Cait Sith Chapter 14: A Day with the Hunters

All three of us woke up early. Mia prepared a hearty breakfast while I helped with the chores around their house. Felix sold the things we got from the goblin nest and I helped by chopping wood and getting water from the river.


I practiced channeling my mana through the water I carry, stopping it from splashing as I ran carrying a jar of water on my head. Since their house is on the far side of the village from the river I had to refill three huge jars. The jars were 3 times taller than me and are more than 5 times my width. So, their painful stares were not exactly weird.



“Gotta keep it up meow.”



After I finished refilling the jars, I had to chop enough wood to refill their storage area. There were some logs that Felix left out for me to chop. I could easily carry them but it looks weird especially when I carry them.


So now I’m channeling my mana through the ax. At first, I am using it like an ax, but I found it too tedious and time-consuming. So instead, I toss the logs ten times longer than me and 3 times thicker than me in the air. As the log flies through the air, I meet the falling log while slashing it into pieces.


The pieces that fell are now as just as long and half as thick as me. Using the spells and spirit language from the materials Fluffy left me. I willed the wind spirits to help cushion and stack the firewood that I chopped. I still can’t talk to the spirits but someday I might find the proper skill.


After a few minutes, the logs are now just neat stacks of firewood. I finished my chores even before Mia finished cooking and Felix returns. So, I asked Mia if I could help, but she just told me to relax and wait for breakfast.


I went back to my designated room and began reading the materials Fluffy left me. To another person, I might look like I am just skimming through the books. But I am actually absorbing the knowledge as I look at the words. Common knowledge and history flowed through my brain. My knowledge base was now much wider and deeper than before. I could consider myself as well learned as the average person in Gaia.


After consuming the knowledge within those books, I heard Mia calling from outside the door, “Sir Victor, breakfast is ready, and brother is here too.”


Realizing it would be rude to keep them waiting, I stored the items in the Magic Bag I’ve acquired. Then I hurried and went to the table to eat with the siblings.


As we have breakfast of stew and bread, we talked about our activities for the day. Both of them are planning on going to hunt monsters with the hunters. This is to thin down the monster population and secure some meat. Keeping the population of monsters down is a system to keep nests from growing to massive numbers. This sudden and massive increase in the monster population can cause a scarcity of food within the forest and trigger a Stampede.


Dao Village hasn’t experienced stampedes for decades. So, they are quite optimistic that it would remain that way since they make sure to thin down the monster population. This village is also quite prosperous since they have lived frugally and were not burdened by attacks from monsters.


So, hunters usually prioritize monsters they could turn into food. The plan according to Felix is to hunt down, Rock Deer, Forest Wolves, Giant Hawks, and the likes.



“Sir Victor should join us!”, Mia interjected.



“Mia, Sir Victor might have other plans.” (Felix)


“Oh. Please let me join, meow. I want to learn more about your village.”



Mia gleefully described the hunt. Apparently, both of them join the hunt frequently as scouts and fighters. Sometimes they would help in ambushing large monsters like Great Boars or Stone Bulls. If they find a huge nest, they might even take days to hunt the monsters down to a manageable size.


Now that I have knowledge from the books. I have a rough idea of the things they are talking about. Whether about the monsters and their ecology, the plants within the forest, and the methods they plan on using to hunt. I do hope I can effectively use the knowledge Fluffy gave me and turn it into wisdom.


We finished our discussion about the hunt, but just before we start equipping our gears, Felix called out to me.



“—About the loot, we found in the Goblin’s Nest Sir Victor. The sale can go around 50,000 Sols. The payment will be done in installments since the peddlers can only sell a few of the items at a time.” (Felix)


“Thanks for helping me sell them, meow.”


“Your welcome Sir Victor, let’s change quickly. I don’t expect Mia to wait patiently.” (Felix)


“I heard that Brother!” (Mia)



We soon changed to our gear and carried some essentials. I carry extra emergency provisions on my Magic Bag. Once we’re done with the preparations we went to the gate and meet up with the other hunters.





Upon arriving at the gate, the siblings greeted the hunters, and the hunters returned the greeting to the siblings while giving me a polite greeting. There was some distance there but I hope the time we spent hunting will shorten that distance. The hunting party is made up of mostly canine, and feline beastkins and half-elves. We have two dwarves in charge of traps and weapon maintenance. It’s like all the races participating in the hunt are showcasing their natural aptitudes.


There are a few individuals that stood out though. Not because they were being loud or rude, but because of the weapons they are supporting.


One of the dwarves, a roguish-looking one at that, has the largest crossbow I’ve ever seen or the smallest ballista a person could carry. The bolts are not in a quiver but in something like a detachable revolver cylinder. The bolts were like thick stakes. Getting hit by one wouldn’t just pierce the target but gouge a chunk of flesh.



“So cool meow~”



There’s also a half-elf girl with a standout weapon in her hand. Her weapon was shaped like a giant barbell with two morning stars instead of weights. The weapon was a stark contrast to her very feminine and petite stature. I don’t know how she’d fight using that but that thing was beyond intimidating. I doubt she could fight with other hunters near her since the weapon was almost three meters long. In addition to the length if she accidentally hits an ally they would most likely not survive a full-powered swing.



“What a gap meow…”



I haven’t seen any of the gnomes in the village join the hunt. Probably since a few of them are focusing on being herbalists and healers. Though I saw some of them pass satchels to some of the hunters. Those must be healing items and potions in case someone gets injured.


One of the hunters looked at the sky and shouted with his deep and gravelly voice.



“Alright! We’re all here and everything seems good and all, let’s move out.” (Wolfkin)



The one who shouted was a male wolfkin with grey fur. Huh. He looked like someone who had a lot of experience based on the scars on his face and arms. And based on the actions of the group he’s probably the de facto leader of the hunting party.


A few seconds after he shouted everyone was moving towards the forest. The watchmen wished us good luck and waved as we vanished between the trees.


I hope we can hunt some otherworld boars and cattle. I haven’t had a steak before and I’d really one to try one.


That was my last thought before I focused on the hunt.






~Leon’s Perspective~



“It’s a little past noon but we’re almost near the campsite.” (Wolfkin)



In all my years living as a hunter in Dao Village, I have never seen a real Cait Sith. Every beastkin among us especially the catkins are very excited to see how he will perform in the hunt. As a wolfkin, I have a great grasp on the emotion of my pack so I know everyone is excited to witness this Cait Sith, Sir Victor’s skill.


I heard from Felix that he saved them from a Lamia with only two common daggers. Apparently, he is a wandering Templar that uses [Scripture] to fight. I can’t believe that he was able to cut through a Lamia’s scale using two common daggers blessed by [Scripture]. If any of us tried that, we’d only break the dagger and get eaten.


Lamia’s are known to be really tough. Even the skin not covered by their scales is considered harder than rock. Though I would have liked to witness that, I’d rather bring all the hunters home than witness a Templar fight with a Disaster-class monster. I doubt more than half of my hunters would survive meeting a Disaster-class monster.


We do have Vargas and his crossbow, and Tulip with her twin morning star, I doubt if both of them would be powerful enough to fight against such a monster. The best they could do is buy us enough time to escape. We’d probably lose both of them if that happens.


Him wandering in that area was providence from the Great Alamid and Goddess.



“Meow… There seems to be a small pack approaching us from the front meow.”



Breaking me out of my thought, Sir Victor said that a small group is approaching.


I wouldn’t have believed it if it was anyone else but I’d trust anyone trusted by Elder Hugo.



“Alright. You heard him. Archers get into your position we’re not letting any of them escape. Sir Victor, how long before they get here?” (Wolfkin => Leon)


“In about a hundred heartbeats. They seem to be running towards us.”


“Ready. There’s no time for traps. Archers, aim for the eyes and legs. Vanguards, try to keep the prey intact. I’m talking to you Tulip!” (Leon)


“Got it. I’ll just assist if you need me.” (Tulip)



How can she be a gentle person but still fight a f*cking brute? I only took her since she’s probably the person who could kill a Great Boar with ease. Being a half-elf she has quite the large mana capacity but she didn’t receive the innate ability to cast magic like most elves. Though her large mana pool can be used to enhance her strength to insane heights.


I’ve once seen her lift boulders to train. It’s like witnessing an infant carry a full-grown man with one hand.



“I see them in my sights Leon! It’s a Stone Bull getting chased by Forest Wolves. Bridget’s gonna blow that bull’s head!” (Vargas)


“Oy! You heard Vargas. Archers shoot on sight!” (Leon)






“Bridget’s got that bull good! Go ahead Leon!” (Vargas)



The Stone Bull stopped running and began rampaging. It was kicking, stomping, and trampling any creature that comes near it. Dirt and rocks fly everywhere. The Forest Wolves are at risk of getting trampled,



“Hey you just made it angry!” (Leon)


“It’s gonna die faster anyway. So I’ll end the wolves at the same time. You’re welcome. Bridget is a deadly lady. *smooch*.” (Vargas)



But once the Forest Wolves are dead, we’re next.



“Oy! You even have the audacity to make out with your crossbow?! We’re next once that Stone Bull kills the Forest Wolves you stupid dwarf!” (Leon)


“Ummm… I could stop the Stone Bull Before that happens.” (Tulip)


“No. You’re the last resort Tulip. I want that bull intact.” (Leon)


“O-oh… I’m sorry…” (Tulip)



Tulip now looks dejected. Argh! We’ll have to tire it out then. But—



“Let me do it meow! Hmmm… I should go now. Those wolves are partially turned into paste meow.”



While I was getting ready for the next plan Sir Victor volunteered and ran towards the Monsters.


As he was closing in, I saw his daggers glow faintly.



“Leon. Don’t worry, it will be over soon. Sir Victor is very strong despite his stature.” (Felix)


“I know. My gut is telling me his strength is incomparable to any of us here. (Leon)



Actually, my first impression of Sir Victor is that he is someone quite deadly. I have never met anyone with a bigger presence than him. It’s like the first and only time I saw a High Dragon fly over us when I was just a novice hunter.


Just like most High Dragons, Sir Victor has a calm and docile temperament. But they can cause death and destruction once you enrage them. They are uncontrollable forces of nature.


Felix is right. Just after he finished talking, Sir Victor’s image blurred and mirror images of him flashed right next to the Forest Wolves and Stone Bull. Then in a heartbeat, all of them toppled and their heads fell.



“Wo-wow. Cait Siths are really strong. Even Bridget is surprised.” (Vargas)


“He’s cute powerful and he kept the prey intact… I-I wish I could do that.” (Tulip)


“…” (Leon)



I think every hunter here is shocked. He could probably hunt more than the whole party combined. It would have taken us hours just to tire out that Stone Bull. We would probably be only able to take parts of the fur and monster core from the Forest Wolves since the rest would have been trampled by the Stone Bull.


No wonder he’s a Templar. All of the prey is killed cleanly and he’s just poking at them. But here we are, just in awe from witnessing his skill.



“Woah! Yeah!!!” (Hunter)



A hunter cheered and soon everyone was cheering and running towards the monsters and Sir Victor. Every hunter was thanking and talking to Sir Victor. It was like we forgot we were in the middle of the forest. So, I let them fawn over sir Victor while Felix and I kept our focus.



“You’re quite the capable person aren’t cha! Phew. Even Bridget couldn’t do what you did. Tulip might kill all of the prey but the prey would all be paste! Hahahaha!” (Vargas)


“Thank you. Your bow looks awesome meow.”


*Smack* *Smack*



You can hear the dull smack as Vargas hits someone the size of a youngling. He-hey. Sir Victor might take offense.



“Oy! Vargas you’re hitting someone half your size and you’re a dwarf! Control yourself!” (Leon)


“Hahaha! My bad. Still thanks for keeping the prey intact.” (Vargas)


“P-please teach me how to hunt them cleanly like you.” (Tulip)


“I think that’s impossible with your choice of weapon missy!” (Vargas)



Argh! And now Tulip’s depressed. This dwarf really needs to control himself. I have to keep everything working smoothly or we’ll take forever to finish.



“O-oh… I see…” (Tulip)


“Hey stop messing around. Let’s drain the blood and dismantle these monsters.” (Leon)


“““Yeah!””” (Hunters)



The group in charge of processing is preparing their tools and will soon get all the prey ready.



“Tulip, we’ll leave the others to process the monsters. You’re the best choice to guard them. Let’s meet up at the second site. Set up camp and make sure you’re ready when we get back.”


“I won’t disappoint you.” (Tulip)


“Vargas scout the perimeter of the camp and start setting up traps. Any prey caught should be dealt with quickly and processed. Let’s hunt as many as we can. Send us a signal when you find any monster beyond your capabilities. —Oy! Stop fiddling with Bridget. *Sigh* I know you’ll be fine. Just try to act proper please.” (Leon)



Vargas just gave me a sh*t eating grin and said, “No promises Leon. Hahaha. Just pulling your tail. You can count on me.”



“Sir Victor, please come with us. We will thin the monster nests around here.” (Leon)


“Sure. Lead ahead, I’ll follow meow!”



Good. Whatever we meet I know Sir Victor can help us get through it.


The cries of animals and monsters echoed in the forest as if they are jeering us to come and catch them. Morale is quite high after seeing Sir Victor take down monsters quickly and cleanly as he did. Dousing the flames lit by that sight would take a lot of effort.

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