All-rounder Healer Chapter 147: A New Town and a New Encounter



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 The next morning, I left the village at the crack of dawn.


 Not because I wanted to leave this village as soon as possible …but because I wanted to have as much time as possible to get to the next town. According to what I heard at the tavern, I should be able to reach the next town by sunset even if I walked, but just in case.


 That reminded me that the stew in that tavern was delicious, with a unique taste that I had never had in any other town before. …It was light brown in color, but creamy and thick, with a scent of some kind of herb. I wondered if there was some hidden flavor.


 This is the first time that I’ve been able to find a place where I can get a good look at it. A gentle downhill path continued to weave its way through the rocks and trees.


 Short flowers bloomed along the roadside. The gentle breeze caressed them. The clear air. The clear blue sky. And the glistening summer sun.


 I unconsciously reach out with my right hand to pull the hood of my robe over my head, but then I remember the weight inside it and stop myself.



“…” (Rook)



 I moved my hand, which had nowhere to go, and quietly put it down.


 I’m not sure if I need a bag or something to put Shion in. There was nothing in the village that looked good enough, but there must be something in the next town.


 …Well, I think this kid sleeps far too often in my hood in the first place. It’s said that children sleep a lot to help them grow, but I feel that sleeping this long is not good.



“Shion, let’s take a short walk.” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I lowered Shion, who had crawled out of the hood a little sleepily, to the ground and put the hood back on as we walked.



 I bypassed a large rock and walked past a large tree that was withered and broken in the middle.


 I remembered what had happened yesterday as I watched Shion bouncing around, taking detours here and there.


 I opened the parting gift package that Mr. Borok had given me in his room at the inn yesterday.


 I untied the string, and inside the cloth and greaseproof paper, I found a pitch-black sword blade. It was a double-edged straight blade, not more than 30 centimeters long. The material was definitely Dark Crystal. The handle was not made, so it would be difficult to use it as it was, but perhaps if a craftsman could finish it, it could be made into a knife or a spear.


 This was probably the biggest piece of dark crystal I had given to Mr. Borok. He processed it for me.



“However…” (Rook)



 It’s a material that is very tough if you channel magic power into it, but it’s stiff and brittle if you don’t channel magic power into it. It is difficult to use it as a weapon. It’s even harder to use this as my main weapon.



“I think I’ll hold it off for now.” (Rook)



 As I was walking along, the sky suddenly opened up ahead of me.


 In front of me were the blue sky and the distant mountains. And below me was a huge town.





“Come here Shion” (Rook)



 When we came to a big road leading to the town, I picked up Shion and put him in the hood.


 I didn’t want him to get hit by a carriage if he was wandering around.



 As I approached the town, I could clearly see the magnificence of the town.


 The walls surrounding the town were about six meters high and all made of stone. It was the first time I had seen such a sturdy wall. From the top, the shape of the town was a slightly distorted circle, and I think it was bigger than any other town I had ever seen. This town must be an important base.


 The gates were so large that there was room for two large carriages to pass each other, and many adventurer-looking men and carriages were passing through the gates.


 I somehow managed to blend in with the adventurer-like group and entered the town.



“It’s cheap, it’s cheap! Check them out!” (Street Vendor)


“We’re closing the store! Everything will be sold out!” (Street Vendor)


“Hey handsome! I’ll give you a discount.” (Street Vendor)



 A street vendor near the gate was shouting at the top of his voice, trying to stop people from passing by. It seemed to be lively. But—



“Hey! Hey, young miss! Don’t you have any apologies for bumping into people? Oh?” (Man)



 A man walking a little ahead of me suddenly raised his voice.


 The man was about 190 centimeters tall. His face was covered with a beard, and he wore leather armor and a sword at his waist, in the style of an adventurer. However, his physiognomy was so bad that he looked like a ruffian.


 On the other hand, the person who was being accosted by the man was about 170 centimeters tall. She is a sharp-eyed woman with a rough-looking suit and red hair in a ponytail.



 Isn’t this a bad situation?


 This situation. Anyone can imagine what’s about to happen. Someone has to stop her… I looked around, but no one wanted to intervene.


 While I was thinking, “This is where I need to do something…” she turned around to face the man.



“What? Which one of us bumped into who? Come at me! Come on!” (Woman)



 —The man flew in the air at the phrase “Come on!”


 I don’t know what happened, but… He was now flying in the air.


While leaking “Buh! Gee…”, she approached the man who has now struck the ground and kept rolling. She grabbed his chest and shook him. She then said, “Come on! I’ll even let you attack back!” I could hear the onlookers around me saying things like, “He’s an idiot for picking a fight with Dalita,” and “Oi, oi, he’s going to die,” and I understood that she was someone infamous in this town.



 But if I were the protagonist of a game or something, would I have just jumped out and saved her at this moment and flagged her or added her to my harem?


 It seems a little difficult for me…



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