Underground Doctor Chapter 10 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! III Part 2

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 Returning to the guest room, I open my status screen.


 Sitting on the bed, I ponder with my hand under my chin.


 A drug completely different from modern medicine has been “discovered” as a cure for this disease.


 And the illness [Labyrinth Fever] does not exist on Earth.


 There are similar infections, but none can be considered exactly the same.


 Because I have [Diagnosis] it allowed me to know what the disease was and [Analysis] let me find out what I didn’t know, I was able to create a silver bullet with [Drug Synthesis].


 From this, similar to Alicia’s illness, I have come up with the hypothesis that drugs from Earth may exist in this world.


 In order to confirm this, I must use [Analysis] to find new drugs for diseases in this world.


 Otherwise, without me, the people will not be able to resist the disease.


 I have only one body, it will become quite the big problem if I get sick.



“Why don’t I look it up right away?”



 Opening the antibiotic [Rifanminado] displayed in the [Labyrinth Fever] column on the status screen.




Ingredients: [Oreganodyne]

Side Effects: drowsiness, etc.


(Where does this [Oreganodyne] come from? I already know the chemical formula, so I was able to synthesize it.)



With [Analysis] which helps me find out what I don’t know, I will thoroughly explore the origin of this medicine.


 The amount of information will increase if I do. And it would be a pain to teach it verbally to someone, so I will write it down.




 ・ From bacteria that inhabits the Oren fruits.


 -Extraction procedure: Detoxify the deadly poison of Oren fruit. Then take out the pulp inside. Dehydrate the skin and grind. Add a little [Pure Water (Small)], make a ball by rolling it, Finally, dry it again. Isn’t it easy? Right?



(Oren fruit … Ah, that. It’s like the mandarin orange that I was about to eat when I first came to this world. I wonder if that was the source of the silver bullet. Where can I get this [Pure Water (Small)]?)




 With that in mind, I check [Pure Water (Small)] using [Analysis].


[Pure Water (Small)]


 ・ The lowest rank among purified water. Generally dropped by bottom-feeder monsters such as goblins. Barely any sale value. The description is easy to understand.



(Hey! Isn’t ‘bottom-feeder’ a harsh description? I don’t know if I should reply with a tsukkomi… I feel like I’ve lost if I do so. But it’s not worth it… At least it’s easy to understand, but I can’t accept the description.)



 Every explanation is clear. But I feel malicious intent from the explanation of [Analysis]. It also implies that I don’t have to write it down and it’s easy to understand.


 With that in mind, I finish writing it down on how to make the silver bullet for [Labyrinth Fever].


 Next, I will also investigate [Bacterial Pneumonia].


 I prescribed a modern medicine for Lyrica, but if it does not exist in this world, I think that there is another medicine for it if I use [Analysis].


[Bacterial Pneumonia]

 ・ Pathogens: Clave bacteria, Sierra bacteria, etc.

 ・ Cause of Infection: Bacteria often goes inside the body but disease doesn’t develop. Only occurs when the host is weakened.

 ・ Symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose, phlegm, and chest pain. Other physical symptoms may include increased respiratory rate and pulse, dyspnea, cyanosis, and impaired consciousness. [T/N: dyspnea – shortness of breath & cyanosis – skin becomes bluish due to lack of oxygen]

 ・ Treatments: ingest [Kleblite] and [Sierralite] and recover physical strength.



 I was quite horrified when I saw this.


 Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death on Earth.


 That’s because it has to be diagnosed before it becomes difficult to cure and an antibiotic for the specific bacteria that caused it should be taken.


 I hurriedly analyzed the prescribed drugs


 When I looked it up, it seems that the prescribed drugs are effective.


 That’s quite the relief.


 The pathogen here is completely different from the ones on Earth.


 It turned out that I can’t use the medicine from Earth here. If I continue using the medicine from Earth, there would be consequences. I should find drugs here or else I will reach a dead end if I continue using Earth’s drugs.


 Like pneumonia, on Earth it is divided further like mycoplasma, chlamydia, and viral instead of just bacterial. Probably because the pneumonia here is only caused by bacteria.


 By doing so, the medicine that suits the disease should be prescribed.


 I thought that it would be possible to prescribe using Earth’s modern medicine.



(I’m glad I found out early. I wouldn’t mind if the treatments are similar to Earth’s. It’s like I should study again. It’s a new and exciting feeling. Tomorrow. I have to prescribe a drug that is definitely effective.)



 I suddenly think about another issue.


 I think Alicia’s illness could have been managed with medicine here.


 I gradually become anxious, thinking I may have acted rashly.



(I should investigate.)



 Start my research feeling quite nervous.


 [Dilated Cardiomyopathy] is on the status screen and I use [Analysis] on it.



[Dilated cardiomyopathy]


 ・ A disease in which the properties of cardiomyocytes change, especially the walls of the ventricles become thin and the space inside the heart becomes large. As a result, the wall of the left ventricle stretches and blood cannot be pumped properly, causing congestive heart failure. The ability to pump blood from the left ventricle becomes weaker as the wall of the heart grows thinner, so its importance is determined by the degree of myocardial growth. [T/N: cardiomyocytes are cells that make up the heart muscle/cardiac muscle. Google for more info]

 ・ Cause: Unknown

 ・ Symptoms: The initial symptoms include tiredness and palpitations after light exercise, and when it gets worse, nighttime paroxysmal dyspnea also appears. Nocturnal paroxysmal dyspnea is a sudden and intense dyspnea that occurs after a few hours during sleep. Acquiring this shortens expected lifespan. Sudden death may occur unexpectedly. [T/N: paroxysmal dyspnea shortness of breath that causes sufferers to wake during sleep]

 ・ Treatment method Available only at an early stage. By giving [Phoenix Tears], the growth of the ventricles can be restored. However, it is up to one’s luck since there is only a fifty-fifty chance to be truly cured. In severe cases, you are just waiting for death.



(Drugs aren’t all-purpose. I don’t know if treatments are still in its infancy or it’s because it’s a different world. There seems to be no facilities for surgery. That means that it would be helpful if surgery could also be done here. After all, I looked it up using [Analysis], I don’t think surgery has been discovered since it hasn’t come up at all. Isn’t there any medicine or something that has the same effect as surgery? If so, only I can cure it. I don’t know … I don’t have an operating room. And even if I tell someone, it might become a big deal. That’s all I learned using [Analysis]. It’s not completely reliable. It can reduce mistakes but it can also cause missteps. But this is completely my mistake. Next time, I might have to face another mistake. Only this time, I think results are okay. Well that’s not completely true. Yeah, well I learned from it. If it’s not irreparable then… Oh, I think it’s okay to not think about it anymore …)



 I sighed deeply as I lay down on the bed.


 And finally, I used [Analysis] whether the medicine currently prescribed to Alicia is from this world.



[Elixir (green)]

 ・ Ingredients [Green Dragon Reisui]

 ・ Effect: Eliminates harmful bacteria inside the body. Great immunity improving effect, suppression of cell function, cell tissue regeneration, recovery of constant physical strength (medium) [T/N: Reisui (霊水) means spirit-water, soul-water or miracle water.]

 ・ No side effects



“(What should I do … It can only be found from dragons and other rare creatures. It has no side effects, it’s a pretty good thing! Hmm, yeah. I’ll make this too)”



 With that in mind, I changed Alicia’s medicine to [Elixir (green)].


 I made enough for a week’s intake.


 And I also make another medicine for Lyrica’s pneumonia.


 Lyrica’s portion will be packed in a separate paper bag for delivery tomorrow and stored in an item box.


 At last, I collect the scattered notes on the bed.


 They are notes about the chemical formula and synthesis of the Silver Bullet against Labyrinth Fever.


 This will also be stored in the item box.



“Oh, this is bad… I’m a little late going to Alicia’s rehabilitation.”



 I got out of bed and headed to Alicia-chan’s room.

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