All-rounder Healer Chapter 126: Borok the Dwarf

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“Eh?” (Rook)



 The sudden words threw me for a loop. Earlier I entered a crazy battle against a Giant Black Slime, but this dwarf wouldn’t know that… what’s the reason?


 While I was confused, the dwarf opened his mouth when he noticed my situation.



“Hmm… you don’t know what kind of place this is.” (Dwarf)



 He cuts his words there and continues talking, slowly stroking his beard.



“This is a place called the Death Cave.” (Dwarf)


“…Death, Cave?” (Rook)


“That’s right. No living creature can survive here. Of course that includes humans too.” (Dwarf)



 With that, he leaned against the wall of the cave and scratched at it with his gloved hand, scooping out the black dirt. Then he held it up for me to see and continued.



“This black stuff, we call it Death Dust or Dark Dust. It is poisonous to living things. If you touch it, it will poison your body and eventually kill you.” (Dwarf)



 He dropped the black stuff on his hand to the ground and clapped his hands.



“That’s why. If you are going to enter this cave, you must wear a mask and goggles at the very least. It’s best not to touch it with bare skin, so you might want to get some clothes that cover your entire body… That said–” (Dwarf)



 So he paused and continued his words.



“–Do you have a death wish?” (Dwarf)


“I!” (Rook)



 I finally understood the meaning of his words and brushed off the black dirt and Death Dust that was all over my body. Then I took out a clean cloth from my magic bag, wrapped it around my nose and mouth, and tied it behind my head. I’d like to get some goggles, but I don’t have any on me.



“Hmm. That’s okay for now… Well, do you know your way out?” (Dwarf)





 The footsteps of two people echo in the cave. Illuminated by the light from a lantern and the light from [Light Source], multiple shadows are splayed, dancing on the wall.


 I looked at the dwarf walking in front of me.


 He introduced himself as Borok. He said he would lead me to the exit, so I followed him here, but was that a good idea? He was going deeper into the cave, and he must have had some business there.


 As I was thinking about this, he stopped and turned to me.



“It’s about time. Can you use [Breeze]?” (Dwarf => Borok)



 [Breeze] is Life Magic with wind attribute. It is magic that creates wind, as the name suggests.



“No, I haven’t learned it.” (Rook)


“Hmm, I’ll do it for you, then. It’s not a good idea to take the Death Dust out into the open.” (Borok)



 He then invoked [Breeze] spell and directed the wind from his right hand at me. The wind, which is as strong as a professional hairdryer, shakes my white robe and blows away the Death Dust. He then used a breeze on himself and said, “Well, the exit is almost here,” and started walking again.


 I followed him quickly and spoke to him.



“Are you all right Mr. Borok? Didn’t you have business in the back of the cave?” (Rook)



 When I asked, he glanced over his shoulder and answered.



“I don’t mind. It’s nothing urgent. Besides, I’m interested in you. I’m interested in you, and you seem more interesting now.” (Borok)


“Interested in me…” (Rook)



“Yes, I’m interested.” (Borok)




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