Underground Doctor Chapter 31: Infection spread with new friends Part 2

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~Dirk’s Perspective~



 While saying that, Carl made a little strange remark such as “Watra let’s go!” and “What kind of expression would you have if we left you as it is?”


 Watra came running back to the house, probably having sorted out her things.


 Her clothes were still the same, but she had changed into a clean white coat and pants.


 The hem was still trailing, but…….


 She walks beside Carl and looks at him with a musing expression.



“Why are you looking like that?” (Carl)


“I heard a few of your words earlier…” (Watra)


“We’re not going to leave you here. —What the hell? What are you, a child?” (Carl)


“Oh, shut up! You’re a stupid dog! You’re acting like a child, too!” (Watra)



 The three of us gaze at Carl and Watra-san, thinking that they have become somewhat lively.


 He seemed to be reminiscing his squabbles with his brother, and I can see he has a smile on his face.


 Now, Bud and I go down the mountain and head for Burg.


 First I have to meet up with Raz-san.


 Soon, we found Raz-san pacing anxiously in front of Burg’s gate.


 I had said yesterday that I would be around here at this time, so she was probably worried and came to check on us.


 I chuckled and shook my head.



“Dirk-sama, you’ve done well.” (Raz)


“Yes, I think I can give you a positive report.” (Dirk)


“That’s really good. Truly…” (Raz)



 While saying that, she sheds tears.


 I say, “I worried you,” while stroking Raz-san’s head.


 Watra-san also bows deeply to Raz-san.



“I’m sorry, Raz-sama. I’ve caused a lot of trouble…” (Watra)


“It’s good at all. If you’re moving on a new path, I’ll support you. And I’m not worried because you’re under Dirk-sama who I deeply respect.” (Raz)


“Yes, I will do my best to meet your expectations.” (Watra)


“And leave that house to me. Just remember that there’s a place for you to come back to.” (Raz)


“Yes, thank you.” (Watra)


“Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to hurry.” (Bud)


“Please do your best. And please come again~” (Raz)



 With that said, Raz-san waved her hands.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 They got in the carriage and start our travel.


 It’s a continuous six-hour trip.


 It’s a little cramped because there are five people in a small carriage.


 After a short ride, the carriage slowed.



“Hmm.” (Dirk)


“After all, that’s a problem.” (Bud)


“Yeah.” (Tryst)


“I don’t mean to be rude, but I guess I have no choice…” (Carl)


“?” (Watra)



 With the exception of Watra, the four of them were faced with a dilemma.


 This was a very serious matter for such a long trip.


 They made up their minds, after gazing at each other’s eyes to see who will drop the bomb.


 Finally, they decide on Carl.


 Scratching his head, he taps Watra on the shoulder.



“It’s very hard to say, but when did you last take a bath?” (Carl)


“Hmm, was the last time I bathed? Four days ago?” (Watra)


“That’s why you smell so bad!” (Carl)


“Hey, Carl, choose your words carefully, so you don’t get yourself hurt!” (Tryst)


“!!!!!!” (Watra)






 Watra’s face becomes flushed.


 He restrained her from jumping out of the carriage as soon as she was about to bolt.


 Because of her small body, she is easily stopped from moving.


 Grrrr, she threatens Carl.


 There is a river flowing from Burg nearby.


 Knowing this, they decided to have Watra-san bathe once we’re there.


 Watra hears it and starts rampaging while screaming “No!”


 Carl became annoyed, so he quickly tied her up with a rope and gagged her.


 Upon arriving near the river, Tryst threw a brush, towel, and perfume at Carl.



“She’s like your younger brother, right? Fight!” (Bud)


“Because you’re the best at this, we’re having you deal with it again. Also, have her wash away the grime and have her clean herself up properly.” (Tryst)


“I will take care of the carriage. Thank you, Carl.” (Dirk)



 Carl was a little annoyed that the three of them were all in perfect sync.


 Also, thinking that he would push troublesome things to others himself, he took Watra and headed for the river.


 They exit the road and head towards the river.


 A large river spreads out in the middle of the wilderness.


 The water was crystal clear and they could see the stones on the bottom.


 The depth of the water was about 80cm.


 The current was calm and the place was nice.



“Oh, it’s so beautiful! Wow, I’m so excited!” (Carl)


“Ngh! Ngh!” (Watra)


“Are you excited too?” (Carl)



 Watra shakes her head to the side, but Carl doesn’t notice at all.


 He was wondering if she would get angry if he threw Watra into the river.


 For the time being, he thought he would comb her hair with a brush, so he sat on a rock and put Watra on his lap.


 As usual, she is groaning.


 Carl is gently combing the length of her hair.



“Somehow, it’s like I’m combing my brother’s hair.” (Carl)


“…” (Watra)


“Well, unlike you, he didn’t have frizzy hair.” (Carl)



 When Carl says that, she starts making a ruckus again.


 He can easily predict her actions.


 He laughed loudly because of her reactions.


 Carl’s loud laughter reached Bud and the others.


 The three of them faced each other and smiled.



“Okay, that was pretty tough.” (Carl)



 Carl finished combing the frizz out of Watra’s hair.


 He combed through Watra’s hair, and she seemed to be enjoying the scratching on her scalp.



“Then, let’s enjoy bathing!” (Carl)


“!!!!!! Hmmmm!” (Watra)


“What is it? I’ll come in because the place is so beautiful.” (Carl)



 Carl creates a weird atmosphere but does not notice it at all.


 Rather, it seems that he notices things and still went on doing what he wants.


 Even if Watra doesn’t like it, Carl just wants to keep riling her up.


 As he untied the rope he grabbed Watra’s clothes as she immediately began to run away.



“I’ll help!” (Carl)


“Ugh, I hate washing my body!” (Watra)


“No, let me!” (Carl)


“No stop!” (Watra)



 In an instant, Watra was caught and Carl tossed her white coat and trousers and tossed Watra, who had only a shirt and white underwear, into the river.



“Get in!” (Carl)


“Woah!” (Watra)



 With a bang and a splash, Watra landed in the water.


 “Was it a little forceful?” Carl thought it was a little aggressive, but Watra tried her best to get away from Carl to the other side.


 “Does Watra want to play?” Carl thinks, holding the floral perfume in his hand he starts chasing after Watra.


 There is a huge difference in muscle strength, so he easily catches up to her.


 Watra was bent over, curled up, mouth agape, and shaking.



“Look, stop thinking too hard!” (Carl)


“I can do it myself, so go over there!” (Watra)


“Oh, you’re really cute, aren’t you?” (Carl)


“Uh, you’re noisy! I’m fine.”



 Turning to the other side.


 The perfume is poured on Watra’s head.



“Mmm! What are you doing!” (Watra)


“Didn’t you just want to play? No, isn’t this something like skinship? Right?” (Carl)


“Don’t ask me!” (Watra)


“I’m doing it, so I’m helping you down there! Maybe. Ah, if this was Razu-chan, I would wash her body with all my heart and soul.” (Carl)


“That… I’m… Tsk.” (Watra)


“Hey! You dare click your tongue! I’ll punish you!” (Carl)



 Carl washed her head quickly.



“How is it? It feels good?” (Carl)


“Not really…” (Watra)


“You’re supposed to be straightforward in these situations.” (Carl)


“Well, well.” (Watra)


“You’re not cute, my brother was more straightforward. Probably.” (Carl)


“You’re annoying, stupid dog! Then you should do this with your younger brother!” (Watra)


“… He’s dead now. I can’t do it anymore.” (Carl)


“!” (Watra)


“Hey, don’t just shut up. You’re making it very awkward.” (Carl)


“Oh, you did that…” (Watra)


“Ahahaha, I did? So? How is it? Does it feel good?” (Carl)


“It doesn’t feel good at all…” (Carl)



 Having said that, Carl was happy to see her tail moving around.



“Take off your underwear, you can’t wash them if you don’t.” (Carl)


“Don’t touch that!” (Watra)



 With that said, when Carl put his hand on her shirt, he could feel a slightly soft and elastic object with his palm.



“Eh? This feeling is oops…” (Carl)


“Ah, ah, aaaaaah!!!” (Watra)


“Puhhhhgaaaaaahhh!!!” (Carl)



 Carl flew while bouncing on the surface of the water.


 He was almost knocked unconscious for a moment by the powerful slap.


 He managed to hold on and get up.



“Oh, you were a girl!” (Carl)


“I don’t remember saying I was a man!” (Watra)


“I thought you were a man because you said ‘I (boku), I (boku).’…” (Carl)


“You just thought so?!” (Watra)


“That feeling is quite surprising to me.” (Carl)


“You’re an idiot! What’s with that nosebleed! You beast!” (Watra)


[T/N: So the Japanese pronoun “I” can be in the form of “watashi”, “boku” or “ore”. Watashi is used by girls and for formal speech. Young boys and a more polite way to address oneself use Boku. Ore is the most informal and masculine among them.]

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