All-rounder Healer Chapter 175: That Person, Again

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“I heard that’s what they say. I think I heard that there’s a teacher of the Anything-goes-style teaching there. Right?” (Cyrus)


“I don’t know if that’s true.” (Seam)



 No, I don’t know any Anything-goes-style.


 I took out Shion from inside the hood of the robe and put him on my lap.



“Well, there was a rumor has been that this country has been teaching that swordsmanship to the Knights since it was a kingdom… you know. If you swing the sword, anyone can use it as it is, but we adventurers are generally self-taught. When I was watching Rook’s battle, I also wanted to learn a little technique! You do this, move on to the next attack so that it flows after the first attack… What should I say? All your actions seem to be connected to the previous action… ” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus tried to express something with his body language as he said this.


 Then I tore off a piece of brown bread and brought it to Shion’s mouth, then slurped the stew with a spoon and asked.



“Couldn’t you teach me that Anything-goes-style?” (Rook)


“That would be impossible. I heard that it is only taught to the children of knights and nobles. I don’t even know who the teachers are, so I can’t help. Well, Clan Master and Gordo would know, but I don’t think they would introduce you to him.” (Cyrus)


“Shion—Look here!” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam tries to bait Shion by waving some dried meat taken from somewhere.


 Shion, who was easily baited, waved his head from side to side and leaped.


 After all, historically Earth basically tried not to let the spread of martial arts outside too? I am sure that there were many schools in Japan in the past that were not allowed to have the technique leave the school or were only handed down from one generation to the next, so there is a possibility.


 Skill and knowledge are assets. In modern Japan, there is no need to use martial arts, so it is less meaningful to keep techniques secret, and in the information society, even if they are hidden, it is no longer possible to hide them, so various techniques are made public.


 Come to think of it, I think Dan also said that he asked an adventurer who came to Mr. Gildan’s store to teach him how to handle a sword, and thinking back, I don’t think I remember seeing a place like a dojo for a martial arts school in the town. There was no such space in the guild either. Maybe there are not many places where ordinary people can learn combat techniques.



“Well, thinking about it, it sounds like a lot of trouble, and it’s not for me.” (Rook)


“Shion can eat anything, plus he’s smart!” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam then gives Shion the dried fruit that she took out of nowhere, and then when she took out a dried lizard-like reptile that I didn’t know, I immediately picked up Shion and put him back on my lap.


 The unknown object is still way too early for Shion, so please try again next time.



 Hmm… No, in the first place, it seems to me that people in this world tend to see technique as something less important than raw strength.


 For example, Mr. Gordo, who I fought today, is tough, fast, powerful, and has top-notch reflexes. That’s great, but it’s he doesn’t have any techniques… in other words, the difference in our raw stats is really wide.


 I was overwhelmed by the sheer difference in our physical ability.


 It is natural that it would be so. In this world, there is an easy-to-follow “system” called “Goddess Blessing” that does not exist on earth.


 If you defeat monsters and level up, your abilities will clearly increase. This is far easier and simpler to do than practicing every day and gradually improving one’s skills, which is difficult to learn. If there had been a similar system like the Goddess’s Blessing on earth, martial arts would not have evolved as much as they did.


 Because of that situation, the demand for martial arts may not be very high in the general public in the first place. But among knights and nobles, its importance is recognized and demand is high, right?


 Well, it’s hard to know at the moment—



“Hey!” (Voice)



 While I was talking with them, I suddenly heard a loud voice from the side.


 I had a bad feeling that I had heard that voice somewhere before, but when I looked in that direction, as I expected, there was Sabs.



“I got it, okay!? I still don’t approve of you!” (Subs)



 He said loudly and immediately turned on his heel and walked out of the dining hall.


 I looked away and returned my attention to the two of them.


 Mr. Cyrus shook his head silently, shrugging his shoulders, while Ms. Seam covered her ears with her hands.


 I’m sure I’ve shown my ability, but instead of being recognized, I feel like I’m being viewed as even more of an enemy… So, what do I do now?



 But there is one thing that has improved since last time. That is the atmosphere in the dining hall. Unlike when I first met Subs before, I feel like there are fewer negative stares.



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