Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 261.1: Chance Meeting

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 I, Ars Louvent, was floating gently around the ceiling of my room.



 …What’s the going on? 


 Others might ask, but there’s no way I can explain it.



 I was poisoned, and after a prolonged period of not knowing whether I was dreaming or not, I found myself in the state I’m in now.



 Perhaps only my soul has left the body.


 Fortunately, I feel no pain at all in this state, so it is quite easy.


  No, it is a blessing. The fact that I am in this situation means that I am dying.


 Or rather, at this point, my soul may not be able to return to my body and death may be certain.


 In the meantime, the doctors do not seem to have pronounced my death at this point. My body seems to be maintaining its vital functions, but it is unclear when that will stop.



 I look down and see my body.


 I looked emaciated. My face was pale. I looked like a sick person who was about to die. It was as if there was no soul in my body… or maybe there really isn’t.



 I’m sure Lithia was by my side nursing me a while ago, but she’s not here now. Apparently, she has been nursing me for so long that she has fallen ill.


 I am very sorry that Lithia has become ill because of me.


 Instead of Lithia, Mike, the doctor, is taking care of me.



 As an astral body, I seem to be unable to leave my body and cannot move from this place.



 Also, I can’t lower my height from the ground.


 It seems that it can only float gently near the ceiling and is unable to reach the floor.



 But what will become of me?


 Frankly, when I look at my body, it doesn’t look like it will be much longer. I mean, there is no way my body can last this long without losing consciousness.


 Since I am unconscious, I cannot take food, and there is no such thing as an intravenous drip in this world. If I eat, I may be able to extend my life somewhat, but if I don’t eat, I may die soon.



 However, I don’t know how to return to my body. Well, even if you go back and eat, the poison will not disappear. It would only prolong the length of everyone’s suffering, which is not very meaningful.



 I died once.


 It was a sudden death, and I don’t really feel it because I was reincarnated when I realized it, but without a doubt, I was born and raised in Japan, and I died that time.



 Life in this world was not what it was like the one before.


 When I thought about it that way, I was able to accept that death was inevitable.




 My younger brother, Claus, is still too young, so it would be impossible for him to suddenly take over and lead the Louvent family, but my vassals are capable, so I’m sure the Louvent family will be fine even if I’m gone.


 I feel very sad to leave Lithia behind. She seemed quite sad.


 But I’m sure she’ll get through it.



 I feel very sad to think that I will never see her again.



 Tears streamed down my cheeks.


 The tears fizzled out into dust before falling to the ground.


 It seemed that even I could cry now.



“…Ars.” (Voice)



 Suddenly, someone called my name from behind.


 It was a familiar, nostalgic voice of a man.


 I turn around in surprise.



“…?!” (Ars)



 A man with blond hair, sharp eyes, a very good physique, and an air of strength.



 My father, Raven Louvent, was there.



“Father!?” (Ars)



 I was truly surprised.


 He was a little younger than the father I knew. But there was no way I could have mistaken him for anyone but my father. It was definitely my father.



“Ars…! Can you see me?” (Voice => Raven)



 My father asked in surprise.


 I nodded.



“I see… Even after my soul left my body, I was always close by. It seemed like you couldn’t see me before, but now you can.” (Raven)


“Is that true?” (Ars)



 Apparently, my father had always been close by, but I had never been able to see him at all until now.



 My father died a few years ago.


 This means that it is his soul that is in front of me.



 I expected that since I was also close to death, I could see him.



“Ars. You’ve grown so much.” (Raven)



 My father said this with a gentle look in his eyes.



 I was happy to see my father again, but my thoughts soon changed.



 I vowed to take my father’s place and carry the Louvent family on my shoulders.


 I don’t think I will be able to fulfill that vow.



“I’m sorry… Father, I’m so sorry…” (Ars)



 All I could do was hang my head and apologize.



“Why are you apologizing?” (Raven)


“Because… we ended up meeting like this…” (Ars)


“It shouldn’t be a problem. It seems your soul has left your body, but you are still alive.” (Raven)


“But…” (Raven)


“The poison will be taken care of by the excellent vassals you’ve found. If you do not trust in the power of your own vassals, you are not fit to be head of the family.” (Raven)



 My father seemed to think that I was going to live.



 However, I was never as positive as my father.


 Indeed, it seems that Russell and my vassals are desperately trying to make an antidote, but it is not looking good, and they have not been able to suppress the symptoms of the poison.



 I believe in the power of my vassals.


 But of course, there will be things they can and cannot do.



“Now that we haven’t seen each other in a while, let’s have a little chat. We won’t see each other soon, for a long time, anyway.” (Raven)



 That’s what my father brought up.


 He seemed to believe that I would survive since he believed we would not see each other again soon.


 I had many questions I wanted to ask him, so I agreed to his proposal.



“I see. Has Father always been by my side?” (Ars)


“That’s right. After I died, a tremendous force pulled me and almost took me to another place, but I managed to hold on with all my might and remain near you.” (Raven)


“Hold on…” (Ars)



 Essentially, just as I died in my previous life and was reincarnated in this world, my father would normally have been reincarnated, but I wonder if he is refusing to do so with just his will. He is still an extraordinary person.



“No matter how much talent you have, you are still too young to be the head of the family. I couldn’t help but keep an eye on you. I can only watch, but I can’t do anything.” (Raven)


“I see… But I’m just happy that Father was watching me.” (Ars)


“The Louvent family has grown considerably thanks to you. I’m not sure how I could have risen to the position of Canale’s Mayor. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to accomplish what would normally be unthinkable… because it is you, my son.” (Raven)



 My father has praised my success with open arms.


 When I was alive, I had never been praised that much, so I felt a little embarrassed.



 But at the same time, I was left with a somewhat bewildered feeling in my heart.


 I should have been happy to be praised, but I was not happy.



“You must continue to lead the Louvent family. You cannot die in a place like this.” (Raven)


“…Father. It’s true that I have found talent in my vassals, but I have no other strengths besides an eye for people… I have now realized that even that power cannot be completely trusted. I already have plenty of excellent vassals, so I don’t think they need my help anymore.” (Ars)



 My true feelings came out in front of my father.


 I can say that most of my achievements up to now have been thanks to my vassals.


 I myself have only left it to my vassals.


 Furthermore, if there is some way to disguise the results of my appraisal, even that power cannot be completely trusted.


 It seemed that my presence was no longer needed in the Louvent family.



“Claus is still a child, but he will surely become a fine lord when he grows up. As long as the vassals support him until then, there won’t be any problem… It doesn’t matter if I die…” (Ars)


“Ars…” (Raven)





 My father suddenly raised his fist and slammed it into my head.



“Why did you do that?!?!” (Ars)



 A strong shock ran through me. Even though I was just a soul, I felt the pain.



 It was the first time that my father had ever hit me.



“Wh-what is going on…” (Ars)


“What’s going on? I’m really astonished. I thought you had become a great head of the family, but you still can’t read the minds of your vassals.” (Raven)



 My father said in dismay.



 Can’t read their mind? 


 It’s true that they will be confused and sad when I’m gone, but…


 They are all talented people and I’m sure they will bounce back.



 Just as I was thinking that my father’s words were wrong, the door to the room opened.



 Someone came in.



“Lad, are you okay? No way you’re okay.” (Mireille)




It was Mireille. She was holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand. Her face was bright red, and she was obviously drunk.



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