All-rounder Healer Chapter 183: Her Past

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“…” (Rook)



 I awaken from my slumber.


 When I slowly open my eyes, the room is in total darkness. I can’t even see the ceiling.


 It’s the same thing again…


 When I turned toward the door, she was there as usual. And as usual, I followed her out of the room.


 But how long will this go on? Is there something more she wants to show me? I think about this, but I can’t find an answer.


 I go down the dark stairs, enter the chilly hidden passageway from the courtyard pavilion, and pass the place where I picked up the handkerchief with Lucille’s name on it, and she still hasn’t disappeared. It seems that today, she is leading me to the end of the path.


 She continued on to the end of the hidden passageway and slipped through the top exit tile and went outside. I also checked outside refreshing my [Magi Location] and opened the top tile to go outside, but she seemed to have left the mansion and was moving toward the back of the garden.



“Is it really necessary to go outside…” (Rook)



 I really don’t like the idea of walking around in the duke’s mansion without permission, but… I guess it can’t be helped if I’ve already come this far. It’s a good thing she didn’t head inside the mansion…


 Chasing after her while checking the presence of any soldier who would be patrolling the perimeter of the garden using [Magi Location], and walking through the garden while paying close attention to hide my tracks and muffle any noise, somewhere I saw a familiar scenery that I had seen from before.



“Isn’t it the same as Clan House?” (Rook)



 Whether the architect is the same as the Clan House’s, the layout is exactly the same. It seems that the Clan House was probably the duke’s mansion, and may have been designed by the same person.


 Following her, I enter the pavilion.


 The inside of the pavilion is almost the same as that of the Clan House. There are pillars at the four corners, a table, and chairs in the center, and the floor tiles seem to be the same. There are two entrances and exits. The one where we entered and the one across the path.


 As I was checking the inside from the entrance, she stopped at the center of the pavilion and turned around to look at me. It seemed that this was her goal.


 I looked at her again, and her eyes were so clear that I was almost drawn in.



“Are you Lucille’s mom…?” (Rook)


“…” (Ghost)



 I ask, but she doesn’t answer.


 Over the past few days, she has led me on a search, and I’ve found out a lot of things. I have learned a lot, but I still don’t understand the reason for all this.



“What do you want me to do?” (Rook)



 Before I could finish, she disappeared without a second thought.


 I wondered if she was going to say anything at all, or maybe she can’t… Either way, if she won’t answer, I’ll just have to find out for myself.


 I’ve gotten used to it by now, and I carefully check the area around the spot where she disappeared with [Magi Location].


 In my experience so far, there is always something in the area where she disappeared. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or her intention, but I think there would be another this time too.


 First, the place where she disappeared. Nothing. Near the desk and chair. Nothing. I checked the entire pavilion, widening the area from there, and found a hidden door in the same place as the tile that was the entrance to the hidden passageway in the pavilion at the Clan House, and a small space underneath it.


 I bent down and lifted up the tile, and inside was a luxurious-looking box. It looked like a jewelry box about 40 centimeters in diameter. I pulled it out of its hiding place, checked to make sure there were no problems using [Magi Location], and then opened the lid.



“…a book, maybe?” (Rook)



 Inside the box was a book. It was about the size of a regular book.



“So…” (Rook)



 First of all, is it safe to touch it? …Well, I had to touch it to see what was inside, and I already did.


 Just to be sure, I hold it in my hand, wrapping it with a cloth I took out of my bag, wrap before putting it in the bag.



“Perhaps I should return to my room for now…” (Rook)



 I want to check inside right away, but I can’t calmly check it in a place like this. In the first place, I can’t read the characters written in the book using [Magi Location], and that doesn’t mean I should use [Light Source] here.


 I decided to put only the box back in place and return to the Clan House through the secret passage.





“Light, illuminate my way, [Light Source].” (Rook)



 I return to my room in the Clan House and immediately use [Light Source].


 It instantly brightened the room, then I took out the book from my bag, sat down on my bed, and observed the book once again.


 The practical and sturdy-looking leather cover has no title or any other text. At any rate, it does not seem to be a grimoire.



“Now, I wonder what it is written…” (Rook)



 Opening the leather cover, I look inside.



Let’s see… ‘In the year 134 of the Republic, on the tenth day of the second month. Alec raised his sword arm. It is time for him to retire.’…?” (Rook)



 Who is Alec? I feel like I’ve heard that name somewhere… but well, I can’t remember where.


 I flipped through the book.


 At first glance, the book seems to be someone’s diary, although the dates are skipped. From the contents, I guessed that it was the diary of a man of high status and advanced age. I think it is the diary of someone in the Schumer family because of the location where the book was found…



“Hmm…? ‘I put my political affairs in Alec’s hands and went to see Borok.’” (Rook)



 Mr. Borok, his name in such a book…



“—‘There, I met a beautiful woman. Her name was Melina. She is a maid in Borok’s Clan House. I have never felt like this in all my life.’” (Rook)



 From reading the diary, it seems that the man in this diary is of advanced age and has a kid already, but he seems to have fallen in love. From that point on, the diary describes his days of getting close to a woman named Melina.


 I don’t really want to, but I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable as if I’m peeping into someone’s love life.


 Eventually, the man who kept the diary succeeded in getting close to Melina, and they began to meet in secret late at night through a hidden passageway to the Clan House.



“…’In the event, that this diary is discovered by my wife, it would be a problem. I’ll hide it in the pavilion, just in case.’” (Rook)



 I don’t know how marriage works in this country, but if his wife finds out about his relationship with Melina, it would cause a lot of trouble. …… Even if nobles are legally allowed to have mistresses, the law can’t bind the hearts of men.


 I look at the diary, skimming over the parts that don’t seem relevant.



“‘Melina is expecting. It’s would be fine if it’s a girl, but if it’s a boy, it might create unnecessary conflict in the future.’” (Rook)



 Well, I guess that’s true… It will be troublesome…


 Succession dispute, succession dispute, succession dispute… I feel like this is following some trope.


 They knew that, so they have to do something more from the beginning, but that’s not what happened. Because they are just being people.


 Then, after skimming the story of the secret meeting between Melina, this and that, I finally found the page.



“Ah… ‘On the second day of the fourth month, in the year 135 of the Republic. Melina gave birth. It is a girl. This will not cause any problems. The child’s name is Lucille. We will announce the existence of my child when the time is right.’” (Rook)



 Well, I had expected this to be the case, given the various circumstances.


 After all, Lucille’s father is a nobleman, and “she,” Melina, is Lucille’s mother. And she wants me to tell Lucille now that she is an adult, is that what she wants from me…?


 But the father, the diary owner, writes that he will announce Lucille’s existence…


 I turn the page to check the next diary.



“What?” (Rook)



 But the next page is blank. The next page is also blank. And the page after that, and the page after that.



“What does it mean?” (Rook)



 I flipped through the pages, but all the pages were blank.


 Then, after the last page, on the backside of the back cover, there were these words.



“Elk Schumer” (Rook)



 Is this the name of the owner of this diary?


 If so…





 I looked out the window and saw sunlight streaming in through the crack.


 Apparently, it was morning as I was absorbed in reading through the diary.



“…I can’t go back to sleep anymore.” (Rook)



 If I go to bed from now on, it will be bad if my days and nights are reversed.


 He left his room, went down the stairs, and entered the library to look for a certain book.


 I went through the shelves of historical books from one end to the other and found the book.



“Found it.” (Rook)



 The book was “History of Modern Arnorn”. Lucille had given me this book when I was researching about the Golden Dragon.


 I sat down at my usual seat with it, opened it to the year 135 of the Republic, and as I was reading through it, I immediately found the description.



“‘…In the year 135 of the Republic, on the fifth day of the fourth month. Duke Elk Schumer, head of the Schumer family, has passed away.’” (Rook)



 As I thought, the diary’s owner was a nobleman—Duke Schumer, no doubt. The diary mentions that he passed away, so he must be the former duke.


 According to the diary, Lucille was born on April 2, 135. The former duke died three days later, so the diary stopped there. Lucille was most likely the sister of the current Duke Schumer, but the former duke did not tell anyone about her existence because of the possibility of succession disputes. And when he died before announcing it, there was no one left to disclose this fact.



 Melina would not be able to tell anyone either. First of all, there is no such thing as DNA testing in this world. When the former duke died, it was no longer possible to prove that Lucille was the daughter of the former duke, so even if she wanted to come forward, she would not be able to. Melina also died without being able to tell Lucille, who was a child at the time. That’s the kind of story it was, I guess.



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