All-rounder Healer Chapter 153: Golden Dragon Badge 

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 I’m putting together the conversation in my head.


 I have a general understanding of the clan organization here. From what I’ve heard, it’s similar to the clan system in ListAge.


 Now, the question is, what will happen if I join a clan here?


 This clan is apparently based in this town. So if I join, I will be based in this town. Considering my purpose, which is to see the world, it’s not a good idea to stay in one town. The reason I left the party with Dan and Mel in the first place was to travel the world.


 But if you ask me where I’m going and what I’m going to do, I don’t really have a plan. This is because the only way I can gather any kind of information is through rumors or a few books.


 Because of the visible threat of monsters in this world, and because of the importance of blood ties and connections, people don’t want to go to other towns. Most adventurers, even free ones, are based in the town where they were born. The only people who try to go to other towns are merchants, some adventurers, people who belong to a country, or people who can’t make a living in the town they were born in. In other words, thanks to the lack of traffic, the general public has very little information about distant places, except for important information. And maps are not available to the general public.


 In other words, most people in this world only know about the area around their own town, the royal capital, and other large cities.


 My original plan was to visit interesting places around the world, explore dungeons and uncharted ruins, and look for places that would remain in legends. But in reality, I’m having a hard time gathering information about the village next door, let alone uncharted places and legends.


 Anyway, I want to collect information, but the means are scarce, and I felt a little stuck.


 In addition, I was in the middle of leveling up in Elem when I had to flee, and I was actually gathering information with the intention of fleeing to the Kingdom of Almst, but somehow I ended up in the Republic of Canadaira, and I have very little information about this place. I’m not even sure what’s going on around this town, the commercial city of Arnorn. As long as I make my guild card here, I’ll need to stay here until I reach rank E.


 But that doesn’t mean I have to join a clan.



“… What are the benefits of joining this clan?” (Rook)



 After much deliberation, I decided to ask them directly.


 I could get a big job or maybe some flexibility in this town, but I didn’t know exactly how much of a benefit that would be just by thinking about it.


 Kevin answered that question immediately.



“Oh, I’ll take you to a place where there are good women!” (Kevin)



 Then he gave a deep hearty laugh.



“No, apart from that…” (Rook)


“Oh… I’m not sure if I know a place that could cater to your kinkier tastes…?” (Kevin)


“Master!” (Mimi)


“I’m kidding, it was a joke!” (Kevin)



 No, I really don’t have any weird hobbies.


 It’s just that I don’t have the time to think about such things right now.



“Hmm… men usually bite when the conversation is about women… well, there’s money. Being in one is profitable.” (Kevin)



 That is certainly fascinating. But if I do my best, I can make money like I normally do, and I don’t think it’s a merit that would benefit me a lot.


 As I was making such a mixed expression, Ms. Mimi, who was behind him, suddenly opened her mouth.



“We, the Golden Dragon’s Claw, are a reasonably well-known clan in this town as well as in the country. We have a few contacts, and we can be flexible with a few things. For example, the procurement of armor. You can get rare items on a priority basis. I also have contacts with craftsmen, and we can provide you with information.” (Mimi)





 I couldn’t help but mumble that. At that moment, I thought I saw a glint in her eyes.



“Yes. We are able to obtain information that is not available to the general public through our connections with various people. In addition, we have a collection of materials from far away that are stored here. There are also valuable materials that are rarely seen elsewhere.” (Mimi)



 Information… Materials…


 At that moment, all my doubts disappeared, and I shouted, “Thank you very much!”





“By the way, if you were at my old man’s place, you must have that thing, right?” (Kevin)


“What thing?” (Rook)



 After discussing the details of the job and the conditions, Mr. Kevin—Master suddenly started to say something about something.



“Yes, you know it!” (Kevin)


“No, I don’t know what ‘that’ is.” (Rook)


“Aaah! So annoying! You know Fungus! Fungus!” (Kevin)


 Ah, dried Fungus… I had so much free time in that place that I used to make dried fungus myself. To be honest, thanks to the full course life of Fungus, I don’t even want to look at it for the time being, but I had brought a lot of dried Fungus to replace the preserved food that had disappeared thanks to the long underground life.


 I took out one of the packets of dried Fungus from my backpack beside me, placed it on the table, and opened it.



“Oh! This is it, this is it! The fragrant aroma, the rich taste, there’s no doubt about it! It’s so hard to find here! Can I have this, please? You’ll be rewarded! Thank you!” (Kevin)



 With that, he grabbed a packet of dried Fungus and ran out of the room.


 The only people in the room were me and the maid with rabbit ears holding her head.


 I mean, he ate it before I could ask, “Do you want it?”



“Hmm… Master has not had Fungus for some time. It’s not very common here. I’ll tell him to thank you later, so please excuse his behavior.” (Mimi)



 Then Ms. Mimi opened the drawer of the desk where Master was sitting, rummaged through it, and pulled out something small and shiny and golden.



“This is a sign of being a member of the Golden Dragon’s Claw. If you show it to others, you may be able to receive accommodations to some extent. I’m sure it’s okay if you’re approved by that person, but please don’t abuse it.” (Mimi)



 Handed to me, was a badge in the shape of a sharp golden nail.


 However, “that person” is… No, I guess she means Mr. Borok from the flow of the conversation. I wondered if he was more amazing than I had expected.


 I put the golden badge on my chest while thinking about that.



“Welcome to the ‘Golden Dragon’s Claw’.” (Mimi)



 The rabbit-eared maid smiled as she said this.



 This is how I became a member of the Clan “Golden Dragon’s Claw”.



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