All-rounder Healer Chapter 131: Birth, of the Holy Beast Riofanel!

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“Well… Can you tell me more about it?” (Rook)



 Then Lizzy jumped up from the desk with her arms outstretched, flying around me and shouting, “Yeah!” Something sparkling gently flowed from her hands and poured down on me.



“It’s like this.” (Lizzy)


“Oh, ooh…” (Rook)



 Huh… I can’t understand what I don’t know…



“Magic… is that it?” (Rook)



 I’m not sure, but I thought it might be, based on the glittering show from Lizzy. I decide to use the [Holy Light] which I’ve used on this egg before.



“Divine light, heal your people, [Holy Light].” (Rook)



 The shining light from my right hand enveloped the egg and was absorbed into it.



“Something different.” (Lizzy)


“So, something else…” (Rook)


 Is that it? Another spell? Or something completely different? …No way, I think deeply—No, is it? …Isn’t it?



“More squish! More squeak!” (Lizzy)


“Squish, squeak…” (Rook)



 I crossed my arms, put my hand on my chin, and think deeper.


 Hmm… what is it? So whenever I use magic, I feel like I’m squeezing more of myself out and I keep on squeezing.



“—So, it’s magic power?” (Rook)


“Huh?” (Lizzy)



 I asked Lizzy while staring at her, but she didn’t seem to understand me either.



“Well, can’t it be helped, can it?” (Rook)



 At this moment, I can only figure it out by trial and error.


 I put the egg on the desk and held it with both hands, pulling the magic power out of the pit of my stomach and sending it from my hands to the egg as if I was using magic. I do it gently and carefully.



“Squish! Squeak!” (Lizzy)



 Lizzy was spinning around on the egg, releasing something sparkly. Apparently, I was doing it right. Somehow, I felt I was right and so I continued to send magical power calmly.



“Oh?” (Rook)



 A few minutes later, when my magic power was running out, I felt that the flow of magic power was getting worse, and suddenly the egg began to shake and shudder, making a crackling sound on the table. The surface of the egg cracked, and while I was thinking that the child inside must be coming out by itself, it shattered like a piece of pottery dropped on the ground.



“Oh!” (Rook)


“Oh!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu?” (Holy Beast)



 It was white all over. It had four limbs, a long torso covered in white fur, large ears, and a large tail. As I was observing it, my eyes met with a pair of large eyes, even when it has just been born



“…an otter?” (Rook)


“Otter?” (Lizzy)


“Kyu, kyu?” (Holy Beast)



 If I had to name one creature that I know that looks like this, it would be an otter. But the otter in my memory didn’t have such big ears.


 Carefully, I reached out my hand to the white creature. I slowly touch it with my fingertips, but it doesn’t flail or bite me. I let it do what it wanted. Seeing this, I lift it up with both hands and lay it on the table on its back. Then I check between the toes of this creature’s hands and toes.


 …And for some reason Lizzy is also hugging this child.



“There are no webbings? So maybe… a weasel?”


“Weasel?” (Lizzy)


“Kyu?” (Holy Beast)



 No, weasels don’t have these big ears, right? … well, there’s no point in thinking too much about it. This child is the Holy Beast Riofanel. That’s all I need to know.


“Well… right. Anyway, nice to meet you!” (Rook)


“Nice to meet you!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu, kyu!” (Holy Beast)



 I don’t know how long we’ll be together, maybe until I find this child’s mother, maybe someday this child will find a different path than mine. But somehow I feel that I will always be with this child. That’s what I thought as I watched the two of them frolicking on the table.



“…come to think of it, some mammals are oviparous, aren’t they?” (Rook)



T/N: So, it’s a weasel. Does anyone know of a mythical weasel with huge ears?



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