Underground Doctor Chapter 25: Stuck part 3

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“Finding Doll Ice is going to be troublesome”



 I was quite bothered.


 When it comes to things that are not easily available, the price jumps quite high.


 If it’s just for this island, then I can make enough medicine, but if I don’t keep it available for the rest of the year, there’s a good chance that those who contract the disease will die.


 I put my hand on my chin and thought about it.


 I was wondering if there was anything else that I could use as a substitute.


 Then I felt the warmth of a hug on my back.


 Noticing this, I looked behind and saw that Alicia was clinging to my back.



“Alicia, what are you doing?”


“Kaoru-sama, even if I call you, you are not noticing me.” (Alicia)


“Well, yeah. I understand… What is it?”


“It’s time for the evening shift.” (Alicia)


“Huh? Has it been that long?”


“Hmm, you were humming while thinking, so I didn’t call out to you until the last minute.” (Alicia)


“I see, I’m sorry.”


“Kaoru-sama seems to have been researching various things, so I thought I shouldn’t disturb you… but…” (Alicia)


“Thank you.”



 I stroke her head.


 “I’m sorry for not looking closely,” I said.


 Alicia is happy with my petting.


 Soon the two of us went straight to the treatment area and treat the evening patients.


 We are both doing the usual treatment.


 I was doing treatment while checking whether anyone is infected by the Pine bacterium.


 Soon, we have finished the treatment and closed the clinic.


 None of the people who came today were infected with the Pine bacterium.


 For now, the two of us returned to the living area, while I was wondering if we can feel at ease.



“Kaoru-sama, I will make dinner, so Kaoru-sama, please continue your work from earlier.” (Alicia)


“No, I’m quite stuck, so since I’ll be taking a break, I’ll join you instead.”


“Is that so? So let’s prepare food together.” (Alicia)



 The two of us go to the kitchen and prepared to cook.


 We chose to use the meat I got when I dived today.


 It’s just meat dropped by Brown Wolves.


 It’s lesser in quality than beef, but it’s commonly seen on the market.


 I use the kitchen knife to make minced meat.


 At the same time, Alicia chops onion-like vegetables.


 She was cutting while tears flow freely from her eyes.


 I couldn’t help but smile at the sight, Alicia puffs her cheeks and glared at me upon seeing my expression.


 She looks cute and not even scary.


 It’s making me want to tease her more.


 While suppressing such impulses, I crumble the bread and make some bread crumbs.


 Adding salt and pepper to minced meat, then bread crumbs, next are the chopped onions from Alicia, and finally an egg.


 I mixed it well and shaped it into hamburger steaks.


 Placing a few steaks on the frying pan over the heat.


 A sizzling sound is soon heard. Then I turn it over and cook it evenly on both sides.


 Cover and let it steam on low heat so that the heat circulates.


 When the steaks are cooked, I serve them on a plate.


 I thought that the drippings and crumbs left in the frying pan could still be used, so I put a small amount of Life and Esca in it at a ratio of 1: 1 and made gravy out of it.


 Tasting it, I adjust the taste and drizzle it over the hamburger steak.


 Alicia fries two eggs and some vegetables.


 Putting it next to the hamburger and it’s done.



“It’s a hamburger steak. The hamburger steak made by Kaoru-sama is the best!” (Alicia)


“Yes, yes, thank you.”


“Oh, but it is true. It’s not flattery.” (Alicia)



 I chuckled at Alicia’s compliment.


 The two of us took the plates to the table and prepared to eat.





“Itadakimasu.” (Alicia)



 When I cut a bite-sized piece, the juices come out from the inside.


 Alicia dipped it in the sauce and took a bite and chewed.


 Her cheeks were loose and she looked happy.


 I also took a bite, and the gravy spreads across my tongue.


 It tasted good and had a finish that I couldn’t believe came from a lump of common meat on the market.


 It goes so well with the sauce, and I believe it would be a dish that I could eat again and again.


 However, I think that something was still missing.


 Alicia looks very satisfied, though.


 When I saw her expression, I was glad I made it.



“Thank you for the meal.”


“Thank you for the meal.” (Alicia)



 I put away the dishes and pour Esca and put a cup in front of Alicia.


 While enjoying the blissful meal, Alicia picked up the cup and drank.


 I also made tea and sat down.



“I’m happy. I’m so happy.” (Alicia)


“That’s good.”


“Kaoru-sama I like you.” (Alicia)



 I almost blew out the tea due to her spontaneous declaration.


 It was a close call.


 I, who had long since removed myself from work mode, was completely disturbed.


 Alicia’s cheeks flushed as she said that.


 After what happened yesterday, I feel strangely flustered.



“Su-suddenly saying that.”


“Well, I just wanted to say it.” (Alicia)



 Alicia was also flustered after saying that.


 However, she has a pleased expression on her face.


 I think that some punishment is necessary again.



“Let’s change the topic, Kaoru-sama, there are things I don’t understand with magic control.” (Alicia)



 Alicia hurriedly diverts the topic, perhaps because she gets the gist of what I was thinking about.


 It’s a wise decision.



“What’s the problem?”


“My image is rough… I can spread it over my body because my image is like wearing a futon.” (Alicia)





 I understood what Alicia was saying.


 I remember what Diarra-san had said I began wondering how to explain it.


 I think about what to do in such a case.


 Kaoru had nothing to do with it, so it took me a while to remember.


 And Diarra’s nice smile came to me.


 Why would was such a memory surface… I have a bad feeling, but I continue anyway.




“There is one way.”

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