All-rounder Healer Chapter 15: First Magic Spell

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 Pushing open the large door, I went inside.


 Once inside, there is an unmanned counter in front of me. There is a bar-like space on my left, and behind the counter, I can see a large, bearded man struggling with steam while stirring something.


 The scent of dried wood and wood smoke tickles my nose, probably drifting from that “something”.


 While stepping inside, I head toward the counter in front and rang the bell at the counter a few times.



“Yes, I am on my way.” (Inn Keeper)



 A few seconds after that voice, a young woman emerges from the door behind the counter.



“I am sorry to have kept you waiting. Are you staying? Two silver coins per night including dinner.” (Inn Keeper)



 She told me what I wanted to know before I even asked. If two silver coins are good for an inn for low rankers, I can estimate the approximate prices.



“Then I’d like to stay for three nights. When will dinner be served?” (Rook)



 I give her six silver coins while listening to her.


 By the way, ten copper coins is a silver coin. Ten silver coins is a gold coin. I have confirmed this after paying gold coins at the general store.



“I am sorry. I think we can serve it before sunset, so please wait for a while. I will call you when I can. Your room is at the end of the second floor.” (Inn Keeper)



 I nod and then went upstairs.


 I walked down a narrow corridor, opened the door of the room at the end, and locked it with a lever from inside.



“Huh …” (Rook)



 A sigh escaped from me.


 It was said that luck escapes whenever you sigh, but it still came out.


 I was mentally exhausted today. I feel like I have had a lifetime’s worth of valuable experience just in this one day.


 Making my character in that “white space”, the various conversations.


 My first contact with the inhabitants of this world.


 Trying to gather information from everything I saw, heard, and touched.


 Trying not to act out of place.


 I feel like I have been extremely on-focus all the time.



“I do not like the situation where I have to always be on edge.” (Rook)



 I muttered, now that all my tension is gone once, I am alone.


 More… I mean, I want to relax… I want to.


 Will my life always be difficult in this world?


 I look around the room.


 There is a bed in the small room with about two tatami mats, and there is a window with wooden boards on the wall. That is the only thing in the room.


 There was no point in standing around, so I sat down on the bed.


 I was a little curious, so I turned up the sheet on the bed and saw something that looked like straw. It seemed to be a simple bed with a wooden frame covered with straw-like dried grass and a sheet. I do not know if this is because it is a rural village or because it is a cheap inn. I wonder if this is the level of civilization.


 I took a breath and remembered the abilities I had acquired in the “White Space”.


 One by one, I remembered the abilities I had taken and thought about them.


 Hmm… This may become a little difficult from now on.


 When I set my abilities in that place, I mainly focused on the “Healer Abilities” that have similar functions as in games. At that time, I did so because I was conscious that everyone at the party was going to this world together. Moreover, perhaps because of the mysterious power that guided my consciousness, I made choices that I normally would not have made.


 However, in this situation now, it might be better to be able to do various things on my own. The ideal is the ability to fight as an all-rounder… It may have been difficult because of the ability I had from the start for a rearguard, but it was better to be an offensive mage with the abilities that are easier to use.


 I like the role of healers and using recovery magic, but everything changed now that it is real life, not a game. The role of a healer is to assist the party, and it is a job that needs companions. It can be said that it is the most unsuitable job in my current situation, alone in a world where I understood nothing.



“Hmm… should I start looking for a companion now?” (Rook)



 However… I am scared to partner with someone at this point when I barely know anything.


 Besides, this world does not seem as safe as Japan. I may get deceived if I do not properly check and choose the other person. It cannot be said that being deceived even once may be life-threatening. And if that happens, I would have little means to resist.



 No, I am a healer in the first place, but now I cannot use recovery magic…


 “I am a healer, please let me join you. However, I cannot use recovery magic. I am not sure who would want to deal with someone who says that. I cannot help but accept if people say, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”


 It seems that magic is acquired using grimoires. There may be other ways, but I do not know at this point. Anyway, if you do not get a grimoire of recovery magic, I cannot even act as a healer…


 I feel like I was caught in an inescapable trap.



“Haa…” (Rook)



 I sighed again.


 I want to lie my tired body down and fall asleep, but that is not happening. It looks like it is going to be a long night if I go to bed now. In addition, I still have something to do.


 Take out the [Light Source] grimoire from the backpack.


 Yes, I will learn magic starting now. When I think about it, I was getting pumped up even if I am physically and mentally exhausted.


 I asked the owner of a general store about how to use grimoires. Using it is easy.



 Just open and read.



 It is a book-like way of using books.


 Now, let me open the [Light Source] grimoire for the time being.



“Hmm… what is this?” (Rook)



 What was written in the grimoire of [Light Source] was a magic circle, words I did not know, words I knew, but I could not understand any of it.


 For the time being, I kept turning the pages. I continue reading the book. I do not understand the contents, but I will continue to read more.


 When I finished reading the last page, I thought the grimoire was glowing faintly, but then it suddenly burst into white flames.



“Oh!” (Rook)



 I was surprised and let it go; the book fell on the bed. However, there was no sign of the sheets catching fire.



“… What is this?” (Rook)



 I cautiously touched it, but it is not hot.


 Well, I do not understand.


 Then in about 10 seconds, everything burned out, and not a speck of ash remained.


 I guess I just have to understand that this is the way it is.



 I looked at the place where the book burned, and then I realized that I still had the knowledge of the magic of [Light Source] in my head.


 After all, I think I have no choice but to accept it the way it happened.



“Then… I will do it!” (Rook)



 I raised my hands close to my chest, palms facing upward; somehow I focused on my palms, and I mumbled a few words with conviction.



“Light, illuminate my way [Light Source].” (Rook)



 At that moment, something flowed from the center of my stomach toward my hands, and a white ball of light about 10 cm (4 in) wide appeared from my palm, floating in the air.


 The light illuminated the room brilliantly and continued to shine as if to purge the darkness of the world.



“… Wow!” (Rook)



 I am instantly impressed.


 It is simple magic. It is just a spell emitting light. This is the magic I first learned and used since I came to Tesla.



—It was the first magic that the man later called the Great Mage Rook learned!



“Dear customer. The walls and floor are thin, so please stop yelling strange things.” (Inn Keeper)



 A female voice told me from outside the room.


 I tried my best to answer small, “Ye-yes…” [T/N: I nearly died laughing.]


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