All-rounder Healer Chapter 134: Distorted Things

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“Distorted……?” (Rook)


“That’s right. Your techniques are distorted.” (Borok)



 Borok stroked his beard as he said this.



“Kyukyu?” (Shion)


“Oh! Sorry I almost forgot about you!” (Rook)



 Shion, who had been sleeping in the hood of my robe, woke up and climbed onto my shoulders. I hurriedly picked him up and examined his body, but he didn’t seem to be injured.



“You’re good… Oh, back to the topic…” (Rook)


“…Well, yeah. Do you mind walking while we talk?” (Borok)



 So, I placed Shion on my shoulder and listened as I followed Mr. Borok who started walking.



“Your spear—both judgment and dexterity. I saw a systematic technique in your flowing movements.” (Borok)



 It is true that my family’s dojo is a school of ancient martial arts that has been around since the days of the samurai, and the movements have been refined through trial and error over a long period of practice. But what does that have to do with what he just said?



“I’ve seen a lot of adventurers and knights in my time, but I’ve never seen anyone use martial arts like you. Yours is a technique that’s specific to a particular kind of opponent… That’s right… It’s people? A technique that is specialized in interpersonal combat. That’s why it’s so distorted.” (Borok)


“…” (Rook)



 When I heard Mr. Borok’s words, I somehow guessed people might notice it.



 Almost all of the martial arts that existed on Earth are made on the premise of interpersonal combat. No one thinks of martial arts to fight bears or lions. It is reckless and futile to fight wild predators with martial arts.


 But in this world, people have the ability to fight monsters on equal terms. And people have to fight monsters. In other words, the martial arts of this world are designed to fight all kinds of monsters, all of them.


 There is a fundamental difference in the process of the development of martial arts between Earth and this world. Of course, the final result would be completely different.



“I’m not going to ask you how you acquired such a distorted martial art… However, it would be dangerous if left as it is, you know?” (Borok)





 As I proceeded on talking to Mr. Borok, I began to hear something coming in front of us. As the sound becomes louder and louder I realized that it is the flowing water, and as we continue for several minutes, the sound of the flowing stream turned into a roaring river. And when I couldn’t hear Mr. Borok’s voice at all, a wall of water appeared in front of us.


 The wall of water was created by a deluge of water falling from the sky. It was a waterfall. It completely blocked the exit of the cave. I could barely see the light behind the wall of water, so I figured if I could get past it, I would be outside.


 I looked at Mr. Borok, and he pointed with his thumb towards the wall of water. I wondered if this was the exit. But there was no way I could get through now.


 Then Mr. Borok started walking, this time pointing the way we had come, raising his chin. I followed him and left the waterfall.



“Now you know why you can’t leave for the time being?” (Borok)


“Okay, but is this place really passable?” (Rook)



 I don’t think I’ll be able to go through something like that.



“Yes, it is, because if it wasn’t, where would I have come from? If not, where did I come from?” (Borok)


“Well, that’s right…” (Rook)


“Well… in twenty days, I suppose, when I can get through again.” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok took out a pocket watch-like item from his pocket and answered while looking at the dial.



“Twenty days later… By the way, what is that?” (Rook)


“Hmm? What is this? This is a… magic tool that can tell time and stuff.” (Borok)



 While answering me, Mr. Borok put the magic tool back in his pocket.


 So, is it a clock? If it is, I’d like to buy one myself.




“Well, we can’t do anything for now. You’ll have to take it easy in the village for a while.” (Borok)




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