Underground Doctor Chapter 7 Announcing the Strategy Part 2

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[Edited by:- SubZero]

 After finishing the medicine, I went to Alicia-chan’s room.

 It’s very close because our rooms are next to each other.

 After knocking, I entered her room.

 Alicia-chan is surprised to see me in the room.

“Kaoru-san. You’re back already?” (Alicia)

 Alicia-chan looks a little confused.

 The book on her hand slipped out of her hand.

“No, I’m in the guest room next to yours.” (Kaoru)

 I wonder why she is so surprised.

“Um, Karin already said that Kaoru-sama had left…” (Alicia)

 She began fidgeting with her fingers, and smiled, while blushing.

(That f*cking maid has done it. Was I a surprise? I feel exploited even if Alicia-chan is pleased by the surprise!) (Kaoru)

(SubZero: Original Text ‘I feel used even if Alicia-chan is pleased by the surprise!’ I replaced used with exploited. Used feels weird.)

 Later, I wondered what sort of punishment should I give to that sneaky maid.

“Karin-san told me that I can rest in that guest room. It should save me the trouble of traveling between places. I decided to accept their goodwill for now.” (Kaoru)

 Hearing these words, Alicia-chan’s eyes glow.

“Oh, Kaoru-sama will be here from today onwards. Wow, you’re now my exclusive healer!” (Alicia)

 Alicia-chan tried not to show her joy from her face, but she was sounding quite happy and her face shows how joyful she was.

 I suddenly see Alicia-chan having a puppy’s tail and floppy ears, and her tail is swinging wildly.

 And for some reason, I wanted to play with her if she has one.

(SubZero: Damnit. Does every Japanese guy have cat-ear fetish? Well, I dunno, cuz I’m a Japanese Girl, not a guy.)

“Well, it’s only for three months. It’s easier to deal with problems when I am near my patient. It will also give you a sense of security.” (Kaoru)

 Saying so, I lightly stroked and patted Alicia-chan’s head.

 She stares at me looking quite attached.

“What? Do you want more head pats?” (Kaoru)

 I feel like a mean owner doing this.

“Yes, I want more pats. Kaoru-san’s pats are nice.” (Alicia)

 She looked straight at me even though her cheeks have gone red.

“Oh…oh.” (Kaoru)

 I didn’t expect that counter-attack. I thought she would just blush and fidget, and not say a thing.

 She got me. I’m speechless.

 I stroked Alicia-chan’s head as I recall Karin-san’s words a while ago.

 While stroking and talking to Alicia-chan, for some reason the conversation went towards the topic of romance.

 I tried changing the subject multiple times but somehow Alicia-chan kept directing the conversation back to it.

(SubZero: I can see where this is going -_-)

“What kind of person is Kaoru-san’s type?” (Alicia)

 She said while looking quite nervous.

 I answered the topic because she is unlikely to let go of this topic unless I give her proper answers.

“Yeah. The type of person I like is the type of person I like.” (Kaoru)

“So what do you find attractive Kaoru-san?” (Alicia)

“Oh, no matter what she looks like or what characteristics she possesses, if I like her then she’s my type.” (Kaoru)

“Wow. It’s difficult…” (Alicia)

 She mumbled.

“Aren’t you strangely aggressive today, Alicia-chan?” (Kaoru)

“Oh, I don’t know that. I’m just asking for someone.” (Alicia)

 Alicia started panicking and fidgeting some more.

 I was completely confident that Karin-san was behind the whole shenanigan.

 At that time, I think I was ready for dinner.

 Karin-san entered the room and she said she will guide me to the dining room.

“What about you Karin-san? Will you be eating here?” (Kaoru)

“Kaoru-sama’s joking. We’ll eat together, so we’ll all go to the dining room together. Kaoru-sama sorry, but could you carry Alicia Ojou-sama.” (Karin)


Original Text ‘”What about you Alicia-chan? Will you be eating here?” (Kaoru)

“Kaoru-sama’s joking. We’ll eat together, so we’ll all go to the dining room together. Kaoru-sama sorry, but could you carry Alicia Ojou-sama.” (Alicia)’

It seems really weird so I modified it a little but it still looks weird.)

 Karin-san says with a big smile.

 I sighed and surrendered, thinking that I should not take these things too seriously.

“Why don’t you go in front. I’ll carry Alicia-chan.” (Kaoru)

 I hugged Alicia, but Karin-san said I should carry her like a princess.

“Well, don’t you two look good together.” (Karin)

 Karin-san said when I carried Alicia and then said, “It is nice being young.”

“I would appreciate it if you could guide me to the dining room.” (Kaoru)

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s go.” (Karin)

 After replying, the three of us head towards the dining room.

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