Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 261.2: Chance Meeting

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 Can’t read their mind? 


 It’s true that they will be confused and sad when I’m gone, but…


 They are all talented people and I’m sure they will bounce back.



 Just as I was thinking that my father’s words were wrong, the door to the room opened.



 Someone came in.



“Lad, are you okay? No way you’re okay.” (Mireille)



 It was Mireille. She was holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand. Her face was bright red, and she was obviously drunk.



“That woman is Mireille… I had heard rumors about her before, so even I was surprised when you made her your vassal.” (Raven)


“Eh? Did you know about Mireille?” (Ars)


“Yes. I don’t know the details, but I heard that she was banished after committing various scandals in the management of her territory. I saw her once a long time ago, and I remember that she had the look in her eyes of a bloodthirsty hound.” (Raven)


“A-a bloodthirsty hound? Mireille?” (Ars)



 Although there are some scary aspects to the current Mireille, her expression is generally cheerful.


 Maybe Mireille was quite a scary person when she was young.



“Um, could you please step away for a moment? I’d like to talk to the lad alone.” (Mireille)



 Mireille asked Mike, the doctor in the room.



“Eh? But Lord Ars is unconscious right now.” (Mike)


“It’s okay, it’s okay~” (Mireille)


“G-got it.” (Mike)



 Mike left the room, being chased out.



 Mireille sat down beside my bed and downed more of her drink.



“Phew! Alcohol really is delicious.” (Mireille)



 And drinks her liquor with gusto.



“What is that woman doing?” (Raven)


“I… I don’t know.” (Ars)



 My father and I were unsure of what Mireille was planning.


 Mireille could not see us and could not hear us, so it was impossible to ask her.


 We had no choice but to continue to watch.



 Afterwards, Mireille looks at my face carefully.



“Hmm, you look like you’re dead. It feels like there’s no soul in this body. This is worse than I thought.” (Mireille)



 She’s pretty sharp. My body certainly has no soul.



“There’s no point in speaking to this body if it doesn’t have a soul. But the lad’s soul must be floating nearby.” (Mireille)



 I don’t know if it was intuition or not, but Mireille perfectly predicted my situation.



“The place where the boy’s soul is… is over there!!” (Mireille)



 She points to the corner of the room.


 It was in the exact opposite direction from where my father and I were floating.



“Ah, it’s the other way around!” (Ars)



 It was useless because my voice couldn’t reach him, but I couldn’t help but point it out.




“I don’t know if she’s sharp or what.” (Raven)



 My father looks dismayed.



 Mireille then began speaking, facing the empty ceiling.



“But I never expected the boy to end up like this. I guess we live in a world where you never know what’s going to happen.” (Mireille)



 Mireille spoke while drinking. Her voice was the same as usual, but I got the impression that she was somewhat forlorn.



“If lad dies like this, it will be the end of the Louvent family. If Little Lithia is like that, if the Lad dies, she will probably collapse from the heartache. Ritsu will probably rampage. He has just collapsed. Charlotte and Russell do not have the ability to hold the Louvent family together. While we are in a mess, we will probably be attacked and taken over by Sights.” (Mireille)



 Mireille spoke of the Louvent family’s future after my death as if it were someone else’s story.


 The future was very different from what I had expected.


 It’s possible that Mireille’s prediction is wrong, but there was no doubt that she was smarter than me and had a better view of the future.



“As you know, I don’t have the personality to be admired by others. Even if I were to lead the Louvent family now, I don’t think many people would follow me. My brother Thomas will probably give up on the family and go away after you die. …And Clan will not let the Louvent family, without lad, take the position of Canale’s Mayor. I’m not sure if this is a dead end. I might have to leave the Louvent family as soon as I can.” (Mireille)



 Mireille had a slightly disappointed look on her face.


 She didn’t seem to be lying or joking.


 It seemed like she really believed that.



 I wanted to deny Mireille’s prediction.


 However, since I cannot go and see what my vassals are doing now, I cannot deny it.



“I thought that you might have thought that we could get by without you, lad, but that’s impossible. After all, the people you took as your vassals were people who would have been nothing if you had not found us. For me, if it weren’t for you, I would probably be drinking and wandering around. No one but you would have been crazy enough to take me, who had a bad reputation, as a vassal, lad. Once you are dead, we will all go back to being what we were, nobodies.” (Mireille)



 Mireille looks bored and downs her bottle.



“Oh well, this is a boring situation. What should I do? Maybe I should take this opportunity to go outside the Somerforce Empire.” (Mireille)



 She seems to be thinking about what will happen after I die. It seemed to be a given that the Louvent family would be ruined.



“…It seems that Mireille has a better understanding of the Louvent family than you do.” (Raven)


“…” (Ars)



 When my father told me that, I couldn’t argue.



“I don’t like the part where you are so sure that you are going to die like this, Ars. This level of poison should not have killed my son.” (Raven)



 My father had an angry look on his face.


 Since his death, haven’t you become a bit of a doting parent…? 



“Father, it seems I absolutely must survive.” (Ars)



 The hesitation I had earlier completely disappeared.


 If I did not survive, not only would the Louvent family be destroyed, but all of my vassals might fall into despair.


 As the person who recruited them, I have a responsibility and I can’t die here.



 …That said, there’s nothing I can do about it myself.


 As I am only a soul, I cannot enter my body and can only wait for Russell to return with a solution before my body dies.


 If I could somehow return my soul to my body, I might be able to extend my lifespan, but I can’t even get close to my body.



“Are you still undecided?!” (Raven)


“Eh? N-no! I just don’t know how to get back!” (Ars)



 My father yells at me, and I argue. It seems that he thought I was lost when I was trying to figure out how to get back.



“How do you return? All you need to do is will yourself to live and return to your body.” (Raven)


“……eh?” (Ars)


“In my lifetime, I also experienced a serious injury that caused me to lose a lot of blood and my soul flew away. At that time, I kept wishing that I wouldn’t die in a place like this, and as I moved towards my body, I was able to return. And so, I survived.” (Raven)



 It was completely psychological.


 Well, since I’m now just a soul, I guess the only solution is to use my willpower or something.



“Well, in the end, when I really died, I couldn’t come back no matter what I did.” (Raven)



 Hearing those words reminded me of when my father died, and my heart ached.



 If I couldn’t go back, I would definitely die.



“Okay. I’ll do it.” (Ars)


“Hm.” (Raven)



 My father nodded.



“Father, please continue to watch over me.” (Ars)


“…I think that’s impossible.” (Raven)



 My father had an apologetic look on his face.



“Impossible… why?” (Ars)


“As I said before, I stayed close to you as a spirit, resisting some force pulling me, but soon I won’t be able to resist. Well, since my present state is not natural, I suppose it will only become what is natural.” (Raven)


“…” (Ars)



 Perhaps my father is also slated to reincarnate into another existence, though he may not retain his memories like I do.



“I think that every man has to fight death at least once in his life to grow up. As I did. If you survive this incident, you will become a man in the true sense of the word. There should be no need for me to watch over you.” (Raven)


“……father.” (Ars)



 My father said this when he saw me.


 His eyes were sharp, but they were filled with kindness.



“Go, Ars.” (Raven)



 When my father urged me, I nodded and said, “Yes.”



“I’ll be going then, Father.” (Ars)



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