Shadow Court Magician Chapter 86: Ogre Den

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 After defeating the first group of ogres, the second group arrived, just as I had imagined.


 They have weapons in their hands.



“It looks like the other ogres have arrived.”



 “Hng”, Lululucca snorts.



“I’d say we’re screwed. The High Ogre is here.”


“…There’s one that looks strong, that’s for sure.” (Lululucca)



 There was one that was clearly not a normal ogre.


 It’s muscular and its horns are incredibly impressive.



“A High Ogre is the commander of the enemy. I want to defeat it…” (Lululucca)


“Is there time for that?” (Chloe)


“I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. –I’d like to take them down, but there’s no time for that. Hey, close your eyes.”


“Do wish to seal a vow with a kiss? I don’t mind if you want to…” (Lululucca)



 Lululucca really closes her eyes and puckers her lips.


 It’s a misunderstanding, and it’s not the right time for it, so I pinched her face.



“Ouch!” (Lululucca)


“That’s because I’m doing it to hurt.”


“I like a man who is a good husband, and I don’t like violence.” (Lululucca)


“I don’t think it will help, but I’ll keep it in mind. Well, anyway, trust me and close your eyes.”



 When I said that, Lululucca, and of course Chloe, closed their eyes.


 It would have been troublesome if Chloe had chided along.


 Thankfully, I was rewarded with their cooperation.



 When I see them closing their eyes and the Ogre closing in with their eyes filled with rage, I cast a simple spell.






 Flash magic is the first basic magic you learn at the Magic Academy.


 It is magic that emits light.


 If this is continuously released, it will become [Lighting], but this beginner magic has long been ignored.



 Even if you make it dazzle for a moment, it won’t do anything. It can’t defeat the enemy, and it is disregarded by small fry magicians.



 But the magicians who knew, the truly wise ones, knew the power of this magic.


 My mentor said.



“The strongest beginner magic that can even stop the Demon King.”



 That’s what he said.



 It was true that [Ignition] or [Float] would not stop the Demon King. But if you increase the output of [Flash], you can dazzle even the Demon King.


 If the output of the magic power is as high as mine, the light could be a little sun.


 It could take away the sight of an ogre.


 My magic caused the ogres to writhe in agony and the demons to cover their eyes.


 The enemy seemed to have received a decent amount of light.


 It seemed like a pleasant experience, but I didn’t have time to watch the scene.


 There were a few ogres that had escaped the flash of light.


 I needed to take care of them.


 At that moment, Lululucca swung her shamshir and said,


“My name is Lululucca! Daughter of Ulmight, the chief of the Doll Tribe! I am the strongest warrior of the Doll Tribe!” (Lululucca)



 As she declared, She slew one ogre and then engaged the High Ogre in a sword fight.


 While the shamshir and the club were clashing against each other, I made the people holding the Noroshi tree pass through and proceeded with Chloe.



“Are you leaving Lululucca alone?”



 Not a single person in the room asked that question.


 This was proof that everyone here was a warrior.



 They knew that if they cared for her or wasted their time here, her decision would be in vain.


 Lululucca also knew what she was doing.



“Leave me and go immediately!”



 She was silently waving her sword, not saying such stinking lines like a stage actor.


 But when I glanced at her face at the end, I saw a flash of white teeth.


 With that fearless smile, I dispelled my worries and ran off, leaving her behind without a care in the world.



 A man who looked like a magician and a maid girl running fast through a nest of ogres.


 It’s a strange combination, but we destroy the incoming ogres one after another.


 On the way, my eyes were caught by a familiar “mark”.



“What is it? Leon-sama.” (Chloe)



 Chloe asked, wiping the pocket watch covered by an Ogre’s brain matter.


 I tell her honestly.



“…No, there is something that doesn’t fit the Ogre’s den.”


“What are you saying?” (Chloe)


“…There are many signs of the Demise Cult.”


“The Demise Cult!?” (Chloe)



 No wonder she is astonished.


 The Demise Cult’s members are evil people who wish for the end of this world.



 Her beloved princess has also been disturbed by the cultist and was about to be killed.


 In other words, they were princesses’, no, this country’s irreconcilable enemies.



“Is this also the hiding place of the Demise Cult?” (Chloe)


“Maybe that’s the case.—How annoying. I thought it was just a ferocious ogre, but it turns out to be a pawn of wicked cultists.”


“Did they wish to seed conflict with the Dolls and the Elves?” (Chloe)


“Probably. Perhaps they wanted to make the Dolls and Elves part of their cult and start a rebellion in Ernia.”


“That’s what those zealots would think. But that ambition will be thwarted by Leon-sama.” (Chloe)


“I hope that happens, but when that happens, I hope they don’t resent me. Or else, they are going to assassinate me in earnest.”


“So, will you overlook them?” (Chloe)


“No way. It’s my job to get rid of the princess’s internal and external enemies.”


“You are a great strategist.” (Chloe)


“What’s more, the Demise Cult will not tolerate any ideas or forces that contradict their doctrine.”


“I suppose.” (Chloe)


“If they come to power, they will suppress speech and restrict thought. And if they do, they’ll certainly perform Book Burning.”


“Book Burning is the act of burning books, isn’t it?” (Chloe)


“YesYes, book-burning is one of the highest human wickedness. It is the worst folly that erases the teachings of our ancestors and the history of mankind.”



 I remembered the name of the king who had once burned books.


 All of them met a tragic end.


 Those who burned books always got what they deserved.



 For example, there is a country in the east called “Qin”. There, the emperor who built the first “empire” in history committed an evil act called book burning.



 He burned books and suppressed the teachings of his predecessors.



 Then what happened? The country was destroyed by the next era’s emperor, who was called the strongest champion in history.



 —I believe it was because he neglected his knowledge.



 There was another world called the Otherworld, where a dictator burned books. He burned all the books that went against his ideology and related to people he discriminated against and hated.


 As a matter of course, he was destroyed. He was burned in the same way as the books he had burned.


 The word “karma” comes to mind.


 Chloe sums it up for me as I think about it.



“So, you’re saying that we won’t tolerate the Demise Cult, and we don’t need to go easy on the ogres, right?” (Chloe)





 Chloe smiles and swung her pocket watch vigorously.


 The pocket watch spun around wraps around multiple Ogres.


 Then in an instant, the watch was in her hands, she then strangles the Ogres with her superhuman strength.



 The pocket watch may also have the magical power of [Slash] attribute. The magical power combined with Chloe’s superhuman strength instantly bisects the enemy’s torso into two.



 I shuddered at the sight of it.



(I’m glad she was on my side)



 I think this from the bottom of my heart and leave this place to her.


 It was clear that Chloe, like Lululucca, was thinking of a way to get her allies to move ahead.


 I looked at Chloe with a newfound respect for her and rewarded her for her spirit.



 In other words, I have to leave her alone and let the Doll tribesmen with the Noroshi tree go first.



 It seems that the Doll warriors are also aware of it, and go underground without being distracted by Chloe.


 However, when they pass each other, one man says.



“Your brother is a coward who has escaped from the trials of the Doll Tribe, but you are courageous. No one can blame you anymore.” (Doll Warrior)



 These words were honest praise, but at the mention of her brother, Chloe made a subtle expression. She must have something on her mind.


 But she doesn’t show it on her face or in battle, she just becomes a mechanical machine that kills demons. It’s a good thing that she’s a warrior of the Doll tribe, I thought as I walked deeper into the cave and unleashed my magic.



 Lululucca, Chloe, I thought it would be my turn next.


 The Doll warriors probably know that too. They walked past me.


 I let out a sigh as I watch their backs.


 The number of ogres surrounding me was unexpectedly large.



“…Hey, hey, I’m not the bravest of the tribe like Lululucca, nor am I a battle maid.”



 An Ogre who responds to my complaint with a “Woooooo!”. There are twenty of them, including several high ogres.



“Why do I have to go through all this trouble when I’m just a military strategist, no, a librarian…”




 As I muttered, I blasted an Ogre with an [Fireball] instead of as my greeting.

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