Shadow Court Magician Chapter 104: Three Divisions’ Worth of Confidence.

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Once she was sure that the iron shark had been perfectly silenced, Chloe turned her head to the surface of the lake and looked at Sicily. Without needing to be told, she immediately jumped into the underground lake and headed straight for Leon. She must have used up all of his magic power with the [Ignition] earlier. The ball of air was gone, and he was floating like a drowned body.


 Sicily rescued Leon with a speed that was unimaginable from her usual calm appearance and took him to the shore.


 When Leon is pulled up to a small island in the underground lake, Sicily checks Leon’s chest. She checked if it was rising up and down. But, in her horror, Leon’s chest wasn’t moving.



“…Cardiopulmonary arrest!?” (Sicily)



 Sicily, with her medical knowledge, paled.


 She hurriedly put her face on his chest and checked his heartbeat. It is true that there is no heartbeat from Leon’s heart. Sicily immediately exposed Leon’s chest. She’s suddenly aware of his surprisingly muscular chest, but Sicily doesn’t care about it and starts massaging his heart.


 Pushing hard enough to break their bones. That was the key to CPR, but with the strength of Sicily, they don’t have to worry about breaking Leon’s bones. She wanted to make his heart move and send air in. So she focused on Leon’s mouth, as she tried to kiss him she was stopped by Chloe.


“Princess, please don’t.” (Chloe)


Why not? Don’t you want to save Leon-sama’s life?” (Sicily)


No way. Leon-sama is the most intelligent and magical person on the continent. I would protect him even if it cost this Chloe her life.” (Chloe)


“If so, let me give him artificial respiration as soon as possible.” (Sicily)


“No, you can’t. According to the Royal Code of Conduct, a living daughter who has passed her sixteenth birthday must marry the first person who kisses her.” (Chloe)


“That code is too old. It’s already a dead article.” (Sicily)


“But that doesn’t mean that the person who is responsible for the future of this country should break it.” (Chloe)




 It’s not worth talking about. Thinking so, Sicily tries to break Chloe’s restraint and kiss Leon, but Chloe stops her still.


 Pushing Sicily away, she offered, “I will give artificial respiration instead.”



“Does Chloe know how to do artificial respiration?” (Sicily)


“I once saw a tribal boy stick a straw in a frog’s butt hole and inflate it.” (Chloe)


“What a terrible thing! And Leon-sama is not a frog.” (Sicily)


“That’s right, but frogs are better. At least frogs don’t deceive people.” (Chloe)



 “What do you mean?” When Sicily makes such an expression, Chloe puts her finger on Leon’s lips.



“That’s it. Leon-sama, don’t pretend to be dead. You can’t deceive this Chloe even if you deceive Her Highness.” (Chloe)



 Leon’s eyelids fluttered as he assured her. Then also his lips.


“…Oh my god, you Dolls. Your hearing ability is monstrous.”


“Leon-sama!” (Sicily)



 Sicily shouted in astonishment.



“Hi, princess, princess, good day to you. Von Almarsh is back from hell.”



 He said teasingly.



“What do you mean?” (Sicily)



 Sicily stares at my face, and Chloe stares at me.


 The imbalance between the two eyes was funny, but he revealed the truth.



“No, I was just teasing Sicily for being so serious. I regained consciousness about halfway through, but I wanted to experiment and see what would happen if I pretended to be dead here.”


“Experiment……” (Sicily)


“Intellectual curiosity as a magician. Forgive me.”



 He says bluntly but regrets it slightly. Sicily still has an astonished expression on her face, which makes him feel guilty. And she’s not angry, in fact, she looks happy, which stabs at his chest even more.



“…I’m glad. I’m really glad that Leon-sama was safe.”



 She mumbled over and over again.


 I’m really sorry about this, but Chloe sends a follow-up.



“You pretended to be dead and aimed at Her Highness’ lips. If I didn’t notice it, there would be a celebration next month.” (Chloe)


“That’s it. My plan was about to be ruined. Well, I’m glad it didn’t work out.”



~Leon’s Perspective~



 After forcing myself together, I went through my belongings that had just floated from the other side of the river. I then put a new prosthetic hand on my hand. The two observe the scene.



“You had a spare prosthesis?” (Sicily)


“Yes, I asked the dwarven technician for one. It’s my lifeline. In fact, without it, I would have lost the battle earlier.”


“Yes. But I didn’t expect the enemy to intentionally eat your left arm and use a remotely controlled cannon.” (Chloe)


“Being eaten by the enemy was an accident, or rather my mistake, though perhaps my greatness lies in finding a way out of it.”


“Yes, it’s Leon-sama. I respect more and more every day.” (Sicily)


“Thank you for that. Now, let’s dry our clothes and move on. According to the structure, we should be able to get to the upper levels from here.”


“Looks like it.” (Chloe)



 Chloe read the wind movement with her ears and body, reinforcing my prediction.



“There seems to be a passage about 200 meters ahead.” (Chloe)



 I trust Chloe’s senses completely, and when I’m sure there’s a way out, I suggest we take a break.


 Sicily and Chloe agree.



“Yes, I agree. The unexpected swim consumed a lot of energy. Besides, I need to dry my clothes.” (Sicily)



 If you look at it, Sicily’s clothes were soaking wet. Her blouse is slightly transparent and her underwear is visible.


 My cheeks are surely dyed red so I shift my gaze.


 Seeing my actions, Chloe chuckled meaningfully, “Fufufu”. I was annoyed that she could see right through me, but I couldn’t complain about what she was about to cook for me.



“Now, Princess, let’s get you dressed. You’ll catch a cold if you stay wet.” (Chloe)


“Isn’t it the same for Chloe?” (Sicily)


“That’s true. But Chloe’s in a maid’s uniform, so I’m fine.” (Chloe)


“…?” (Sicily)


 The reasoning behind this is that the fabric of the maid’s uniform is thick and black, so it won’t show through, but Sicily can’t seem to make sense of it and has a “???” on her head.


 Chloe pushes Sicily’s shoulders, looking at her with a smile. It seems that they moved under the shade of a rock and started changing clothes.



“Oh, dear me. Milady’s bosoms are growing bigger! We need to increase your bra size.” (Chloe)



 She was obviously teasing me by saying it so that I could hear her, but I had to admit that it was very effective. I’m no better than Chloe when it comes to this kind of thing.


 I let out a sigh and start the fire.


 I figured that the girls were getting cold after changing.


 I wanted to warm them up and calm them down.



 The three of us sat around the fire and drank some hot soup.


 It was a mixture of mashed potatoes and corn, sugar, and chicken soup stock, but it was very tasty. The sweetness of the vegetables wrapped my tongue in warmth.


 There was also fried bread in it, which was enough to fill me up.


 After we finished about half of our drinks, we talked about the future.



“Structurally, if we go out to the upper levels, we’ll come out to Reinhardt’s villa. In other words, we will soon be able to meet the princess’s brother.”


“It’s been a long time since we met. Is he doing well?” (Sicily)


“We’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t get well.”



 ――After all, he’ll soon be the king.


 I muttered like that in my heart, but I thought it was time to tell the plan to Sicily.


 I saw the moment when Sicily took her mouth off the cup and spoke to her.



“–Princess, I have a question about your younger brother.”


“Is it about making my brother the next king?” (Sicily)


“…So, you did notice.”


“Yes, I was wondering if Leon-sama would do that.” (Sicily)


“If so, you know I have the plan to make you his regent?”


“Somehow I was expecting it.” (Sicily)


“Then I’ll ask for your answer. Do you agree with my plan?”


“I do.” (Sicily)


“That’s a quick answer. You can think about it more.”


“I’ve been thinking about this for days. It’s the only way to save this country. And I told you when we first met that I wanted to save this world.” (Sicily)


“Yes, but under the laws of this country, there is little chance of you becoming queen.”


“My older brother and younger brother have higher inheritance rights. I know that.” (Sicily)


“I may not be able to make you queen as I originally promised, but I can make you as powerful as a ‘queen’.”


“Thank you. As I said then, I want power, not authority. I want the power to change this country.” (Sicily)


“That’s good resolve. That’s my princess.”


“…I’m just worried about one thing.” (Sicily)


“What is it?”


“How can my brother be king? My brother is not only sickly but also weak.” (Sicily)


“That’s why you’ll be regent. You just have to make up for what your brother lacks.”


“…to make up for the missing parts”(Sicily)


“You should be able to do that.”



 Sicily pondered for a while and nodded, “Yes.”



“That’s good.”


“I’m ready. I have a vision of the future map. However, there is one more thing that worries me. If my brother enters the struggle for the throne, my brother Maxis will alienate him. It could be a… bloody battle.” (Sicily)


“Why were you worried about that?”


“I’m worried. He is my brother.” (Sicily)


“You seem to be hoping for your brother’s victory. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Your fears are justified, but I assure you they are unfounded for two reasons.”


“Can you tell me?” (Sicily)


“One, even if your brother does not participate in the fight for the throne, Maxis will not forgive him. He will either take the throne or he will assassinate him before he does. Have you forgotten what happened the other day?”


“After all, the other day’s case was the work of my brother…” (Sicily)


“No one else has any other motive.” (Chloe)


“Anyway, he has no choice but to fight. You and your younger brother. If so, you should fight together.”


“Okay. I’ll fight together. I’ll convince my step-mother.” (Sicily)


“Thank you.”


“And what is the second basis?” (Sicily)


“Oh, that one, that one is much simpler. The second reason is that you have the most powerful court magician and military strategist in the world. His name is Leon Von Almarsh, and with just one of him, you’ll have the three divisions worth of confidence.”



 When I said this, Sicily’s expression broke into a smile.


 With full confidence, she said:



“I have ten divisions worth of trust in you, not just three divisions.” (Sicily)



 That same time—

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