All-rounder Healer Chapter 157: Choosing a Grimoire and a Weapon

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“Huh… magical power?” (Rook)


“What, you didn’t notice? The string coming out of my fingertips is magic power.” (Ulke)



 With that said, Grandma Ulke raised her index finger and showed it.


 Then the finger gradually turned reddish-purple.



 I see.


 Thinking about it before, I saw something dyed in a color similar to it like the blade when I used the paralyzing knife, I got from Rankfurt, and when I passed my magical power through the Dark Crystal blade, I saw a similar color. At that time, I thought it was the paralyzing knife or the effect of the Dark Crystal, and I thought that the strings coming out of her fingertips must have been some kind of skill, but in fact, I could only see them because I was able to sense magic power.


 When I use magic, I have a feeling that the magical power in my body moves, but maybe other Mages don’t feel it.


 Speaking of which, I feel that I have taken [Sixth Sense] up to level five in the white world, is that working? Or is it a racial thing?



“Take care of those eyes of yours. It’s quite rare to be able to see magical power. It’s an ability that every alchemist would envy.” (Ulke)



 She said, “You might become a skilled alchemist.”



 Hmm, an alchemist, huh? I didn’t take alchemy in the white world, nor did I have it in the first place. So I shouldn’t have any alchemy talent, right?


 But even if I don’t have the talent, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, and it might be interesting to try.



“So, what’s your purpose here? You’ve gone inside, so do you have something you want? You’re not just going to watch me create an attribute weapon and then leave, are you.” (Ulke)


“Oh, yeah, please show me your Grimoires.”



 While saying that, I showed her the letter that Ms. Mimi wrote.


 Or rather, was she able to make an attribute weapon?


 After reading the note, Ulke glanced at the gold claw badge on my chest, then said, “Follow me,” and opened the door to the back of the store.



 Behind the door was another room that looked like a warehouse.


 The smell of some kind of grass. Stairs leading to the second floor. Large shelves lined up. A pile of unfamiliar items.


 When she goes to the front of the shelf in the back, she opens the door and takes a step back, saying, “Don’t just take willy-nilly.”


 Inside the shelves was a large number of books. There might be a hundred books.


 A little bewildered by the number of books, I walked to the front of the shelf and checked them one by one from the edge.


 There are no reactions between the various [Life Magic] other than those with Light Attribute and some ball-type magic. There is still no reaction with [Light Arrow] as I check the different attributes of Arrow-type spells. They seem to be more complex than the ball-type spells.


 I would like to complete every attribute of [Life Magic] soon, but it seems I’m not ready yet. I wonder when I’ll be able to learn them.


 There are also [Fire Burst], [Earth Skin], [Wind Shield], [Water Life]… and other spells related to other attributes, but none of them responded.


 But this assortment is amazing. I’ve been looking for grimoires in the previous towns, but most of the stores only have [Life Magic] and ball-type spells. In the bigger towns, there were only Arrow-type, [Earth Skin], and other Support Magic, but I could find a lot of other spells as well.


 Well, even if there were, I couldn’t remember any of them…



 As I looked through the grimoires with disappointment, one grimoire caught my eye.


 It was a grimoire of [Heal].


 I’m sure it’s a beginner recovery spell, but for some reason, I’ve never seen one before.


 I reached for the book and touched the spine.



“…” (Rook)



 I felt something beginning to connect between my fingertips and the grimoire.


 Yeah, I can use it.


 I’ve seen in the white world that the light attribute is a restorative attribute, so I got it. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been able to find a grimoire for recovery magic at all, and I didn’t expect to find any here.


 I pulled the [Heal] grimoire off the shelf and looked at Grandma Ulke.



“How much is this?” (Rook)


“What’s this, you’re also good with the light attribute? That’s also unusual. That’s ten gold coins.” (Ulke)


“Ten gold coins!? Isn’t it a bit too expensive?” (Rook)


“You know, the church buys up all the recovery magic grimoires, so they don’t appear on the market very often! I buy it through my own channels, and I only sell them to reliable people!” (Ulke)


“I-I’ll buy it! I’ll pay for it!” (Rook)



 I pacified the angry Grandma and paid her ten gold coins.



 But I didn’t know there was such a reason why recovery magic grimoires were not available in the market…


 At this rate, another useful grimoire would not be sold at ordinary stores.





“Hmm…” (Rook)



 On the way back from Grandma Ulke’s store. I saw a spear in the corner of a large weapon shop along the main street.


 So, I folded my arms and put my hand on my chin, and thought about it.



 There were metal spears that looked like copper, metal spears that looked like iron, and metal spears that I couldn’t recognize.


 They varied in length from short up to long.


 But the shape of the blade was the same on all of them. Perhaps they were made by casting the metal in the same mold. That’s what I think.


 I don’t have any experience in blacksmithing, so I don’t know the details, but I do know that the quality of forging is better than casting. In other words, the quality of the products here is probably not very good.



“I wonder what to do…” (Rook)



 The iron spear that Mr. Gildan gave me was broken, and I came to the store to get a spear, but this is the result.


 You can buy a cheap weapon for now and look for a better one later, but even Mr. Gildan’s iron spear, which was said to be of excellent quality, was difficult to maintain, and a lesser one might be a disaster. I’m afraid I’ll end up losing money on a cheap weapon.


 But I don’t have the money to buy a good weapon, and of course, I don’t have the money to order one from the blacksmith.



“I guess I’ll hold off for now. This store isn’t the only one here.” (Rook)



 With this in mind, I walked away from the spear corner and looked at the other weapons.



 There was a Morning Star-like weapon with a spiky iron ball chained to the end of a wooden stick. Something that looked like a claw weapon. A huge ax. A short bow. A longbow. A large hammer. And more etc…


 Apparently, the quality of this store is not great, but the variety is amazing.


 After that, I left the store, having enjoyed looking at the various armor. 



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