Underground Doctor Chapter 29: Disease Spreading Part 1

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 The morning came, and the sun was rising.


 In the common area of the inn, Bud and the others gathered the other explorers and told them about the change in mission rotation.



“You guys, I’m sorry, but me, Tryst, and Carl are going to head to the Burg with Dirk-san. It will take six hours one way. So we’re going to spend the night there and then head back. In the meantime, it would be great if you could help us with our missing time.” (Bud)


“Hey, that’s it? You’re going to make those who are harassing Dirk-san mad? If so, leave it to me!” (Explorer)


“Go on, get on a big ship!” (Explorer)


“You don’t have to come back, bud! I’ll make sure you’re out of work when you get back.” (Explorer)



 Explorers know the situation of Dirk-san.


 And even the best of them still want to help.


 In this case, as well, I don’t think there should be any thugs coming in to get in their way, so Bud and everyone will cover it.



“Thank you, everyone.” (Dirk)



 With tears in his eyes, Dirk-san bows to everyone.


 Everyone said with a laugh.



“Because it’s for Dirk, I’ll help you! I won’t do this even if someone asks me.” (Explorer)


“That’s right. So please raise your head. It also serves as me returning a favor.” (Explorer)


“That’s right!” (Explorer)



 The explorers laughed, saying this.


 Bud hits Dirk-san’s shoulder.



“These are the seeds of kindness that you have sowed so far. I think it’s okay to reap the rewards at such times.” (Bud)



 Bud says while giving him a thumbs up and a proud smile.



“Well, yes. I’m sorry, but I’m just a little bit nervous. I’ll take care of it.” (Dirk)


“”Leave it to us!”” (Explorers)



 Loud voices echoed in the morning.


 It was refreshing to see them.



“Kaoru, I’m counting on you too.” (Dirk)


“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.”


“Please, do it moderately.” (Dirk)


“It’s going to be okay, I won’t whip them like carriage horses.”


“Please tell me it’s a joke. I don’t want to come back and find them ground up to dust. You won’t go crazy, right?” (Bud)


“Don’t worry about it; I won’t force them to do anything they haven’t done before. You haven’t had a single illness since I came here, right?”


“That’s true, but…” (Bud)



 Bud looks uneasy.


 However, as Kaoru said, nobody has been sick at all since he came to Vista Island.


 Bud and the others seemed to have only the feeling that their bodies were strong, but it was largely because every time Kaoru was examining them, he was taking good care of them.


 Sometimes, Kaoru would give the seekers preventive medicines or medicines to restore their strength.


 He does this on purpose because it would be troublesome to explain to them directly.


 It was a behind-the-scenes service that no one knew about.


 Bud, who does not know about such things, says whatever he wants to Kaoru.


 But Kaoru didn’t think anything of it.


 If anything, Alicia was a little annoyed.


 She says, “Why don’t you just tell them the truth?”


 Kaoru laughed and said to Alicia, “It’s good to have just one person who knows the truth. Just one person who knows is already a big help.”



“By the way, what happened to Alicia?” (Bud)


“It’s really unusual that Kaoru doesn’t have Alicia, who always sticks to him.” (Tryst)


“She’s not very good at getting up in the morning. I’m sure she’s running around happily in her dreams right now.”


“Did you enjoy yourself too much last night? Now, I’m miserable. I’m sorry. I want a bride too.” (Carl)



 Carl shouted, falling to the ground in frustration.


 Everyone let out a sigh, wondering what he was doing.


 If he didn’t say anything, he’d be quite popular, however, he’s a bit of a buffoon when he talks.


 However, when he speaks, people say that he is too blunt or that he has too many gaps.


 I felt a little sorry for Carl.


 In the meantime, the sea was receding and it was time to make way, so Dirk-san, Bud, and the others left.


 After everyone saw them off, they reorganized their mission rotation.


 The entire unit was divided into three teams with a small number of members.


 That’s how they plan to get through this.


 Dirk-san would be back tomorrow, but who knows what might happen.


 We had to make sure that we had enough time to go around for a couple of days without the others.


 I was given a piece of paper with the rotation schedule written on it and decided how I would handle it.


 The first explorers gave me a thumbs-up and said, “Take care of yourself,” as they headed for the labyrinth.


 I went back to the clinic and thought about some stuff.





 When Kaoru returned to the clinic, it was nine in the morning.


 There was one girl and two animals who were unhappy while sitting on the bed in the living space.



“Hmph~ Hmmm.” (Alicia)


“”Kyu, Kyu!”” (Pink Rabbis)



 They puffed out their cheeks and fumed.


 She seemed to be upset that I hadn’t woken her up. She probably thought it was because I hadn’t purposely woke her up, so I didn’t press her.


 Now, she’s doing this as a small protest.


 For some reason, I found it a little funny that she even had Pink Rabbis on her side.


 It was as if they had hit it off at some point and were in perfect harmony.


 I looked at Pink Rabbi, it seemed to be feeling much better.



“What’s wrong? What’s with the gloomy face?”


“No, it’s nothing~ Hmph.” (Alicia)


“”Kyu-Kyu-Kyu!”” (Pink Rabbi)



 I knew what was going on, but I asked anyway.


 She still had the same attitude.


 It would not be good if the situation continued like this, so I started a plan to break down the outer wall.



“By the way, I have a new dessert I made yesterday… do you want to eat it?”


“Oh, no, I’m not the kind of person who gets caught with baits… Pink Rabbi-chan!” (Alicia)


“”Kyu, Kyu~♪”” (Pink Rabbis)



 The two Pink Rabbis were easy to catch.


 The two bounced and climb on my shoulders.


 The two climbed, rub their cheeks against my cheeks from both sides.


 It was soft and relaxing.


 When I grinned at Alicia, she looks like she had surrendered. She stopped sitting in protest and got out of bed.



“I’m sorry.” (Alicia)


“I don’t mind.”


“But I want you to wake me up next time. I want to go with Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


“OK, got it.”



 While saying that, I stroke Alicia’s head.


 Alicia purrs happily.


 However, the two creatures on my shoulders demand dessert while rubbing their cheeks violently against my face.


 Very annoying.


 Both squeaking near my ears.


 Thinking it can’t be helped, I moved the two on my shoulders on Alicia’s head and prepares.


 I mixed the chilled custard cream with dried fruits and put it on top of the pie crust-like bread.


 Finally, garnish with herbs.



“This is amazing. *gulp*.” (Alicia)


“”Kyu, Kyu”” (Pink Rabbis)



 Staring at the food with their eyes shining.


 I cut it into wedges and serve Alicia and Pink Rabbi a plate each.



“Kaoru-sama is like a magician! You’re amazing to be able to make something that looks delicious and pretty like this. Mufu.” (Alicia)



 Alicia is breathing heavily.


 She looks very excited.



“I need to eat something sweet to keep my brain going. There are still a lot of things we need to look into…”



 I say with a sigh.


 For the past few days, I’ve been reading a lot of the materials I got from [Analysis] and processing them all, so I’ve been a little preoccupied.


 In addition to that, it is almost a tight schedule, especially with writing Alicia’s grimoire and teaching her how to write one.


 I had this kind of personal routine in my former world, but this kind of endless research work is much harder on the body.


 I savored the sweetness of the dessert in my mouth.


 Alicia and Pink Rabbis also ate up the dessert.


 They looked so happy that it was a relief in itself.


 When we finished eating and were leisurely drinking tea, Alicia suddenly spoke up.



“Kaoru-sama! Please teach me about martial arts.” (Alicia)





 The suddenness of her words caused me to reply in a surprised manner.


 She seemed to be wondering what was going on.



“No, why martial arts? Isn’t it okay if you don’t learn about it?”


“Well, that’s because it’s more equal!” (Alicia)



 My eyes were swimming.


 Is it about being equal?


 Maybe that’s the only reason, I thought.


 But the next words made me think that there was no way around it.



“Well, that… At first, I thought I would use a bow for logistical support, but I thought it would be okay to learn close-quarters combat because I have a lot of MP. Besides, it’s difficult to apply it on a weapon.” (Alicia)


“Ah, yeah. It’s true, but it’s dangerous, you know? I originally learned martial arts called Aikido and other Ancient martial arts, and I have the skill.”


“Please.” (Alicia)



 I lost to Alicia’s earnest plea but I don’t know if she can use it. Still, I tried to teach her the basics.



“Then, try attacking me while also using [Enhancement].”


“Yes.” (Alicia)



 Alicia lowered her hips, put magic power into her fist, and unleashed a fist thrust into my stomach.


 I strengthen myself while looking at Alicia’s MP and actively resisting [Aikido].


 This is because Alicia will receive a counter if the skill is activated.


 In short, I was going to try to cancel it out, but Alicia’s fist, which she released while meditating, had too much magic power in it.


 When it reached my stomach, my magic power slightly exceeded hers.


 Alicia’s wrist gave and was repelled.



“Kyaaa!” (Alicia)





 Alicia cries while holding her wrist.



“It hurts. Kaoru-sama, it hurts.” (Alicia)


“Wow, that sounds bad. Are you injured?”


“It’s just a little broken. I’m okay.” (Alicia)


“Hmm. It looks dangerous, so how about something else?”


“Well, give me some time to think.”



 As she said that, she rubbed her hands.


 I cast a recovery spell on Alicia and hoped that she would reconsider her decision to support me from a distance instead of using her body.


 I scratched my head and thought about things.



 At the moment, I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so I decided to take my time and think about it.

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