Cait Sith Chapter 12: A Decision

After I opened my eyes, I found myself in the exact same position before I meet Fluffy in that white space. I looked up at my sides and found Mia and Felix, both of them deep in prayer.


That place was truly outside Gaia’s flow of time. I closed my eyes and thanked Fluffy for sending me to this world and letting me meet kind people. Then I noticed movement from Mia and Felix. They both stood up and bowed before heading out of the Temple.


I followed suit and joined the siblings outside. This place might just be a place where they offer prayers to their gods. It’s a little bit different from earth but I think it’s fine.


It’s like visiting a Shinto temple or a Christian chapel to offer a short prayer. Pay respects, leave a prayer and you’re done. There may be ceremonies that are more complex but based on what we just did, villages must be practicing simple ceremonies. Then—






“Oh another one.” (Mia)


“Yeah, it’s been quiet lately. But it might be time for Mount Fire to erupt again.” (Felix)



It was only a quick and mild earthquake but from how they reacted, earthquakes must be something normal in this place. However, if there is a volcano then there might be hot springs nearby.


The soil might also be quite fertile depending on the minerals spewed by the volcano. There might also be dangers that they might not be able to handle. Every technology used in this village is just around the medieval age of Europe. Their population is also very small with many children but few that reach their golden years or what is equivalent to their race. This village is extremely young and knowledge seems to be only passed by mouth. I can’t leave this place in good conscience.


Well, Fluffy probably predicted this.


I’ll have to stay for a while. And now that I am a Cait Sith time is no longer a problem. I just have to get stronger as I make this village into a fortified and well-developed village.


With all the fluffs around me, staying would be no burden. And even if I leave someday I will be satisfied knowing Mia and Felix’s home can shelter them. That’s why I’ll have to do my best and make this village into a safe haven for them no matter what challenges the future holds.


Still, I have to learn the common sense of Gaia before I start pushing my plans. I can’t just do things willy nilly just because I have knowledge and ability. These are people’s lives I’m going to change. No matter what happens I must not hurry and I also must not dally. But before I start changing the villagers’ lives, I should meet more of them.



“Mia, Felix. I feel like staying in your village for a while. Why don’t you introduce me with your fellow villagers, meow.”



Mia looked frozen and Felix’s eyes widened, did I mistake their hospitality for more? But just as I was going to change my mind Mia grabbed me and spun me around.





“Sure, Sir Victor! Stay at our house for a while. Wheeee!” (Mia)


“Mia! Sir Victor is looking quite sick. Put him down!” (Felix)





I think I passed out for a minute. The next thing I remember I was being fanned by both siblings. I need to increase my endurance when I’m not fighting. That got me dizzy, to think that I ran faster than how she spun me. Is this a gag manga?


I wouldn’t put it past Fluffy to do that though.








Felix’s fist landed squarely on top of Mia’s head with a loud smack. Her fluffy hair couldn’t withstand Felix’s fist I guess.


Still, I’m quite happy they are both fine with me staying. But Felix’s fist looked more hurt than Mia’s head. Female Beastkins are really quite tough. There should be a healer or medicine person here.


Huh, more things to improve upon.



“As an apology, you should introduce me to all the villagers, meow.”


“No problem Sir Victor!” (Mia)



I just heard a chuckle and a smack from Felix. When I looked at him to check, his hands were on his forehead.


Hmmm. They have facepalm here too. Must be a universal thing.


But Mia’s enthusiasm and energy are quite infectious. Even her brother Felix is smiling and chuckling at her antics. I should act like an adult and respond to their energy.



“Meow-kay! Let’s go Mia and Felix.”


“Brother come on! Let’s bring Sir Victor to the smithery first.” (Mia)


“Yes, yes. Let’s go. Heh.” (Felix)



With Mia and Felix by my side, we walked through the village so I can know Dao Village better.



The sun was bright and hot but I was ready to face this new world. I’m going to make my way in this world.

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