All-rounder Healer Chapter 164: Lord of the Library

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 This is some fascinating information.


 I’ve been researching books and documents in various places, and this may be the first book I’ve read that goes into history, politics, and the inner workings of a country. I guess that books in places where only a few people can enter are more important than the guild’s archives, which can be accessed by the general public.


 Anyway, I think I’m finally getting some kind of picture of the situation in this country, or rather, the politics of this world. Until now, we had heard softly that the king and nobles ruled the country, but when it came to detailed political matters, it was difficult to know because no one really knew much about it.


 Well, as long as you understand the part about royalty and nobility being great and not to be crossed, the rest of the information is of no great significance to the general public and is probably not necessary for a normal life.


 Even in Japan, where the percentage of people who go on to higher education is high, there are few people who know much about politics. Everyone only vaguely understands the necessary information, and few people try to know information that is not directly necessary for their own lives.


 I put the books back on the shelf and resumed my book browsing.


 I was going to check out what kind of books were available, but I found a number of interesting books and started flipping through them.


 I stopped and looked at the glass window.


 The length of the light is different from the morning, and the temperature in the room seems to have risen a little. I wonder if a few hours have already passed since I came to this library. And yet, I haven’t been able to inspect even half of the entire collection yet.



“Hehe…” (Rook)



 A smile naturally appears on my face and out of my mouth.



“I can satisfy my thirst for knowledge.” (Rook)



 Something about that fact stirs up an emotional surge that runs through my body.


 After all, it is fun to know things. Besides, it is not only to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, but it accumulates in me and becomes part of my flesh and blood in order to live in this world. Nothing could be more enjoyable.


 As I walked past the bookshelves with this feeling, I saw a wooden door at the back of the room.


 I was somewhat curious about that door, so I adjusted the range of my [Magi Location] and walked around, trying to find out what was beyond the door. I stopped in front of the door and peeked inside.


 The inside of the room was unoccupied, according to the response of the [Magi Location]. Behind the door is a room, which also has a bookshelf, which feels like it is filled with books. Is this room part of the library archive? Or is it a room where they keep spare books in a library or something? Or…



“Hmm.” (Rook)



 For a moment, I wondered what to do, and then I decided to give it a try and put my hand on the round doorknob and turn it. However, the doorknob only makes a rattling sound and does not turn. It seems to be locked.



“It’s off-limits to everyone except those authorized to enter.” (Voice)


“eh?” (Rook)



 A voice from behind me made me turn around and there stood a short woman, completely covered from head to toe with a black robe.


 No, I knew she was approaching me because of [Magi Location].


“Are you authorized?” (Rook)


“Yes.” (Woman)



 Slightly surprised by her curt response, I picked up the Golden Dragon’s Claw badge on my chest and highlighted it for her to see.



“That’s not good enough.” (Woman)


“I see…” (Rook)



 Apparently, just being a member of the Golden Dragon’s Claws is not enough to get in.


 Hmmm, I wonder what important books are stored beyond this point. Books that ordinary members cannot see… such as dangerous books like forbidden books, or documents with important information. This makes me curious about the books ahead. Since there are so many interesting books in this room, I wonder what is written in the books that only authorized visitors can see.


 Whose permission do I need to enter here? The clan master’s permission should be quintessential. At any rate, I think I’ll talk to Ms. Mimi about it. She knows that I joined this clan because I wanted information, and I’m sure she will think about it.



“Is it enough to get the permission of the Clan Master?”


“Not good enough.” (Woman)



 Eh… If the clan master’s permission won’t get you in, then whose permission will get you in? Ms. Mimi? She seemed to have more authority than the Clan Master in some ways, or she seemed to be the one doing the hands-on work, which seems possible.



“Then whose permission do I need to let myself in?”


“Mine.” (Woman)



 For a moment, I was on the verge of saying “What?”.



“This is my room.” (Woman)




 She continued.



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