Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 267: Borotz’s Visit

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 The commander of Sights’s army, Borotz Heigand, came to visit.



 To be honest, it was unexpected.



 I had expected him to come after sending a letter, but I wondered if he came to see us early after we showed our willingness to have a meeting with him.



 I made a condition to have Sights stop their march. It is unclear whether he accepted those conditions.


 Even if we can’t confirm that he accepted them, we can’t send him away since he came all the way to Canale. We will have no choice but to have a meeting with them.



 Perhaps their visit had been based on us having seen through their actions.



 But I would have appreciated it if you had come earlier.



 As time goes by, my condition may worsen further.



 To be honest, my health has deteriorated to the point where I can barely stand up.



 I was still conscious.



 Whether the interview would go well or not depended on my mental strength. I honestly don’t know what will happen until the actual meeting, but if it had taken a little longer, I might not be in a state to be talking to strangers anymore.



 If that had happened, I would not have been able to interview him, so I am grateful that he came early.



“Lord Ars, Sir Borotz Heigand has arrived.” (Vassal)



 I received this report from my retainer.





“Thank you very much for coming. I am Ars Louvent, Mayor of Canale County.” (Ars)



 The reception room.


 I was receiving Borotz.


 On either side of him were two vassals who were escorting him.


 I wondered if the three of them had come together.


 Although it’s difficult to travel in a large group if you’re moving quickly, the three of them look carefree.


 Well, Canale had no intention of assassinating Borotz.



 Incidentally, of course, I also have an escort. I don’t think they would do something reckless like assassinating him here, but still, it is better to be cautious. Sights is not an ally by any means.


 I chose Ritsu, Zat, Braham, Ben, and others who were skilled enough to be my escorts.



 As soon as Ritsu saw Borotz, he had a terrifying expression on his face.


 As expected, the scary expression only lasted for a moment and then quickly turned into a smile, but it was still scarier than before.



 I also feel angry towards Borotz, but I’ll have to hold back.



“It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Borotz Heigand.” (Borotz)



 Borotz bowed deeply in greeting.


 He was a man with a kind-looking face.




 Judging by his appearance alone, he doesn’t seem like the type of person to hire assassins or start a war.


 According to Ritsu, Borotz’s men were looking for an assassin, so it was most likely that he was the one giving the orders. And the possibility that he hired an assassin to kill me on his own initiative is unlikely to be a quandary.



 Since I only heard the testimony, I cannot provide any hard evidence. I cannot denounce the assassination. But I have no intention of doing so from the beginning.



 I then appraised the Borotz.



 Borotz Heigand – 36 years old –



 Command 85/91

 Bravery 71/77

 Strategy 75/80

 Politics 92/95

 Ambition 20



 Infantry A               Cavalry A                   Archery C

 Magic Soldier C    Fortification C           Weaponry C

 Navy C                   Air Force C                Strategy B



 As he is the commander, he seems to be a capable person.


 I thought this when I saw his status, but then I remembered that the assassin he had unleashed had faked the appraisal results.


 Maybe Borotz also knows how to fake appraisal results.


 As for the name, there was no need to deceive, so he probably left it as it was, but it would be better not to take his status in face-value.



“I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well. I heard that you were feeling unwell, so I was worried.” (Borotz)


“Thank you for your concern. As you can see, I am in perfect health now.” (Ars)



 I said, putting on my best act.


 To be honest, I am far from healthy, but I can at least manage to put on an air of good health.


 I hope I can keep this up without falling apart.


 In a previous life, as an office worker, I had to go to work even though I was not feeling well.


 I am good at putting on airs.



“I am truly sorry that I have made the Canale’s side uneasy about this matter of sending out the troops. I firmly swear that we did not intend to attack Canale, but to exterminate bandits.” (Borotz)



 Brlotz bowed his head deeply and apologized.


 It looks like he is telling the truth without any falsehoods. I think he is a great actor. Well, I can’t believe him this time because of what he is saying.



“Please raise your head. From now on, when you are going to exterminate bandits, please give advance notice. Also… have you stopped advancing your soldiers?” (Ars)


“Yes, I have given instructions regarding that. I would like to eliminate the bandits as soon as possible, but in a situation like this, it can’t be helped.” (Borotz)



 Borotz declared that the advance of the troops had been halted. It doesn’t look like he’s lying… but I still can’t trust him.



“Thank you for your response.” (Ars)



 At least I got to hear what I wanted to hear.


 To be honest, my body is tired, and I want to finish it quickly.


 Acting like I am fine when I am not, is physically and mentally more draining than I thought imagine.



“Let’s continue to live together in peace.” (Ars)


“Of course.” (Borotz)



 Borotz said this with a smile, so I replied with a smile too.


 I wondered how he could say something like that when he had actually tried to assassinate me, but of course I didn’t say anything aloud.



“However, I thought the information that Mayor Canale was in his early teens was half a joke, but it was true. Apparently, you also have a knack for identifying talented people.” (Borotz)



 He started making small talk. wanted to end this quickly, but if I ended it hastily, it might look suspicious.


 I had to deal with it.



“No, no, I myself am not skilled. I always have to rely on my vassals for help.” (Ars)


“You are very humble. I am not a good judge of talent, and anyone who manages a fiefdom would like to have that ability. But your power, Sir Louvent, is like that of a man who possesses the ancient gift of Appraising Eye.” (Borotz)


“Appraising Eye…?” (Ars)



 Are you talking about my appraisal skill?


 You said it was handed down from generation to generation… but don’t tell me that there was someone in the past who had appraisal skills?


 To be honest, there is still a lot I don’t know about my power.


 I even read various books, but I could not get any information that could give me a clue.



“Yes, it is said that there was once a person on the continent of Somerforce who possessed three eye skills. The Tactician’s Eye, the Precognitive Eye… and the Appraising Eye. It was before the Somerforce Empire was established, but I heard that they played an important role in the war.” (Borotz)



 Borotz said.


 I can’t judge if it’s true or not, but as he is in charge of the military of Sights Province, he must have a lot of knowledge. There is a good chance that he knows a lot of things that I don’t know.



“I’ve never heard of this story before. But I don’t have such great power. I think I have a better eye for people than others, but I also think it is luck that I have been blessed with such talented people.” (Ars)



 I honestly didn’t think I had that kind of power.


 Borotz even attempted to assassinate me, so he is clearly an enemy. I should probably not release any information to him as much as possible.



 Well, I guess Borotz is saying this knowing that I have the power of the Appraising Eye.



“You must be humble. I don’t know if your power is the ancient eye of appraisal or not, but I believe it is comparable to that of the ancient eye of appraisal. I would like to have one myself. But strong power has its pitfalls.” (Borotz)


“Pitfalls?” (Ars)


“Yes, from what I’ve heard, there seems to be some way to falsify one’s own appraisal results… so there’s no guarantee that bad people won’t take advantage of it.” (Borotz)



 Borotz said.


 I was really annoyed that he had such a sly mouth.


 It’s because of you that I’m suffering so much right now.



“How dare you say something like that…” (Ritsu)



 I heard some resentful murmuring behind me, so I took a quick look.



 Ritsu was exuding quite a murderous aura.


 He still smiles, but we’ve been companions for a while now and I can tell he’s angry.


 It feels like he’s about to jump on Borotz and kill him at any moment. I don’t think he’ll actually do something like that though…



 There was someone who was even angrier than me, so I regained my composure for a moment.



 It seems likely that Borotz also knows how to falsify the appraisal results.


 Moreover, is this tone threatening?


 It sounded to me like he was declaring that in the future, whenever I would search for talent, he would send in people like Natasha.



 If the appraisal results are unreliable, it is honestly a difficult ability to use.


 I can have assassins sneak in, or I can have incompetent people pose as competent and have them become my vassals.


 The appraisal results expired due to time, so if I appraise them multiple times, I think I’ll eventually be able to find out their true status… but even so, I won’t be able to discover talent as easily as before.



 I think this is going to become a complicated situation again.


 I wish I had gathered more magic soldiers.



 If we can get a deal from Borotz in the future… or get Natasha, and get her to tell us how to fake the appraisal results, we might be able to figure out how to deal with it…



“Thanks for the heads up. It is certainly not a good idea to be too overconfident in one’s own power. Sometimes you can hurt the wrong person.” (Ars)



 I said sarcastically.



“Sir Ars Lobent, I have one more request for you. Would you be so kind as to hear it?” (Borotz)





 To be honest, there’s no room for me to listen to what this man wants.


 Actually, I want the meeting to end quickly. My body is really tired. I feel tired and feverish. I’m a bit sicker.



 However, it would be a bit unnatural to suddenly end things here.



“What is the favor?” (Ars)


“I think I asked you before, but if it’s all right with you, Sir Louvent, why don’t you break off relations with the province of Messiaen and come and serve His Excellency Governor Sights? The situation has changed in many ways, and I think it would be more beneficial to you.” (Borotz)



 It was a sudden invitation.


 I wondered what he was saying after plotting an assassination.


 I guess they’re just trying to invite me, even though they don’t think it will work.



“As I said before, I am loyal to His Majesty Clan. I will not serve the Province of Sights.” (Ars)


“Right now, Messiaen is taking action against the Somerforce Empire by declaring independence from the Somerforce Empire, and Governor Sights is furious. This is completely unacceptable. If it is determined that this declaration of independence is intended to invade neighboring states, the government may decide to stop it in advance. If war breaks out, Messiaen will be at a diplomatic disadvantage. There is no state that would tolerate a declaration of independence. If you are going to give up on them, it is better to do it sooner rather than later.” (Borotz)



 Borotz said. He had said earlier that he wanted to keep the peace, but now he was saying that there was a possibility of war.



 There is some truth in what he says.


 There are many puzzling things about Clan’s declaration of independence. Although it is unlikely that Messiaen will be surrounded and attacked under the current circumstances, this will not be the case if the situation changes.


 If Messiaen falls, it is unclear what will become of the Louvent family. Of course, we could be executed.


 Clan has given me various preferential treatment, so I would like to serve him as long as possible, but if it means the safety of the Louvent family can be guaranteed, then betrayal is also an option.



 There are several reasons for switching to Sights, but I can’t serve someone I can’t trust, so I should naturally decline.



“I’m sorry, but no matter how many times you come, my heart will not change. I intend to continue serving you, His Majesty, Clan.” (Ars)


“I see. It’s hard to make a decision right away, isn’t it? I just want to say that Sights will always welcome you. We were crushed last time by Sir Louvent in the battle. There is nothing more reassuring than to have you on our side.” (Borotz)



 Borotz said with a wry smile.



“Well then, thank you for your time today. I will now be leaving. I would like to apologize once again regarding the deployment of troops. I am sorry.” (Borotz)


“No, no, thank you very much for taking the time to come here.” (Ars)



Thus ended my interview with Borotz.



T/N: Well, that was an annoying meeting. Seriously Ars, retaliation, that word, you know? Go ahead and wipe them of the map and steal their people. *Sigh*

I’m feeling very, bloodthirsty. I need to read a war arc where Ars destroys Borotz and Natasha.



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