All-rounder Healer Chapter 142: My First Caterpillar and a Journey of a Lifetime

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“…ooh.” (Rook)



 A caterpillar delicately pokes its head out of the bushes, and I can’t help but let out a little squeal when I saw it there.


 It eats round leaves munching along while its green body crawls.



“—a caterpillar…” (Rook)



 This is what I get when I check out the presence triggering [Magi Location]…


 It’s a monster, no matter how I look at it… right? I should kill it, right?


 I then began to ponder about it on the spot for a while… This is something called escapism.



 My first thought was, “Creature found = It’s a monster = Ha! ha! Destroy it!” I wondered if that’s the case for everyone. Even if monsters should be defeated. It’s not like I am a berserker who sees a creature and immediately treats it as a monster and attacks it.


 It’s probably impossible to communicate with that caterpillar… and I hope it’s impossible. It’s also possible that the caterpillar is just an ordinary caterpillar that poses no threat, just a caterpillar that is quietly enjoying its meal.



 Even if the caterpillar is about 50 cm long.



 It is not good to make judgments based on appearance or size. It’s called discrimination.


 In the first place, I know that there are creatures in this world that are not monsters.


 Thinking this, I looked at Shion, who was looking at the caterpillar on my shoulder.



“Kyu?” (Shion)


“…Uh, yep, yep.” (Rook)



 Shion turned to me with a slightly confused expression, which was a bit cute, and when I turned my eyes back to the caterpillar while stroking him, our eyes met.



“Shurururururururu!” (Caterpillar)


“Oh… that’s crazy! Now I’m ready for it!” (Rook)



 It’s still a monster, no matter how I look at it! Search and destroy!



“Light, shoot down my enemy! [Light Ball].” (Rook)



 While ignoring the caterpillar that is trying to do something as it moves its mouth, I point my staff on my right hand and activate the magic immediately.


 In an instant, a ball of light appeared in front of the staff with a pop and hits the abdomen of the caterpillar that had risen up. Then, without losing momentum, the caterpillar was flung away, hitting the tree behind it, with a small bang.



“Ewch…” (Rook)



 I can’t help but let out a groan as I saw the creature sticking to the tree and releasing something green while making a noise like “splat” or “squish” or something like that.



 Great. Well, I killed it. But this…



“I have to dismantle it… right?” (Rook)



 Let me say it first. I hate this!


 If it’s dirty, can it be purified right? No, that’s not the point.


 I’m almost used to dismantling animals, but this one is no good. Caterpillars are no good. Especially giant caterpillars are no good.


 I can’t just stick a knife into this thing and mess around with a squish, squish, squish to find a magic stone and pull it out.



“Kyu, kyu?” (Shion)



 As I was pondering this, Shion jumped off my shoulder and started running towards the thing in front of me.


 I instantly sensed this, and with a lightning-fast step, I ran towards it like a bolt of lightning and grabbed its tail. Then, with a straight face, I told Shion, who looked back at me curiously.



“No, it’s impossible for me.” (Rook)





 Then, after walking for a while, the trees in front of us seemed to be thinning. As I approached, I saw a path about two meters wide. I pushed through the grass and stepped out onto the road to check my surroundings. I could see a village on the left side of the road and its entrance.



“Is that the village that Mr. Borok was talking about?” (Rook)



 I believe Mr. Borok said that there was a village at the end of the cave, and a town at the end of it. I guess the right answer is to head to that village for now.


 I started to walk but stopped.


 I turned around and looked at the forest where the trees were growing – the place where I had come from.


 There was something that looked like a path, but the ground was barely treaded to the point where it could be called a path.


 I wondered if I could find this path the next time I came back. I wondered if I would be able to return to the cave where Mr. Borok had been, but the only answer I could come up with was, “Probably not.”



“…” (Rook)



 Will I ever go back to that cave again?


 Well, I don’t know. At the moment, all I know is that I have to give the letter that Mr. Borok gave me to the next town. I don’t have any plans after that. Originally, I was planning to gather information while raising my level in Elem to decide where to go next, but I couldn’t do that.



“I guess I’ll be gathering information in the next town for a while…” (Rook)



 Depending on that information, I would decide whether to go to another area or not. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to come back here again depending on that.


 But still–



“…” (Rook)




 I pulled the knife from my waist and dealt slashes at the tree in front of me. I made a cross mark on the tree.



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