All-rounder Healer Chapter 122: Magic I Can’t Learn and A Huge Shadow

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“Well,” (Rook)



 I got up from the bed and checked the loot piled up on the desk one by one.


 First, the silver and copper coins that had fallen in the room. They were discolored but surprisingly normal, not ancient coins or anything like that, but the same as the ones I usually use. I don’t know if this place is relatively recent, or if the coins haven’t changed since ancient times.


 And the grimoires. These were stored in a warehouse at the far end of the corridor. First, there were two sets of six different life magic spells. Then there was a [Large Heal] grimoire, a [Dis-poison] grimoire, a [Strengthen] grimoire, and an [Earth Skin] grimoire. I’m not sure if it’s because this is a temple or not, but there are a number of grimoires for recovery support stored in the temple. [T/N: Okay, I’m not sure what some of the katakana meant but just in case you might have an idea. Large Heal (ラージヒール/rajihiru) was easy, Dis-poison (ディスポイズン/disupoizun) not sure, Strengthen (ストレンジス/sutorenjisu) also not sure, and finally Earth Skin (アーススキン/a-susukin).]



“Well, I can’t seem to learn them yet, though…” (Rook)



 Considering the books I have read so far and the information I obtained in that white space, six-attribute magic can be learned by anyone if their level is high enough, as long as the acquisition conditions are attained, it should be possible to eventually acquire them. Even if I couldn’t do it when I was in the Southern Village, I am surprised that I couldn’t even learn Life Magic even at the present and I am already level 14.



“I can’t even learn Large Heal.” (Rook)



 [Large Heal] should be the next light-attribute Recovery Magic to Heal. I should be able to remember it because I should have some aptitude to light-attribute, but I couldn’t learn it. In other words, my level may not be enough yet.



“If that’s the case, isn’t Recovery Magic quite difficult?” (Rook)



 Even if I raise my level until I reached D-rank, I can’t learn it. Well, it must have been because of [Light Attribute II], but if I have the aptitude of III or IV, I might be able to learn it at an earlier level.



 Pack a lot of loot in a magic bag, get up from the chair, sit on the bed and leave your back against the wall.


 I found other household items, knives, and clothes, but they were all tattered or rusty, so I left them behind. I was surprised to find that only the grimoires remained intact, but I decided to accept that it was just the way it was. I slowly closed my eyes.





“Light, illuminate my way, [Light Source].” (Rook)



 Immediately after I opened my eyes; I secured some light using [Light Source].


 I was relieved to see that the room and my body were the same as when I woke up before. I was so relieved I patted my chest.



 Although I had decided to stay in this room for the night, it took a lot of courage to sleep in the area where the mysterious black slimes were roaming. Although I had eliminated all the black slimes around me and the door was closed properly, I didn’t know how that slime was generated, and if it was a slime, it might be able to get in through the door. I was so scared that I decided to sleep sitting up. I didn’t sleep well and kept waking and returning to sleep several times until this moment.


 It’s hard to use a [Holy Fire] lantern in a closed room in a cave. If I’m going to continue my journey, I’ll have to think of something that will allow me to pass the night outside with a little more peace of mind.



“If I want to continue my journey, I’ll have to think of something that will allow me to spend the night outside more safely.” (Rook)



 Maybe there are unexplored areas where there are a lot of monsters. I think I need a way to sleep in peace in such places. Or learn a special ability that will wake me up as soon as I feel a killing intent, or sense a wandering pervert in some city.



“Is that even possible?” (Rook)



 I thought about it for a moment, but I didn’t feel like I could get that kind of ability.



“……but.” (Rook)



 I don’t know, maybe someday I’ll get it. I felt some kind of unfounded self-confidence that I could someday manage. And then it disappeared.





 The world outside the temple is tainted by blackness and darkness. I faced my back against the wall of the temple corridor and looked outside. I can’t say that it saw me, but the magic of [Light Source] has been turned off, so I also can’t see it. I was only looking through [Magi Location].


 Outside the temple was a large cave. The ceiling was more than 30 meters high, and the depth was so wide that it was invisible through [Magi Location]. I can see some black crystals poking out of the ground and walls.


 And a huge, black mass in front of the temple. The shape of the blob seemed rather amorphous. It moves and wriggles and shakes… and now it’s spreading out on the ground and making its body ripple.



“A slime…” (Rook)



 It’s about the size of the Great Boar, though…



 Even the smaller black slime I’ve fought so far had a rank of D or C. In other words, this big slime is at least B-rank…




“…well, is there even a chance for me to win…?” (Rook)



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