All-rounder Healer Chapter 146: [Idle Talk] The Only Tavern in the Village

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 A light thumping sound echoes within the tavern.


 The light of the slightly dipping sun reached through the window and illuminated the man wielding the knife at the counter.


 This was the time for him to prepare for the evening, as the daytime customers went back to work and the sun was setting.



With a sigh of relief, he put the finely beaten ingredients into a large pot. Then he went to the back of the house and took out vegetables and wild plants and laid them on the table.


 The vegetables were freshly picked this morning in the village, and the wild plants had just been picked by hunters in the forests around the village. Although the village had nothing, the fact that it had an abundance of food from the mountains was a source of pride and the man and the village are proud of it.



 He peeled the round vegetables and chopped them into small pieces.


 The secret stew that a man inherits from his parents and his parents inherited it from their parents. It is made by boiling several ingredients until soft. It is easier to boil and dissolve the ingredients if they are chopped into small pieces, but to be frank, it takes a lot of time.


 But still, the man thinks. “I want to preserve this secret taste.”


 He wants to keep the tradition of his father and grandfather.


 It may be easier to just do it right. But that would not bring out the traditional taste.



 He poured the finely chopped vegetables into the pot and poured water from the well into the pot. Then, a thin piece of wood is plunged into the kiln under the cauldron, and the charcoal, which is still burning, is dug up from the ashes to ignite the wood. The preparation of the stew is now complete. All that was left was to cook it and let it simmer.



“Phew…” (Tavern Master)



 He exhaled and wiped the sweat on his forehead.


 It’s already summer and working in a kitchen with so many heat sources takes a lot out of him.


 But the man’s work is not over yet. He still has to prepare the main dish.


 He went to the back of the store, grabbed the food that was hanging under the eaves to drain off the fluids, came back to the store, and placed it on the cutting board.



 El Caterpillar. It is an ingredient that the villagers here love. Its taste is creamy and rich. One bite and you can’t stop eating it.


 The merchant who came to the village said, “this is similar to cheese from the north,” but the man could not believe that there were other ingredients with a similar taste. To him, El Caterpillar was the one and only foodstuff that could not be replaced by anything else.



 The man put his knife into the El Caterpillar and peeled off the green skin.


 Perhaps it was because it was a monster, but the surface of the skin was a little hard and not suitable for eating.


 After peeling off the skin, he carefully cut it into rounds.


 The flesh of the El Caterpillar is soft and difficult to cut neatly if you are not used to it. It is said that “a woman in the village is only as good as her ability to handle an El Caterpillar without crushing it.” It requires a great deal of skill.


 The slices are cut crosswise and laid out on a cutting board. Then he takes a jar of salt from the shelf behind him and picks up a handful of salt. Then, with a quick bend of his wrist, he sprinkles it from the sky.


 This is the best way to sprinkle the salt evenly.


 It is a skillful technique.


 The preparations for the El Caterpillar steak were now complete.



 While doing so, the lid of the large pot began to make a rattling noise.


 The man mumbled, “…almost done.” He took off the lid of the cauldron, stirred the inside of the pot with a ladle, tasted it, and added salt. Of course, he didn’t do the sky-drop with a quick flick of his wrist because I didn’t need to be so skilled this time.


 Then he threw the secret ingredient, chopped herbs, into the cauldron.


 Finally, he gave the pot a quick stir and tasted it.


 The taste of the vegetables blended in. The flavor from the ingredients flowed out. Creamy and thick… with a hint of herbs at the end.


 The man gave a small nod and smiled faintly.



“Delicious.” (Rook)



 The man mumbled to himself unconsciously.




 And so the restaurant of the family rumored to be the masters of El Caterpillar cuisine began its nightly business.




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