All-rounder Healer Chapter 156: Grandma Ulke’s Shop


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 I left the blacksmith shop and went to the main street.


 I found the next store on the west side of the street.



“Is it here?” (Rook)



 I looked at the map and the surrounding townscape, again and again, to make sure.


 The two-story wooden store was smaller than the other stores on the main street, but it seemed to be rather more noticeable.



 When I turned the knob to open the door, the bell attached to the door made a soft ringing sound.


 Ceramic bottles lined the shelves along the wall. Bundles of grass hung from the ceiling, and unknown objects. On the opposite side of the room, there were more mysterious items.


 Illuminated by the magical light of [Light Source], the six tatami mat store was surprisingly bright, changing the atmosphere of the room lined with suspicious items.


 If it had been dimly lit, the atmosphere would have been rather suspicious.



 This store is an “Unknown Store”.


 I asked Mimi if she knew of a store that sold grimoires, and she introduced me to this store, but the way she introduced it to me was “I have no idea”.


 I’m not sure what kind of store it is, but it’s a store that sells most things related to magic. I heard that it was called “Grandma Ulke’s store” in the area.



 When I looked at the back of the store, I saw an old woman in a grass-colored robe doing something at a desk.


 Is she Grandma Ulke?


 I’m sure she noticed from the sound of the doorbell that someone had come in, but she didn’t seem to be looking at me. Maybe she was too focused on her work to notice.


 I felt bad about interrupting her work, so I didn’t speak to her. I was so bored that I picked up one of the ceramic jars on the shelf.


 It was a small bottle about four centimeters in diameter and about twenty centimeters high.


 It was slippery to the touch. A shiny brown color. A tightly closed cork.


 This thing is…


 I’m sure, this thing is a potion!



 …Also it’s written on the wooden board.



 A potion is an alchemy-like preparation of potent ingredients from medicinal herbs. They are effective in healing wounds and curing poisons and diseases. It’s like an upgraded version of a medicine.


 However, as far as I could tell, it was not widely used by adventurers in general.


 Potions have an expiration date, so you can’t hoard them. It seems that the effects and expiration dates vary depending on the ingredients and the ability of the creator, so it’s hard to find potions you can trust.


 The potions come in ceramic bottles, so they are heavy and have a high possibility of breaking.


 And I think the biggest reason is that this world has the Goddess’ Blessing.


 On Earth, even a world champion in martial arts might die if stabbed with a knife by a street thug. But in this world, even if a person who has been strengthened by the Goddess’ Blessing is stabbed by a street thug, there is a possibility that the knife will not even pierce him.


 In other words, if the opponent’s level is adequate, it won’t be that bad. So it is only in unusual situations that recovery potions are needed. …… I think that’s the way people in this world think.


 Well, life doesn’t always work out that way, and there are plenty of unexpected things that can happen. Dan also encountered such an unexpected situation and got seriously injured, and I had to treat him.



 I put the potion back on the shelf and check on Grandma Ulke.


 She was still working at her desk.


 Somehow, I was curious about her work, so I walked closer to her desk.



“…?” (Rook)



 On the desk was a sword, glowing pale white.


 Grandma pressed something between her fingers against the blade of the sword near the handle.


 …Is that a Magic Crystal?


 It was an oval thing of about 5 cm in diameter with a pale green glow. Probably a B or A-rank Wind Magic Crystal. And is that sword made of Mithril?


 As I observed it, I thought I saw what looked like a reddish-purple string coming out of the old lady’s fingertips as she pressed the Magic Crystal against it. The string was entwined in a way that sewed the magic crystal and the sword together – the next moment, the Wind Magic Crystal sank into the sword with a zing.



 I managed to swallow my surprised gasp that was about to escape my lips and continued to observe.


 In the meantime, the Magic Crystal was slowly being swallowed into the sword and eventually stopped at the center. The reddish-purple string from the old lady’s fingertips also disappeared as if it had fizzled out.


 What is this? I don’t know, but I feel like I’m seeing something amazing.



“Oh dear, you’ve been looking at it all along. It’s not even interesting.” (Ulke)



 Grandma said as she examined the finished sword from various angles.



“No, I’ve never seen anything like that before… It was very interesting to see the strings that came out of your fingertips and the way the Magic Crystal was absorbed.” (Rook)


“……Oh.” (Ulke)



 With that said, she put the sword on her work desk and looked at me.




“You can see magical power.” (Ulke)



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