Underground Doctor Chapter 30: Those on the Move Part 2

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~Dirk’s Perspective~



 We arrived at the mountainside of Burg before noon.


 There was one person who looked a little groggy, but no one touched him.



“I’m feeling sick. I’m dying.” (Carl)


“We’re almost there, please be patient.” (Dirk)



 While climbing the mountain, Carl’s hangover began to beat on him again.


 His complexion was pale, and his ears, which usually stood dignified, are limp and floppy.


 Everyone looks at Carl while sighing.


 I now believe there was something that can be called a disappointing handsome guy.


 While pondering, we arrive at the destination.


 I saw a small hut.


 It’s about the size of a clinic on Vista Island.


 Bud hits the door.


 There is no reply.


 When he hit it hard again, we heard a groan from inside.


 Bud had a hard time understanding what he was saying, so he listened closely to the door.


 At that moment, the door open with a bang.



“I told you I can’t pay taxes! …huh!” (Watra)



 Bud is caught up in the force of the door opening and is blown away, hitting a rock.


 The three of them, except for Bud, opened their mouths and gaped at the sight.


 They were stunned by the sudden turn of events.



“Ah… uh…” (Watra)



 Looking at us, she realized that we were not tax collecting officers.


 After that, she apologizes while applying recovery magic on Bud.



“Wow. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t check first.” (Watra)


“You have quite the strength. I was surprised.” (Bud)



 Bud says while rubbing his head that smashed against the rock.


 Tryst looked at Bud’s head and thought it was hard and dense as a rock.



“I’m sorry. I never thought people will come here.” (Watra)


“Let’s calm down for the time being.” (Dirk)


“Yes.” (Watra)



 She had chestnut-colored hair with long bangs that covered her eyes.


 Her hair was long and bangs hid her eyes.


 In the midst of all of that fluff, the tip of what looked like an animal ear was sticking out just a little bit.


 She looked rather young.


 She was about 17 years old, I guessed.


 She was dressed in a white lab coat and loose-fitting pants, and to the casual observer she looked like a healer, but she was a bit unhygienic.


 She had a slender body, and her long white coat was dragging on the floor.


 The white coat was a little yellowed and had some green and blue stains on it as if she had spilled some medicine on it.



“No. I’m embarrassed to be seen looking like this. What is it you need for today? I can give you a simple treatment.” (Watra)


“Oh! You seem like a good person.” (Dirk)


“…?” (Watra)


“Well, you’re Watra-san right?” (Dirk)



 The moment I say her name, the surrounding atmosphere changes.


 I immediately sweat cold sticky bullets.



“Yes, that’s right… what do you want?” (Watra)


“Yes, I came today to discuss something…” (Dirk)


“Can you just tell me what you want? I know you must have researched a lot about me, right?” (Watra)


“…” (Dirk)



 Watra-san’s voice was ice cold.


 My stomach is getting cramped from the mood.



“I’ll be frank with you. I’m looking for a healer. I could really use your help.” (Dirk)


“I refuse whatever you are asking for.” (Watra)



 Watra-san tries to get back inside after her reply.


 I managed to stop her before she closes her door.



“Please. Can you listen to my request first, please?” (Dirk)


“Tsk…” (Watra)



 Pushed by my determination, she let voice my request.


 Upon entering the hut.


 There are not enough chairs for everyone, so me, Bud and Watra-san were the ones who sat to talk.


 I explained the current state of Vista Island.


 Watra-san listened to my whole request with a disinterested look on her face.


 However, she looked apathetic to everything I said.



“It might be hard for you. However, it doesn’t really matter to me.” (Watra)


“Yes, that’s right. However, would you please become the healer of the island?” (Dirk)


“I can’t. I can’t afford it because I’m busy with my research. And a healer like me knows that if something goes wrong, I’ll be dismissed as soon as there’s a problem.” (Watra)



 The eyes look like they have deep darkness.


 However, I didn’t see it even though I thought I was needed.


 I was a little happy.



“That’s why I promise to never kick it out, no matter what. Please believe me.” (Dirk)


“How about… You’ve probably researched about me a lot, right? You know. I am said to be an incompetent healer… That I am an E-rank healer, no some lower than that.” (Watra)


“…” (Dirk)



 The Healer’s Guild evaluated Watra as a subpar healer.


 The evaluations are based on their treatment skills.


 The levels are divided from A to E.


 There are exceptions and exceptions.


 Watra’s rating is below E.


 Because of this rating, there was a dispute between Watara and the Healer’s Guild, and she was expelled.


 Watra gave off the vibe that she had heard everything and we should just go home.



“I can’t because I’m busy with research. You should find another one in the city.” (Watra)


“If we could do that, we wouldn’t have a hard time. Well, you just heard Dirk-san talking about it a while ago!” (Bud)


“What? There is a reason?” (Watra)






 Watra-san looks at Bud with a mocking expression, even though she heard the explanation from me earlier.


 Bud, who was frustrated by Watra-san, looked like he was about to hit her at any moment.


 Carl desperately tried to stop him.


 Her complexion is still pale.



“You’ve got your reasons, don’t you! Do you enjoy looking down on others?” (Bud)


“Hey! I’m not like you guys! I’m the one who’s going to do great things in the future!” (Watra)


“Is it a great achievement looking for small invisible creatures? Well, how can ‘you’ have a sh*tty attitude to a guy who is just trying hard! In many ways, you are done! That probably why you’re expelled!” (Bud)


“Shut up! How can you understand my suffering!” (Watra)


“Do ‘you’ understand what he is going through? You see nothing!” (Bud)



 When Bud said this, Watra’s blood boiled and she sees red.


 She has not been able to get any results at all.


 She didn’t know what to do, and everyday time passed in vain.


 She relied on her own skills, but she couldn’t explain them well to others.


 Only she can see it, so there is no way to explain it.


 She was stuck in her research and felt helpless.


 At that time, another person’s words cut into her heart.


 He is a man with a great talent with words, so when she is told with something painful, her hands acted first.


 Because of this, she was kicked out of the healer’s guild.


 And after that, she couldn’t even live in the city due to the failures of her treatment.


 She was labeled as incompetent, and no matter where she went, there was no work for her.



“Why do I have to be told this by someone I just met today? Go home!” (Watra)


“Nobody else will come here, you know? You idiot!” (Bud)


“Hey, please calm down a little, both of you.” (Dirk)


“Shut the hell up! All of you get out of here!” (Watra)


“I can’t take it anymore…” (Carl)



 During their quarrel, Carl collapsed on the spot.


 He already looked bad since earlier, but he looked worse and paler.



“Hey, it’s not the time to fight.” (Dirk)


“Huh! Hey, what’s wrong Carl?” (Bud)


“So painful……” (Carl)


“What is it… I haven’t done anything.” (Watra)



 Watra-san panics.


 Her panicking is a bit out of place.



“It’s not my fault, not mine…” (Watra)


“?” (Dirk)



 Watra just grabbed her head and repeatedly said, “It’s not my fault.”


 The symptoms were the same as those of the patient who had caused Watra to be unable to stay in the city.


 The cause was unknown and there was no way to deal with it.


 The only thing she could do was cast a recovery spell repeatedly.


 The treatment failed and the person died.


 The insults and harassment from the patient’s family and friends made it impossible for her to keep her spirits up, so she begged Raz, the lord of Burg, and asked her to let her live on a mountainside a short distance from the city.


 Watra remembers once again the sight of the patient she failed.


 She felt can’t do anything because she wasn’t strong.


 She felt helpless and trapped.



“Bud! Didn’t you give Carl the pills Kaoru gave you?” (Tryst)


“Eh? No, I’m sure he has them too? Shouldn’t Carl drink his?” (Bud)



 Bud and Tryst were now the ones quarreling.



“Bud, if you have a pill, it’s dangerous if you don’t take give it to him quickly.” (Dirk)


“That’s right. Wait a minute.” (Bud)


“Dirk-san, do you have water?” (Tryst)


“Wait a minute. I think I have some.” (Dirk)



 Bud had two pills in a small bag that he took out of the item box.


 Throw one into Carl’s mouth and let it pour along with the water that Dirk offered.


 Carl, who managed to swallow, was able to breathe a little better.



“Phew… that was close, really close.” (Bud)


“Bud, why didn’t you make him drink this morning?” (Tryst)


“I thought he took it.” (Bud)


“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. They did say he will be fine in a little while, right?” (Dirk)


“That’s what Kaoru said. Damn, we’re having trouble with Carl.” (Tryst)



 All of us were relieved after talking about it.


 However, Watra-san approached me with an expression of disbelief on her face.



“How the hell did you recover from that?!” (Watra)


“Well, I don’t know why. This is just what Kaoru told me to give to Carl when he is in this state.” (Dirk)


“And he is cured just by taking it? That’s ridiculous… How can he be cured of the symptoms that I couldn’t cure with just a single pill.” (Watra)


“Hey. You look pale, are you okay?” (Dirk)


“It’s ridiculous, I can’t do that… It shouldn’t be such a simple disease… No, it’s just a similar looking illness to the patient I treated… it must be… Or, else…” (Watra)


“You’re not listening.” (Dirk)



 Watra-san scratched her head.


 After that, she mumbled something unintelligible.


 I think she wasn’t ready to talk to us so I told Bud and the two to go back to the inn.


 Bud and Tryst nodded, gave Carl a piggyback ride, and left Watra-san’s house.



“She was a pretty crazy person…” (Bud)


“Bud, I think you should do something about that temper of yours.” (Tryst)


“Guu… No, I understand. I’m just pushed over the limit whenever I see someone with that kind of personality.” (Bud)


“It can’t be helped. Besides, if it feels like that, it seems impossible. It seems that there is no choice but to find others.” (Tryst)



“We’ve come this far… And we’ve gained nothing from it.” (Dirk)

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