Shadow Court Magician Chapter 105: Demise’s Conspiracy

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 While Leon, Sicily, and Chloe were wandering around in the underground labyrinth like this, there was this kind of deviousness going on above ground.


 One of the strongholds of the Demise Cult in Ernia.


 The Demise Cult is a group of fanatics who wish for the end of this world.


 They have many roots in this world and have been inciting both the Alliance of Kings and the Empire to continue the war.


 They took advantage of the gap between the two great powers and spread their underground roots throughout the world.


 This stronghold was the result of that, and the conspiracy that was taking place here was one of the reasons.


 The person who seemed to be the chairman of this meeting said bitterly.



“Recently, the war situation that was leaning in favor of the empire is changing.” (Chairman)



“No way!” (Cultist)


“Impossible!” (Cultist)


“That can’t be!” (Cultist)



 The executives of the Demise Cult shouted in disbelief, but they were all silenced when who appeared to be the secretary projected data from his crystal ball.


 It was top secret data collected by the cult’s intelligence division. It was the precise national strength of each country. The data had never been wrong.



“This is the Empire’s strength last year, and this is this year’s. You can see that it has dropped from sixty-three to fifty-nine.” (Secretary)



 The chairman paused for a beat before continuing.



“Don’t underestimate that it’s only a drop of four. If the Empire lowers four, the Kings’ Alliance will rise four. The ratio of strength between the two forces is closing.” (Chairman)



 The chairman looked as if he was biting down on a bitter pill.



“It’s not as if I need to talk about it anymore, but the goal of our Demise Cult is the end of this world. That’s why we’re fanning the flames. At this rate, there is a possibility that the Alliance of Kings will surpass the Empire. There is also a possibility that the two forces will make peace. If that happens, the underground roots of our Demise Cult will be destroyed overnight.” (Chairman)



 The Demise Cult is an organization that existed before both countries were born but compared to the power of the two powers, it is like a newborn baby. If they fought head-on, they would lose 99% of the time.


 In order to prevent this from happening, they have been conspiring from below the ground so that no one would notice, but an existence is emerging that will bring their efforts to a halt.


 A picture of this man is projected in the air.



“…This man is the man who cut the strength of the empire.” (Chairman)



 A murmur goes up. He seems to be an ordinary man who can be found anywhere.


 They each give their impressions, but someone speaks for them.



“Your Eminence, with all due respect, this man looks like a mere magician. Who the hell is he?” (Cultist)


“This is a man who recently became a military officer in Ernia, one of the core countries of the League of Kings. He is a military officer under the command of a woman named Princess Sicily. His previous job was as a librarian.” (Chairman)


“Librarian!? So a mere librarian gave the empire a blow?” (Cultist)


“Yes. This man defeated the Imperial troops. He’s the one who defeated the Titan Corps.”(Chairman)


“What the hell? I can’t believe it.” (Cultist)


“You think I’m lying?” (Chairman)


“No, I don’t believe that. But how could there be such a man in the waning days of Ernia.” (Cultist)


“Yes, we have secret agents in the academies of many countries, but he is completely unnoticed. You never know where talent might be hiding.” (Chairman)



 The chairman puts his mouth on the tea in front of him.



“But, you know. But the fact is, he does exist. There are reports that he may be the ‘Sage of Balance’.” (Chairman)


“Sage of Balance!? The legendary being that will bring harmony to the world.” (Cultist)


“That’s right. He is the opposite of us who will bring about the end. A being of light, our counterpart.” (Chairman)


“Do you think we should eliminate this man immediately?” (Cultist)


“That’s why I’m here. We, the Ernian branch of the Demise Cult, will devote all of our energy to the elimination of this man, Leon von Almarsh. Does anyone have any objections?” (Chairman)



 The chairman looked around but saw no one, so he continued.



“No one. Then, who will carry it out? Who will have the honor of killing the Sage of Balance?” (Chairman)



 The chairman looked around, but no one raised their hands. The executives who saw the document with Leon’s achievements seemed to be terrified. They seemed to be evaluating his ability to destroy the strongest Titan Corps in the world.


 The Chairman looked around sullenly, but there was only one person who raised his hand.


 The Chairman stroked his chin in admiration and said his last name.


 His name was.


“Expana.” (Chairman)


 He is an advisor of the Demise Cult. 


 He knew it was him.


 The chairperson smirked.


 The chairman, a senior member of the Demise Cult, did not like this promotion-hungry priest, but he also did not underestimate him. He appreciated his greedy desire for advancement and his jealousy.


 This man did not join the Order for the doctrine.


 He told him that he had joined the cult to eat, but he was far more capable than ordinary people who only fanatically hoped for the apocalypse. That was why they valued him and looked up to him.


 He knew that he would come forward again this time.


 However, this man had failed once before. He had been given the task of splitting Ernia in two by bringing out the demon’s sacred weapon that was handed down in the cult, but he had failed. But when he failed to do so, he was sent to a remote post.


 A member of the Demise Cult does not fail for the “second” time.


 It is the law of the Order that the next time you fail, you must die and go to the end of the world first.



“Expana, you will not fail a second time, but you do understand, don’t you?” (Chairman)



 Without moving an eyebrow, Expana responds with a gesture.


 He reveals his chest.


 There was a tattoo of a scorpion on his chest.


 The tattoo was designed to move when magic was sent to it. When the scorpion starts to move, it plunges its needle into the host’s heart. This would immediately send it on its way to the other side.


 In other words, Expana was prepared to go through with it.


 When the Chancellor saw this, he said,



“That’s a good resolution. If you succeed in killing the Sage of Balance, I will appeal to the Archbishop to entrust Ernia to you.” (Chairman)




 Upon hearing these words, Expana’s mouth twisted into a grin.

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