All-rounder Healer Chapter 139: Poisonous Death Dust

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 The sound of a hammer pounding echoed through the workshop.


 The dark crystal, illuminated by the magical light of [Light Source], glowed suspiciously, dyeing the anvil on which it was placed a dark color.


 Mr. Borok hits the dark crystal with a chisel and a hammer. With a snapping sound, the dark crystal fell off with a crack. Then he changed the angle, applied the chisel again, and struck it with the hammer.


 As he held the dark crystal in place with large pliers, it gradually changed its shape before my eyes.



 A few days have passed since then since the day I met with Mr. Borok.


 I had no work to do, so I spent my time helping Mr. Borok and playing with Shion leisurely. It was probably the first time since I came to this world that I had spent so much time relaxing. When I think about it, I feel like I’ve been living as if I were being chased by something since I came to this world.



 Incidentally, Mr. Borok has two constant lifework projects, one of which is to make dried Fungus.


 Fungus is delicious when grilled as it is, but it tastes even better when it is dried. I learned how to make it from Mr. Borok and have been making it personally ever since. I cut them up and put them on a scrap wood board to dry in the shade, but since I’m in a cave, I can dry them in the shade all day long, so I’ve been making more and more.



 The second one is this.


 I turned my attention back to the dark crystal being chiseled in front of me.


 “How do I process this crystal, how do I use it?” It seems that Mr. Borok’s goal is to find out the answers.


 Currently, the Dark Crystal has few uses. Although it can easily pass magic power and hardens when magic power is passed through it, there are not many uses for it. The material that can easily pass magic power is good for magic, so it can be used to make wands. The first thing to remember is that there are very few large & flawless crystals, they are difficult to process, and they are susceptible to cracking, making them difficult to handle.



“That’s enough for today.” (Borok)



 With that, Mr. Borok placed his chisel and hammer on the ground. The Dark Crystal on the anvil was being shaved and shaped into a blade-like form.


 A single-edged knife with a curve? Maybe. It looks a little like a small sword. It might be good for skinning animals.


 …If only it were made of metal!


 It will likely hit bone and get chipped if you don’t always channel magical power when using it.



“That was hard work. However, it’s easy to do with your assistance. Why don’t you become my disciple?” (Borok)



 As I watched Mr. Borok wipe the sweat from his forehead with the cloth around his neck, I thought for a moment that it might be a good idea. I have spent so many days here, but… I still have something I want to do. It is still too early to find stability and peace of mind in this world.



“I have some things I want to accomplish…” (Rook)


“Well, that’s a shame… ugh!?” (Borok)



 As soon as he started to walk out of the workshop, Mr. Borok collapsed and fell to the ground with a thud, he was there kneeling on the ground.



“*cough**cough*” (Borok)


“M-Mr. Bo-Borok-?” (Rook)



 I rushed up and grabbed Mr. Borok.


 His body was shaking like a leaf, and his muscular figure looked quite small and fragile. Then–



 Mr. Borok’s hand that he held against his mouth was dyed in a familiar hue.



“Mr. Borok… that’s!” (Rook)


“I’ll be okay. Let me rest for a while…” (Borko)



 I’m not sure you’re going to be okay at all. And that symptom is…



“But–” (Rook)


“There is nothing I can do about it.” (Borok)



 Mr. Borok cut me off. He looked me square in the eye and continued.




“This is the Death Dust poisoning… there is no cure.” (Borok)




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