Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 263: Detoxification

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“Poison magic? I’ve never used it before. I don’t even know the spell.” (Charlotte)




 Charlotte seemed to be in training, but she came to me right away.


 She had never used poison magic before and was a little confused.



“If you go to the library, you’ll probably find a book with the spells… but I’m sure if you ask Russell, he’ll remember and he’ll tell you right away.” (Ars)


“I’ll call Sir Russell too!!” (Verge)



 Verge, who had just called Charlotte, took the initiative to go and call him. He’s quite a hard worker.



“Huh? By the way, you woke up, Lord Ars. Good morning.” (Charlotte)


“Oh, good morning.” (Charlotte)



 It felt quite light.


 It wasn’t like she was moved by my waking up or anything.



“Some people said that Lord Ars would die, but that would be impossible.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte, it seemed, didn’t think I was going to die.


 It seems like she just thinks this is bound to happen.



“Ars!!” (Russell)



 After waiting for a while, Russell came into the room, having been called by Verge.



“You’ve really woken up! I’m sorry. I am so inadequate that I couldn’t find an antidote for you at all.” (Russell)



 Russell was crying a little.



“There’s no need to apologize. You did your best, right, Russell?” (Ars)


“Uu……” (Russell)



 Perhaps feeling responsible, Russell began crying uncontrollably.



“This is not the time to cry. Russell, you remember the poison magic spell, right? Teach it to Charlotte quickly.” (Mireille)



 Mireille said mercilessly to the crying Russell.


 She can be quite strict with Russell.


 She may be saying that because she is hopeful of his growth.



“I’m sorry, Master. I didn’t know that we could get our hands on poison ether… I thought that there might be a chance, so I asked Teacher Ritsu to stock some for me…” (Russell)


“What? So, you were the one looking at poison magic?” (Mireille)


“Yes. If it was caused by poison magic, there’s no way that normal medicine would work… Well, the chances of finding poison ether are low, and I didn’t think the possibility of being poisoned with magic in the first place was that high, but just to be sure…” (Russell)



 Even Russell didn’t seem to think that the possibility of it being poison magic was high.



“The spell for detoxification magic is pretty short: ‘Cleanse us’. When activated, the detoxification magic will affect anyone within a 10-meter radius. There is no difference in effect depending on the distance. Well, it doesn’t matter at all because we are not under poison magic. It does not mean that it can detoxify the body without fail, but if a person with low magical ability uses it, it may only alleviate the symptoms, but not fully detoxify the body.” (Russell)


“Hmm, then if I use it, it will definitely be an antidote.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte said with a confident look on her face.



“It is not certain. The poison that Ars was poisoned by may not have been caused by poison magic, and even if it was caused by poison magic, it may not be effective because it was probably activated using a special catalyst engine.”



 Russell shook his head and then explained.



“Hmmm, well, sometimes it’s just not possible.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte doesn’t seem to understand Russell’s explanation very well.



“Let’s try it out for now. I brought a small catalyst engine, so let’s fill it with ether.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte began pouring the poison ether into the small catalyst engine she had brought with her.



 Then she recited the incantation.



“Cleanse us!” (Charlotte)



 The moment she chanted the spell, white light started pouring down on the surrounding area like rain, even onto my body.



 If I was exposed to this light, I would be detoxified.        


 I felt as if my body was gradually becoming more comfortable.


 The light continued to shine for a few seconds and then stopped.



“Okay, that’s done. How’s did it go? Feeling better?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte asked.



“It’s a bit easier… definitely.” (Ars)



 I answered truthfully.


 I don’t feel like I’m completely cured, but the symptoms are definitely less severe than before.



“Oh, it really worked…!!” (Russell)



 Russell seems surprised and pleased at the same time.



“Okay, well, if you keep resting, you’ll get better, right? Good, good, that’s good.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte said in a light-hearted tone. She really didn’t seem to think I was going to die at all.



“I’m glad… Ars.” (Lithia)



 Lithia was so moved that tears welled up in her eyes.



 I feel bad for her, but it’s too early to be impressed.




“Wait, wait… the symptoms have eased, but they haven’t disappeared completely, right?” (Russell)


Yeah. (Ars)



 Russell asked and I nodded.



“I see… Honestly, I don’t feel relieved until we can’t detoxify cleanly. The symptoms could get worse over time.” (Russell)



 I thought that was a possibility, too. It is difficult for the body’s immune system to recover from this magically created poison. If there are any symptoms left, they may only get worse.


 If the poison has a time limit, it will eventually heal if we wait, so we should not be too optimistic.


 I could not believe that that assassin would use such a gentle poison.



“It certainly does seem like a nasty poison. Well, we should wait and see for a while.” (Mireille)



 It seems that Mireille doesn’t think she has been completely detoxified either.



“We still have some ether left, why don’t we use it to wipe it completely?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte suggested.


 The poison water that Verge had bought was enough for three small catalyst engines.


 There are two more times we can activate the antidote magic.


 If we use it twice, we might be able to eliminate the poison.



“You’re right, there’s still some left. Try using it twice.” (Russell)



 Russell asked.



 Charlotte obeyed and used the detoxification magic twice.



 My body feels so much better.


 I feel like I can even get up and exercise now.


 Maybe the poison had completely worn off.



“H-Have I recovered? My symptoms have almost completely disappeared.” (Ars)


We‘ll just have to wait and see how things go for a few more days. There might still be a little bit of the poison left.” (Russell)



 Russell concluded.





 A few days passed.



 It seemed like the detoxification was complete, but things weren’t as simple as that.



 Symptoms began to appear little by little.


 The poison was not completely gone.



 It had become much easier, but there was no doubt that the symptoms would worsen if left untreated.



 However, it was a good thing to know that detoxification magic could alleviate the symptoms.



 It was a great discovery since there was a possibility that it would not work at all.



 Russell concluded that to completely detoxify the poisoning, it might be possible if we collect a large amount of poison ether and use detoxification magic with a large catalyst engine.



 It wasn’t a foolproof method, but it was still a more realistic plan than developing a new catalyst engine for detoxification.



 Poison ether is rare, but it is available outside of Messiaen state.


 Poison magic stones can only be mined in Cansheep. However, because poison magic is not that strong, Cansheep Province does not consider it important, and there are no trade restrictions.



 If we wanted to, we could purchase it.


 The price is high because of its rarity, but it is unavoidable at this point.


 The recent economic boom has increased tax revenues, and there is more money available for spending, so although it will be a painful expense, it is not impossible to buy.



 Procurement is done by sea.



 First, go to Sempler and negotiate with the merchant ships to get the goods.


 This role was left to Verge.



 All we had to do was wait for Verge to purchase the poison ether, but a problem arose.



 Suddenly, reports came in that Sights had begun an invasion of Canale.



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