Cait Sith Chapter 17: Promise

~Leon’s Perspective~



I am the first to kill the troll I’ve been dealing with. So I commanded the others to regroup and check the other teams once they are done.



“Regroup once every troll is dead! Then check up on all the entrances. Make sure there are no survivors! I’ll check on Sir Victor and update him. Go!” (Leon)



There’s been a weirdness in Sir Victor’s actions since a while ago. He was quite powerful and could have ended the fight all by himself. I realize this was the case when he deflected the blows from the trolls easily with his small hands.


With a flick of his wrist, the blow that was heading for him will be redirected towards another hunter. He was not killing any of the trolls and he is actively hindering any hunter who kills their troll with another troll. His face was stony, only his lips move as he muttered something under his breath.


He kept up with this for quite some time. He was taking on a lot of the trolls before redirecting them towards us. There’s not a sign of exhaustion or strain on his face, breathing hard, or movement impairment. Like a carved idol he was unaffected by anything.



“What is he planning?” (Leon)



However, when we were on the brink of collapse in the middle of a long and arduous, still ongoing battle, he killed all of the trolls surrounding him and chanted an area-healing [Scripture]. Everything he was doing was not making sense. Is he testing us? Is he a villain? Who or what is he?


I kept pondering, my mind becoming a mess. I kept thinking about the reasons why he is doing the things he’s doing. If he wishes us harm he would have done so and abandoned us just like that. However, he killed all the trolls we’re not fighting and restored our vitality and stamina.



“What the—?!” (Leon)



All of my thoughts were then blown away! —In the sky, countless swords of light appeared from thin air. They kept appearing flashing and appearing like stars shaped like swords. The swords were so numerous I might never be able to count them, even if I spent days doing so.



“—!!!” (Leon)



Then as suddenly as they appeared, the swords began falling. But they were far from directionless, not like raindrops at the mercy of the wind. These swords were arrows aimed by a marksman.


I can only imagine the fate of the target. With those never-ending swords falling by the hundreds. Even a strand of hair would not remain.



“I know it in my heart, who that marksman likely is.” (Leon)



So, I ran faster. I poured most of my mana through my legs. I want to know and understand what that small mysterious personage hides.


Once I reached where Sir Victor was—



There was only silence.


He was kneeling and observing something. And just a few leaps away.



“Salt Statues…” (Leon)



It was a scene that could only be heard from old legends. Some say they are just explanations for the weirdly and ominously shaped masses of salt under the great churches. They say these statues are the sinful monsters destroyed by the gods.


Pure Statues made from Sanctified Salt, the product of divine retribution.


I was probably pale as a ghost and trembling like a newborn. Sir Victor is no wandering Templar. He’s a god—



He opened his eyes and whispered under his breath. It was so faint I can’t hear it.



Then he said, “Meow, that’s interesting.”



Gently he rose albeit a little wobbly and looked at the statues. It continued for a few seconds before I was finally able to say anything.



“A-are those the trolls?!” (Leon)



He then turned around with a confused smile.






He then began talking to me in a comforting tone.



“They kind-(of)meow turned to salt-meow!”



There was no malice in his eyes, actions, or voice. He disposed of the massive trolls that are now salt statues in front of us. We wouldn’t survive fighting those, and trying to might gravely injure us.



“I didn’t kn-(ow)meow what happened meow.”



He was not toying or doing anything malicious. He was training us hard and brutally. We were being tempered to fight such creatures. However, he knew we are not ready for the massive trolls in front of us. That’s why he dealt with them, far from us. He’s gently preparing us from something on the horizon.



“Leon I pro(mise)meow I’m not going to do this to any(body)meow else.”



Thank the gods. None of us would be able to fight him, even if we banded together and fight. I felt faint and possible futures, everything flashing before my mind. The tremors, the disaster class monsters, and the mutated monsters building a nest near Dao Village.






The gods and Goddess sent him to us before things get worse. My vision fogged and I can only see his worried face as I lose consciousness.





~Victor’s Perspective~



I f*cked up!


Argggh! I should have focused on not just the enemies. My combat and detection skills are usually triggered by malice from enemies. However, Leon has no malice directed at me.


Now I have to convince him to not tell anything or keep this a secret. I noticed him glancing towards me during the battle with the juvenile trolls. He was the most skilled among them. No wasted movements even while under pressure.


I have to train them to face these mutants. Fluffy gave me quite the knowledge surrounding Dao Village. I also gained some news regarding Habagat. Miasma outbreaks and monster stampedes have been appearing quite often and more frequently on both continents. However, it seems that Habagat has it worse.


Extrapolating information about the Miasma and monster situation of Habagat, I know things are bound to get worse.


Whatever the gods of this world are planning. Things might be for the good of Gaia in the long run but the people here are mortals. A Millennia might be a blink of an eye for an immortal and omnipresent being. Mortals, however, feel and are thoroughly affected by the passage of time a year might be short for Fairykins. A decade would surely be a substantial length of time for a Fairykin.


I don’t know what the gods are thinking but I don’t think they are inherently malicious. Based on the rough knowledge I have on Gaia, they are more proactive than on Earth. Where the whims of the people could destroy the planet.


The gods here are working on maintaining this world where magic exists. A world, far easier to shape than Earth. Earth might have technology but we didn’t have magic and mana. If, I, believe in Fluffy’s words.


All I could do is make sure the people I care about are prepared for whatever sparks fly their way. Whatever reason Fluffy had when he reincarnated me here, that is his business. I just have to do what is right for me.



“Hmmm… How should I deal with Leon, meow.”



He probably has an intuition or instinct-type skill. Or he’s just naturally observant and cautious.


Well, it wouldn’t matter in the long run if I don’t get him to cooperate. I have to gain the opportunity to polish their innate skills. Being a beastkin is like an inborn advantage to all physical attributes. Some are all well-rounded like the wolfkins and apekins with a superior sense of smell and sight; focused on speed, stealth, and observation like the catkins and featherkins; or stronger and tougher than all the races like the Hornkins.


Then there are the unique halfbloods. Most of the hunters here can be considered halfbloods if you trace their bloodlines. However, there are a few stand-out halfbloods. Half-fairykins, that are more muscular and perceptive than others. Half-beastkins with larger and better control with magic, some can even use spirit magic or sorcery. There are those, that look a certain race but have the abilities of a different race. They are a box full of surprises.


Watching the hunters fight was a good way to gauge their skills, strengths, and weaknesses. I have a plan on how to train them.



“How do I get him to cooperate, meow?”


“…ugh…” (Leon)



Leon is coming out of his fainting. I have to gain his cooperation somehow. Threatening him would be the last option. Diplomacy and bargaining would be the best course.



“Meow, you’re awake.”


“Uh, yeah. So…” (Leon)


“You probably have some questions meow.”


“Yeah. But first… Are y-you someone who will bring harm to our village?”



Leon stared at my eyes. There was no anger or malice in his gaze. However, there is a lot of doubt and confusion. Being a Cait Sith has its perks. If I focus hard enough I can enhance my senses beyond any race.


I can hear Leon’s breath as it rushes past his nose and lips. His pulse is a steady beat, calm and unafraid. I can only smell doubt from him. Yep. This is getting creepy. But I have to know how he’s feeling so I can steer how this conversation will end.


My gut is telling me I’m doing just right, so there’s that. Knowing all of this in a heartbeat, I answered immediately.



“No… I came here because of a friend meow. Meow, I actually have a reason to help you.”


“What is it?” (Leon)


“Meow can’t tell you the whole reason. But it concerns the future of your village meow.”


“I see…” (Leon)



He’s still calm and the scent of doubt is no longer there.


It might be time to get his cooperation.



“Meow hope you can keep what you saw as a secret and let me train you—“


“Sure.” (Leon)


“—The training is very important so I… Meow?”


“I’ll keep this as a secret and let you train the others.” (Leon)





I am still not good at reading people but I guess Leon trusts me enough. Well, it might be because I am a Cait Sith though.



“Meow see. Let’s begin training as soon as possible, meow.”


“I thought it has started. You’ve been testing our limits during the ambush right?” (Leon)


“Ehehehe. Sorry meow. I just want to gauge the hunters’ skills and capabilities meow.”


“I noticed you’ve been observing us during the fight with the trolls. But I have recently just realized you’ve been training us. That is after I saw those troll-shaped salt statues.” (Leon)



This might be easier than I thought. I should let him in on the “possibilities” that might happen in the future. This could help motivate him. I should just warn him to keep the details hushed.



“This is much easier then, meow. Meow, see the village might experience some challenges in the future…”



I gave Leon a summary of what might happen in Dao Village. Since they are quite far from other villages. Even the occasional peddler and visitor might not have enough information, about the events, within this and the other continent. It would be bad if he is completely ignorant about what would happen.


Still, I only gave him a scenario that wouldn’t overwhelm him. Based on what’s happening, a much darker future might be over the horizon. I have to balance motivating them and worrying them.


Our short conversation has was fruitful and I gained a collaborator in preparing Dao Village.



“Please help meow.”



“No. I should be the one thanking you. I promise to do my everything to help you save Dao Village.” (Leon)

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