All-rounder Healer Chapter 149: Lesser Dragon Steak and…

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 On the table was a bowl of golden soup and a plate with three fist-sized slices of bread. Before I touched them, I tipped the trumpet-shaped ceramic cup and sipped the wine.


 A strong astringent taste spread in my mouth, and a fruity aroma wafted through my nose. The taste is much stronger than the usual grape wine. I wondered if this was the taste of expensive grape wine. But I don’t really like astringent wine. Maybe my tongue is used to cheap wine.


 I put the cup on the table and drink the soup with a wooden spoon.


 At first glance, the translucent golden soup looked like a normal consommé soup. However, its taste was close to beef soup… Or maybe it’s somewhere between Beef Soup and Chicken Consommé? The saltiness is light, but the flavor is strong and delicious nonetheless.


 It was so delicious that I couldn’t help but take one bite after another.



“Kyu!” (Shion)



 A voice of protest from above my knees brought me back to my senses.


 Oh, that was dangerous, I almost forgot… Well, I haven’t forgotten about you? It’s true! I was just entranced by it…


 I glanced at the table and tried to think of something I could give to Shion, so I tore a small piece of bread and gave it to him.



 As I ate, I glanced around.


 There were about a dozen customers in this place, which was larger than the usual tavern, and each of them was eating and chatting with someone at their table. It was a big place, but the number of customers seemed to be small. I guess the price is set just enough to make a living with such a small number of customers.


 Looking at their clothes – gorgeous fluttery dresses, gaudy colorful clothes, and white feathered hats – I guessed that most of them were merchants or people of high status. I also saw some rough-looking people with swords, so there might be some adventurers.


 Feeling a sense of familiarity with these adventurers, and relieved that I wasn’t out of place, I listened to the chatter around me with a glass of wine in my hand.



“I heard that the price of wheat has been going up in this area lately.” (Customer)


“Impressive. You’ve already heard about it… But just between you and me, there are other signs of rising prices.” (Customer)


“Really……” (Customer)



“I want to go to the dungeon soon. Let’s go west.” (Customer)


“Hey, hey, I said no. I’m still under a contract.” (Customer)


“Just break it.” (Customer)


“Don’t say that so casually… If we offend the big shots here, we’ll have to go farther than the west dungeon.” (Customer)


“…” (Customer)



“They say it’s about to happen in the north.” (Customer)


“Is it true? But then—” (Customer)


“Schumer—and then finally—” (Customer)



“…” (Rook)



 There was none of the usual tavern nonsense, but all the talk seemed to have some substance. I’m not sure if it’s the customer demographic that makes it that way after all.


 I felt a little lonely as I sipped my wine.



“Thank you for waiting. Here’s your Lesser Dragon steak.” (Waitress)


 The waitress placed the dish in front of me. At that moment, saliva overflows in the mouth.


 The fatty aroma of the steak made my mouth water. The brown, beautifully charred surface. On my lap, Shion squealed and purred, then put his paws on the table. My stomach was also purring along with him. I also placed my hands on the table, too.



 I took the small knife and two-pronged fork-like cutlery that had been prepared for me, lightly pressing down on the fork as I slid the knife across. The feeling in my hands was rather unique. The sensation of cutting fibers, similar to that of cutting raw meat, lingered in my fingers. It is a little hard and difficult to cut.


 The thought of taking out the Dark Crystal blade that Mr. Borok gave me and using it to slice the meat into smaller pieces crossed my mind, but I stopped myself just in time. That would be too obvious. It would be a breach of etiquette.


 I continued to move my hand while thinking about it and stabbed the piece of meat I had cut with my fork and brought it to my mouth. Then I chew it once or twice.


 Each chew loosens the firm, fibrous meat, sending delicious juices into my mouth.



“It’s delicious.” (Rook)



 Maybe it’s because it’s a dragon. The muscle fibers were strong, and the meat tasted like something between chicken and beef. It was a strange taste that I had never had before.


 As I was about to take the next piece of meat into my mouth with a new hope in my heart, a white hand from below slapped my hand.



“Kyuu! Kyuu!” (Shion)



 Oh, that was dangerous, I almost forgot… Well, I haven’t forgotten about you? It’s true! I was just entranced by it…


 So please try not to be so aggressive…



 And so the night of Lesser Dragon Steak drew to a close.





 The next morning, I woke up in my fluffy bed, packed up, used [Purification] on myself, and left the inn.


 I won’t be able to stay at such a high-class inn for a long time… This time was special.


 I’ve always been able to sleep anywhere, but after experiencing such a fluffy bed for the first time in a long time, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to go back to a bed made of straw. Plus, that Lesser Dragon dish. I can’t afford that luxury anymore.


 …No, maybe I should work hard to get enough money or status to be able to live like that.


 But first—



 I stopped and looked up at the large building in front of me.


 It was a place where people gathered to make a living and rise to the top.


 The Adventurer’s Guild.



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