All-rounder Healer Chapter 12: The First Step

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 My cane swayed lightly as I walked along the wall until I found the entrance to the village while checking my senses.


 The sensations my body perceives were clearly different from before. Maybe it is because I am a more capable race, or maybe it is because I am a little younger, but I feel like my body is full of energy and I feel lighter. For a race, that I spent fifty points on, it must have had a certain effect.


 There was no doorway on the wall on the side where I was, but when I walked a little and turned at the corner, I saw a big gate a little way ahead. The gate seems to be open, and I cannot see the lookout. I thought that someone would be checking people when getting in and out, but there does not seem to be anyone there.


 No, this was a big help. I do not know if there is such a thing as identification, but even if there was not, I would not be able to answer any questions about this world. Even if they had just asked me where I came from, I would have been caught.


 Now, it was time for my first contact. I was starting to get a little nervous.


 I walked confidently through the gate, trying not to look as unnatural as possible.


 The inside of the gate was just like a “medieval village in a movie”. There were several stores along the five-meter (16 ft. 5 in.) wide street leading from the gate, and several houses behind it. The houses are mostly made of wood, with windows, no glass windows, but wooden boards. Most of them seemed to be one or two stories high.


 I can see some people walking, but they look like westerners from Earth.


 However, there are some people who have animal ears on their heads, the so-called beastmen, and I realize that I really am in a different world.


 My tension rises a little, but I stop it from showing on my face, and is that a beastman? I am careful not to stare at the person. From this first step, I do not want to mess around or behave in a way that makes the residents here think I am suspicious.


 The population here seems to just be a few hundred people. I do not know what the town’s main industry is but judging by the number of stores lining the street, I am guessing people come here from outside.



 For the time being, I will approach a normal villager-like person who does not have a weapon like a sword among the walking people and make small talk.


 I called out to a bearded middle-aged man who was walking along the street.


“Hello. I am sorry, but is there any store that sells spellbooks in this village?” (Rook)


“Hmm? If that is the case, I am sure the general store there sells them… You are a Mage or something, right? We do not have the kind of “grimoire” that someone like you might want in a small village like ours.” (Villager)


 He points me to a store along the street.


 Alright! Success.


 This “grimoire” is probably a book that I would need to learn magic. It is a simple matter of deduction. In the [Items] section of the window in that place, there was a grimoire, and I could get it using SP. I am not sure what to do, but I am sure checking it out is a good idea.


 I did not buy it using SP because it would be a waste of SP. However, I expected it to not be very expensive considering the amount of SP required for acquiring. Then I can save money and buy it.



 I asked a few other questions. Then I thanked the villager and headed to the general store.



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