All-rounder Healer Chapter 133: Fungus

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“It’s a Fungus.” (Borok)


Fungus?” (Rook)



 I feel like I saw a monster with that name in a game somewhere. [T/N: It’s in katakana so it’s a foreign word. It’s not read as kinoko (キノコ), take () or shinkin (真菌) all of which are commonly used.]


 The mushroom, Fungus, is less than a meter tall. It had a thick body with a small cap, and it was brown in color. The part of its body that was in contact with the ground was slightly cracked, and it walked around by moving that part of its body in an undulating, crawling motion.


 To put it bluntly, it was a little creepy…



 While I stopped to contemplate this, Mr. Borok pulled the hammer he was carrying from his back and placed it on his shoulder, then he walked steadily.


 Perhaps the Fungus sensed us. So it stopped moving, compressed itself like it is accumulating force, and it flew towards Mr. Borok with a speed that you wouldn’t expect from a mushroom.



“Hah!” (Borok)



 To match its movement, Mr. Borok took a step forward while shouting and slammed the hammer on his shoulder into Fungus. It was crushed between the ground and the hammer, making a crunching sound. The body of Fungus was ripped apart by the blow, and it stopped moving, it had been killed by the blow.



“It’s not a very strong monster, though. They come out of nowhere, and if you don’t thin them out once in a while, you’ll get into trouble.” (Borok)



 While saying that, is he doing something to the Fungus’ feet? He took a knife to the base of Fungus’ feet and pulled out a magic stone.



“Tonight is grilled Fungus.” (Borok)


“Grilled Fungus…” (Rook)



 Can you eat those… Do I want to eat those… Hmm…


 We left the Fungus as it was and went on our way. You’ll be able to collect it later. If you collect it now, it will just be too heavy.


 After a while, we heard the sound of heavy water splashing in the distance. Could it be a waterfall? A little curious, I followed after Mr. Borok and got another reaction to the [Magi Location].



“Mr. Borok, there seems to be something in front of us.” (Rook)


“Hmm, it’s probably a Fungus. You can only see Fungus around here.” (Borok)



 I see. A cave full of mushroom monsters… Is there a mushroom bed somewhere? Or are the Fungus multiplying through mating? The mystery only deepens.


 …For a moment, I almost thought about Fungus mating, but then I stopped. Sometimes it’s better to let a mystery remain a mystery. [T/N: Yep. For sure, there’s a doujinshi of a beloved character being done in by a group of oddly shaped mushrooms. The internet pretty much has everything you can and can’t think of.]



 A little further on, I turned a corner and there was Fungus.



“It’s Fungus, after all. Hmm, maybe you should try it yourself this time?” (Borok)


“Oh, sure.” (Rook)



 I can’t just leave the battle to Mr. Borok. With that said, I took off the cover of my spear and held it up.


 I aimed my spear while approaching the fungus a few meters away. To be frank, the current condition of the spear was terrible. The last time I fought a giant slime, it was worn out because I smashed it against the slime and it was still not repaired. I guess this spear is no good anymore. I don’t think it can be repaired. It’s a pity, but I’ll have to buy a new one when we get to the next town.



 When the distance to Fungus was about five meters, the hobbling Fungus stopped moving for a moment and shrunk down as it gathered momentum. And the next moment, it jumped at me.


 I dodged it to the left and thrust my spear at it. Perhaps because the blade was tattered, I felt a dull, tugging sensation return to my hand. While frowning at the sensation, I swung my spear to strike Fungus again, ducking as it jumped at me. I ran up to Fungus, which had been blown away and rolled over, and stomped on it as hard as I could, hearing a crushing sound as I had kicked a futon and the creaking sound of my spear tip in my hand.



 I looked at Fungus, whose body had been ripped open and was no longer moving, and exhaled, “Hah.” Then I looked at the spear. The handle of the spear was damaged and breaking apart. It’s not only the blade that’s bent from the impact of hitting Fungus but the handle as well.



“…Well, it can’t be helped?” (Rook)



 I aimed the cutting edge of my knife into the base of the Fungus’ foot and pulled out the magic stone as Mr. Borok did. When I stood up, Mr. Borok was stroking his beard and looking at me.




“Your skills are quite distorted, aren’t they? How curious.” (Borok)



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