whether I am poisoned or not. Nothing has happened so far. The wound itself isn’t that big of a deal, so if it wasn’t for the poison, I think it would heal quickly.” (Ars)


“…I-I see.” (Lithia)



 Lithia looked quite shocked.



“Anyway, if that’s the case, let’s return to Canale faster than usual. There are doctors in Canale, so even if you develop symptoms, they might be able to cure you.” (Lithia)


“That’s right…” (Ars)



 According to the schedule, it should take three days to get to Canale, but that is if we move with enough time to spare.


 If we increase our travel speed and move quickly, we can reach Canale in about a day and a half.



 As suggested by Lithia, we increased our speed and started our return to Canale.



 On the way, I was hoping that I wouldn’t develop the disease, but that hope was naive.



 A few hours later, I developed a fever and felt fatigued throughout my body.


 At first, the symptoms were mild enough that it could have been just a cold, but they gradually became more and more severe.



 I was convinced that I had been poisoned after all.



 Femme had a drug in his possession that increased my body’s resistance, so I took it.


 When I took it, I felt a little better, but that was short-lived, and my symptoms soon became more severe.





 Several hours have passed.



 My body became so heavy that it was difficult to even stand up.


 It’s like I am not in my own body.



“Ars, we’ll be arriving soon! You’ll feel better once you get to Canale!” (Lithia)



 Lithia called out to me as I was lying in the carriage.



“I-I see…” (Ars)



 I managed to open my mouth and reply.



“Lithia…” (Ars)


“What? Water?” (Lithia)


“If I were to die… Please take care of the Louvent family. The heir would be Claus. Please support the Louvent family in place of the still young Claus… I beg you…” (Ars)



 I was worried about what would happen to the Louvent family after I died, so I told Lithia.


 Who else but Lithia would be able to unite the vassals? She has a strong core, a good head, and good judgment. She would be a good leader.



“W-what are you talking about! There’s no way Ars could die in a place like this!! I would never make such a promise!” (Lithia)



 She said that with a furious expression.



“Ah! Canale is now in sight!” (Lithia)



 I heard Lithia’s happy voice.



 I see, we’ve arrived at Canale.



“Ars…Ars!?” (Lithia)



 Perhaps because I felt a little relieved, my whole body became even weaker and my consciousness faded away.



“Ars!!” (Lithia)



At the final moment, I heard Lithia’s scream, and my consciousness fell into the darkness.




T/N: I know Ars won’t die. He’s the MC. However, I want death to the schemers and their pawns.



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