All-rounder Healer Chapter 159: Cheers for a New Encounter

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 I somehow feel my stomach lightly with my right hand to check my appetite. I put Shion in the hood and walked from my room to the dining area.


 The carpeted passageway was still hard and pressed back against the soles of my shoes. It seems that the entire building is made of stone, both the walls and the floor.


 I looked out the glass window of the corridor and noticed that the sky was turning reddish-brown, and I realized that I had been thinking for a long time in my room.


 In this building, the windows facing the outside are made of glass. But the courtyard side has wooden windows. In other words, my room was a wooden window. It would have been nice to have glass windows in each room without being stingy… I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I can’t help it.






 I remember what was important and stopped.


 I remembered that I was going to buy a bag or something to carry Shion in. I forgot to go around the shops. I wonder if I’ll remember to look for it the next time I go out.



 When I entered the dining area, I found it to be a lively space, a far cry from the daytime. Several groups of people were chatting and eating at several long tables, while several men were playing some kind of game at a small round table.


 As I walked to the back of the room, towards the kitchen, I glanced sideways at their tabletops.


 A pile of silver coins, and dice. A circular white chip with some kind of symbol on it.


 Is it a dice game? Or is it some kind of card game? Whatever it was, it looked like a gambling game.


 Losing interest, I got in line at the counter in front of the kitchen and watched the interaction between the other people and the lady in the kitchen to understand the system here. It seemed to be similar to the system at the inn. The main meal is free, but you have to pay for drinks and side dishes.



“Auntie! A refill!” (Woman)



 The woman in line in front of me cheerfully presented her plate to the kitchen.



“How many times have you gone back?” (Auntie)


“Well… maybe my second time…” (Woman)


“Don’t lie to me! It’s your fourth time!” (Auntie)


“You don’t have to ask me if you’ve been counting…” (Woman)


“Shut up! All right? We’re going to take the extra food to the orphanage behind. You know the rest, right?” (Auntie)


“Yes…” (Woman)


“You just have to know. ‘Those who have’ have to act accordingly. Think about it more.” (Auntie)


“I understand! So, another please!” (Woman)


“Why you!” (Auntie)



 The auntie in front of me seemed to be busy, so I got a bowl of stew and a slice of black bread from another auntie and put it on my tray, received the wine and grilled meat skewer I ordered, and put down the silver coins.


 Hmmm… I see. It’s free of charge, so you can have another round, but the surplus will be taken to the orphanage, so be careful. If you have the money, why don’t you just order a side dish? Come to think of it, I heard somewhere that in the old days on Earth, people used to intentionally leave their meals uneaten because the food left by their masters would be used to feed the servants. Maybe it’s similar to that.



 I walked to the area where the tables were lined up and stopped.


 Now, where should I sit?


 The dining area is large enough to seat fifty people, and at the moment only about half of it is occupied. However, each group is spread out, and the available space is limited, so it’s a little difficult to decide where to sit.


 I looked at the round table at the end of the room. The men were still playing the game.


 Yeah, round tables are no good. If I sit there, I’m afraid a DUEL will start.


 I had no choice but to sit down at the nearest table when a voice called out from one table over.



“Hey, sit here.” (Voice)


“Ah, yes. Um…”



 I sat down across from the guy as he suggested and thought.


 I’m sure Mimi-san introduced me to him. I think his name is–



“The name’s Cyrus. Nice to meet you again!” (Cyrus)


“Ah! Yes. I’m Rook. It’s nice to meet you too.”



 After exchanging greetings, he lifted the mug of wine in his hand toward me.


 I hurriedly lifted my cup of wine.



“Cheer’s. Here’s for new friendships!” (Cyrus)





 Then we tipped our cups.



 I took Shion out of the hood and placed him on my lap, removing the skewered meat one by one and giving it to him.



“Kyu! Kyu!” (Shion)


“Is it a servant monster? It’s the kind of monster you don’t see around here.” (Cyrus)



 Cyrus said so while looking at Shion. I just replied, “I picked him up during my journey from the east.” for now. Still, I’m not lying.



“I’d like to have one, too, but it’s a hassle to get a servant monster who can help me… By the way, what can that thing do?” (Cyrus)


“Well, what kind of thing …”



 Asked so, I see Shion.


 I’m not sure what this kid can do. I’ve never had the idea of letting him do anything since he’s only been born a short time ago and the reason why I’ve been traveling with him. I’m sure he can do great things having the title of Holy Beast… well maybe.



“Well… it’s cute, ain’t it?” (Cyrus)



 He lifted Shion so that he could look at him properly, and Shion confusedly tilted his head, “Kyu?”


 Cyrus said, “Oh… yes, I see…” and sipped his ale.


 It’s okay if you’re just cute! They say cute is justice!


 Well, I guess I’ll have to find out what’s possible one of these days. For his sake. I’m starting to feel like a parent!



“Oh! How cute!” (Woman)



 I looked to the side and saw the woman who was being deterred by the auntie from having another serving for the fourth time.



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