All-rounder Healer Chapter 148: The Inn I Visited…

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 After that, I walked around looking for an inn while chilling in the street stalls, and found an inn with a beautiful appearance and a lot of people coming and going on the main street, and took a room.


 The lodgings on the back streets were cheap, but not safe. So it was best to start with an expensive inn on the main street and then gather information to find a good one. This town, in particular, is a lively place with a lot of people, but as I saw earlier, there are a lot of adventurer-like people and I feel like there are a lot of disputes. Maybe it’s not a safe place. So this time I chose a place that looked particularly nice—



“Can I get you anything?” (Waitress)



 When I raised my face, the waitress was there.



 I headed to the bar on the first floor of the inn to eat dinner, it was about twice as large as the bar I always go to, but for some reason, there were no counter tables… I couldn’t help but occupy a table for two. When I sat down,


 A waitress came toward me.


 I had been aware of it for a while—well, actually, I was only aware of it when I opened the door to the inn and saw the paintings, vases, and flowers that were displayed beyond the doorway. I was mesmerized by the countless magical lights shining down from the ceiling to illuminate these works of art. In the meantime, an old gentleman in a fine-looking black coat who had been standing beside me for some time bowed to me and said, “Welcome,” and I thought, “I messed up!” As the old gentleman led me along the stone floor, I walked steadily, and when I heard at a counter table in the back that a night’s stay started at one gold coin, I understood that I had really messed up…


 Yes, this is a ridiculously high-class inn.


 At the very least, it’s several times more expensive than the inn I usually stay at.


 I should have closed the door and turned around when I first sensed that I was in trouble, but I missed my timing when I made eye contact with the old gentleman.


 It happens all the time, doesn’t it? I thought I’d found a good noodle shop and went in, but the place was empty. Before you can turn around, the owner calls out to you and you lose your chance to escape. I’m sure everyone has experienced this at least once.


 In such a situation, I feel like a cat got my tongue… Well, a tiny creature is now sleeping and quietly snoring on my lap, I guess? [T/N: The Author used the idiom 借りてきた猫 or karitekita neko or borrowed cat, which means when someone is much quieter than usual. Shion is not a cat but Shion looks cat-ish so this is the closest I equivalent. I could have said “quiet as a mouse” but the context won’t work.]



“……What do you recommend?” (Rook)


“Today, we have some Lesser Dragon meat in stock. The chef’s choice of main course is a steak made with this meat.” (Waitress)


“How much is it?” (Rook)


“Yes, well it is three gold coins.” (Waitress)



 …Gold coins? …Three gold coins? Too expensive! No, no, I can’t afford it. Also, it’s going to be the first time I could eat dragon meat… I want to try it, but…



“… Well, do you have anything else?” (Rook)


“If you are looking for something else, you can always try our River Crab with Remo sauce, which is always available this time of year. It costs eight silver coins. And the Knocker Deer course meal costs a gold coin.” (Waitress)



 The waitress looked at me when she finished saying that.


 …No. Every dish is at a level higher than what I know! No matter what I ask in here, it will definitely drain my wallet… I’m not sure I’ll be staying in such a fancy hotel for the foreseeable future, so I’ll just order what I want to eat the very best without worrying about the price.



“So, I’ll have the Lesser Dragon course…” (Rook)


“Very well, sir. Then what would you like to drink?” (Waitress)


“Ah… then some ale.” (Rook)



 I ordered the cheapest drink I could find to avoid any unnecessary expenses.


 That is ale, which had always been the cheapest in most places.



“Sorry. We do not serve ale here.” (Waitress)


“Eh……” (Rook)



 The waitress said so, her face darkening a little.



 Could it be that ale is considered to be a completely low-class drink here?



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