All-rounder Healer Chapter 141: Through the Cave

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“The sun… how many days has it been?” (Rook)



 I look up at the rays of the sun shining through the mossy entrance of the cave with a strange feeling of excitement and then look down away from the light, blinded by the glare.


 What am I doing…


 When I looked around again, I saw that the entrance was surrounded by trees and looked like a small square. Looking back, I saw a cave. The top of the mountain is visible far above it. I wondered if I was still deep in the mountain.



 As I was observing my surroundings, the inside of my hood began to move, and Shion popped out from inside, “Kyu! Kyu!” and started running around the square, squealing.



“Oh! Don’t go too far! …*sigh*” (Rook)



 Thinking about it, this was the first time Shion had seen the sun in his life. It’s also the first time he’s seen a landscape with trees like this. There wasn’t much vegetation in the cave.


 I extended the effective range of my [Magi Location] to the maximum and searched for any danger.


 Yes, there didn’t seem to be any monsters around. I think I’ll let him play freely for a while.



 We parted ways with Mr. Borok and continued walking through the dark cave for several hours. We finally made it out of the cave and into the sun, but the village still seemed far away.


 I walked around the perimeter of the square, catching a glimpse of Shion sniffing at some flowers. The ground was covered with undergrowth that had grown up to my knees. I waded through it with my walking stick and searched for a path.


 I’m sure Mr. Borok has been here before, and I’m sure there’s a path somewhere…


 I found a place where the ground had been trampled down and the grass had not grown slightly. As I continued to explore deeper and deeper, I found that the trampled ground had become like a narrow path.



“Is this it?” (Rook)



 I wonder whether it is a path. Mr. Borok didn’t say anything more about exiting the cave, and I thought we’d find a settlement soon… If we go in the wrong direction and end up deep in the mountains, we’ll be helpless.


 I checked other places just to be sure, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like a path.



“Shion, let’s go” (Rook)


“… Kyu.” (Shion)


“No, you don’t have to look sad… You can play again.” (Rook)



 I picked up Shion by the scruff of the neck and put him in the hood.


He screamed “Kyu”, popped out of my hood, got on my shoulders, making me glance at Shion, and then I took a step toward the path I’ve been treading.



 I now know… Owning an animal is a lot more complicated than I thought, right?


 It must have been especially hard to take care of young animals. Mainly discipline and stuff. But I think Shion understands most of it once I teach him. Even from before he hatched, he is a good listener… I’m sure he understands my words when I say he’s a good listener.


 Holy beasts are so awesome!



 I walked and put my staff on the ground while thinking about it.


 By the way, I left my spear at Mr. Borok’s house. It was broken and I had no use for it.


 The only weapon I had besides the spear was my staff, and I’m keeping it for now because it’s better than nothing, but I need to get a weapon as soon as possible.


 In the beginning, I used to use my staff as my main weapon, but after having a spear once, I felt that my staff was unreliable. After all, a weapon with a blade on it might give you a different sense of security.


 I want to get the next one as soon as possible, but I want to make sure it’s a good one. To find a good weapon, I have to spend a lot of time searching and selecting. I don’t think there are any good weapons in small villages.


 When I am thinking about it… my next weapon may be far away.




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