Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 39: To Canale Castle

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A few days after my father died, a report from the Clan-sama came into my ears.

 Clan-sama wrote a letter that he raised his army. It’s addressed to a lot of family’s even a provincial lord’s house, such as the Louvent family.

 The content of the statement about the crimes his younger brother Basamark-sama allegedly committed.

 First, he asserted that the assassination was commanded by Basamark-sama (without clear evidence). Furthermore, it was written to highlight the shortcomings of Basamark. He emphasized that he was more suitable than Basamark for governing. [1]

 He was accusing Basamark-sama of taking over the capital Alcantes, in his hands. He repeatedly requested to surrender the province, but the request was denied repeatedly, so he seems to have decided to raise his army this time.

 But is Alcantes now fully in the hands of Basamark-sama?

 Alcantes is the provincial capital and the most populous city in Messiaen.

 Naturally, more troops can be mobilized from there.

 In addition to Alcantes, Messiaen has three major cities.

 Masa, the largest city on the west side, is the closest to Lamberk.

 The Simpler on the south side.

 Beltud on the east side.

 By the way, Alcantes is in the center of Messiaen.

 Clan-sama is now governing the Simpler.

 Simpler is a coastal city. It is actively trading by ship and is the most income-generating city in Messiaen.

 If you hire mercenaries using your money, you may be able to fight without being at a disadvantage in the number of soldiers even if you lack the number of subjects.

 The question is what about the remaining metropolitan cities, Masa or Beltud.

 I don’t yet know who these two lords will follow. We need to find out as soon as possible how their army will move.


“The letter has arrived at Ars-sama and Lemail-sama’s hands. Probably that he is going to venture towards Canale Castle.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu reported.

 When I read it, it was exactly as Ritsu expected.


“Will that happen again? What will we discuss at Canale Castle?” (Ars)

“Maybe it’s about the strategy of the battle. Perhaps Lemail-sama might have been given instructions from Clan-sama.” (Ritsu)

“Hmm, how will Canale County move in this battle…” (Ars)

“Well. It depends on the situation. I don’t know when the lords of the western Messiaen will arrive at the moment. However, if Mayor Masa joins Basamark-sama, it would be troublesome.” (Ritsu)


 Massa County, which is located in the western metropolitan city of Masa, is in a location that is in close contact with Canale County, although it has a small territory. The location is northeast of Canale County.

 This is a county boasting a size several times the size of Canale county, and even if we can put up a fight properly, we have little chance of winning.

 There is information that Perena County, which is east of Canale County, will be attached to Basamark-sama, and if Masa joins Basamark-sama, Canale County will have to ally with Basamark-sama.


“Well, if we go to Canale Castle, we can get some idea of what it’s like. This isn’t your first job as a lord.” (Ritsu)

“Well, well, I’ve been there on behalf of my father before, so I don’t feel like it’s my first time.” (Ars)

“Yes.” (Ritsu)


 The previous discussions were easy, so this time it’s more likely to involve complex interactions, so it’s like a new job.


“Yeah. I’m going to town, but how can I get in touch with the “shadow” mercenary company that Ritsu said earlier?” (Ars)


 Since my father died and became a lord, I will now decide whether or not to hire mercenaries.

 I have trained some soldiers as information collectors, but it still takes time, so I wanted an information broker as soon as possible.

 The more I think about what to do, the more I realize I need more information. No matter how intelligent you are, you cannot make appropriate decisions without information.


“It’s possible to get in touch with them in the town of Canale. But I’m not sure if they can be hired because they aren’t just money-driven.” (Ritsu)

“Aren’t mercenary companies move by gold alone?” (Ars)

“Most of the mercenaries move according to the reward on their rewards, but some mercenaries rarely do so. I don’t know exactly what criteria they are basing their decision on, because the head of Shadow is weird.” (Ritsu)

“That’s right. Anyway, I’d love to hire them, so after the meeting at Canale Castle, let me meet with the Shadow mercenary.” (Ars)

“Ok!” (Ritsu)


 After that, I choose who will accompany me.

 Like last time, I decided to bring Ritsu, Charlotte, some vassals, and this time also Russell.

 There is a possibility that a full-scale military debate will take place this time.

 I didn’t expect Russell to give me a good opinion, but I wanted him to gain experience for when he becomes a soldier, so I decided to take him with me.

 I left the mansion with my vassals and headed for Canale Castle.


Edited by: SparklerMan

Oh boy! This was hard for me since i’m doing this at 10:49pm (which is late for me). I had a few points in this chapter that were kind of hard. But, mostly I had to interpret some meanings. But not really that hard to do so. Overall, this chapter was relatively easy;

[1]: Original translation was;

“First, he asserted that the assassination was commanded by Basamark-sama (without clear evidence). Furthermore, it was written to highlight the shortcomings of Basamark. He emphasized that he was more suitable for the Basamark without a governor’s device.”

This sentence, especially at the end, didn’t make sense, so i changed it using my interpretation of the meaning. 

Anyway guys, Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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