All-rounder Healer Chapter 162: To the Library

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“Phew…” (Rook)



 The next morning, upon waking up, as usual, I apply [Purification] to my entire body, my robe, my armor, and incidentally, to Shion as well.


 I now wear armor under my robe, and the warm summer weather has made sleeping a little uncomfortable, so I’ve started sleeping in the comfort of my robe and armor.


 However, this area does not get as hot and humid as summer in Japan, and even in summer it is quite comfortable, so wearing a robe does not seem to be that much of a problem. Is it like the climate in England or Europe?


 Or perhaps it is doubtful that the concept of the four seasons on earth is applicable to this world as it is. It is possible that temperatures rise and fall regardless of spring, summer, fall, and winter.


 I think I heard something about the four seasons being related to the tilt of the earth’s axis, but first of all, I have no proof that this world is a spherical planet. Perhaps this world is flat and there is a waterfall at the end of the world that leads to an abyss, from which, if you fall, you will never come back. …… or perhaps you will die. I still can’t dismiss such a possibility.


 Since I have actually come to this fantasy world, even things that are impossible according to my “common sense” are possible.


 Well, from the view I saw from the top of the mountain before, I am sure it is a sphere.


 I am sure that the view on a sphere is different from that on a flat surface.



 Thinking of these things, I left the room and headed for the library at the back of the first floor.


 This library is where I found about half of the reason why I entered the Golden Dragon’s Claw.


 This is where I might find the key to unraveling this world.


 With that in mind, my expectations increased and I got a little excited.



 I remember that I had read that shampooing dogs and cats every day is not a good idea, though I had been applying [Purification] to Shion every day without thinking too much about it. If that is correct, then it would be a bad idea to always clean Shion with [Purification] as well.


 Why shouldn’t dogs and cats be shampooed daily in the first place? Does it depend on the reason? Well, I don’t think it will cause any strange problems, given the effect of [Purification], which leaves the skin reasonably moisturized and smooth, without causing skin problems that would make you scream if you used too harsh soap and your skin became dry and cracked.



 We proceeded down the corridor of the Clan House and opened the door to the room at the end of it.


 The door, which made a creaking sound, was massive, and I felt the difference between it and the door to the room I had been assigned.


 The inside of the room was more than twice as large as the library in the Adventurers’ Guild, and the glass windows allowed sunlight to shine through, giving the room the feel of a library in a junior or senior high school.


 A quick look around the room with the [Magi Location] revealed that there was one visitor in the room, and I quietly rummaged through the materials from a close distance, trying not to disturb him.


 Near the entrance, there was a wooden board with materials about monsters that seemed to inhabit mainly around Arnorn.


 This is no different from the Adventurers’ Guild’s archives.


 I will probably be staying in this town for quite a while, and I should probably have a good idea of the monsters in the area, but for now, I am more concerned with the other books, so I just check the monster names and skip over them.



“Hmm?” (Rook)



 And then I saw a name among the monster names that I had recently learned, and I pulled the board off the shelf out of curiosity.


 On the board, I see a caterpillar-like figure drawn in black ink and a description.



“El Caterpillar… is a small insectoid monster, an E-rank monster that attacks by spitting sticky threads out of its mouth. Has exquisite taste. Tastes like cream and is prized in some areas…”



 Taste like cream, exquisite taste?



 I felt like I might remember something, but somehow, I felt like I shouldn’t, so I gently put the board back on the shelf.




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