All-rounder Healer Chapter 186: Looking for What is Lost

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“So, I’m off to search for the Golden Dragon’s treasure!” (Cyrus)


“So sudden.” (Seam)



 The diner at dinner time. As usual, I got my dinner at the counter and took my place at the table, and Ms. Seam, who was sitting across from me, leaned forward, and said that.



“Seam, I am not being sudden… but Rook, why don’t you join us if have nothing to do? You’re done with your errands, right?” (Cyrus)


“Ah, yes. I think I’m done with all.” (Rook)



 The ghost debacle has come to a conclusion, and that “mysterious ghostly something that is not really a ghost” no longer appears.  So, I think it’s finally over. There are still many mysteries left.


 Recently, while most adventurers have been crawling around like geckos, staring at the ground, looking for “drops” of the golden dragon, I’ve been in a state where my days and nights are reversed. So, when Mr. Cyrus had asked me early on if I wanted to join him in the search for the drops, I had declined.



“Well, it’s decided then. Can you make it tomorrow morning?” (Cyrus)


“Yes, I’ll be fine. By the way, has anyone found some drops from the Golden Dragon?” (Rook)



 I wonder if it is possible for a large monster to drop its scales so easily just because it moves around. The probability is quite low, but it seems likely that this Orichalcum ring was also dropped by the Golden Dragon, so it may drop a variety of things in its own way.


 Ah, this Orichalcum ring is also full of mysteries, so I have to look it up soon.



“Oh, I haven’t confirmed it, but there are rumors that someone had already found two or three Golden Dragon hairs.” (Cyrus)


“Hearing that is making Cyrus feel impatient!” (Seam)



 I see, hair?


 I think I saw a mysterious object that looked like a clump of dog hair on the side of the road during spring or during the period when animals grow new hair. It seems to me that hairs would fall down to the ground, but I wonder if dragons also grow hairs. No. If it were a living creature, it would have the same cycle of hair growth, shedding, and re-growth, so it would shed regularly. I think I heard that even humans shed dozens or hundreds of hairs a day and re-grow them afterward. So, it would not be surprising if dragons shed that much as well.



“A golden dragon!? It’s a big chance to have it once in a lifetime opportunity! We haven’t found anything yet… I’m feeling impatient.” (Cyrus)


“Shi~ion~ is looking cute today too!” (Seam)



 I think while I watched Shion being fed by Ms. Seam.


 Well, it’s true that the Golden Dragon is a powerful monster that is said to be S-rank or higher, and it is not an opponent that you can believe yourself you could win against, or for normal adventurers to receive drops from. There would be no such possibility. With that in mind, it’s a great opportunity for ordinary adventurers now. It seems that you can live and have fun the rest for the rest of your life with just one scale, but the probability is higher than winning a lottery.





 The next morning, I woke up early and waited in the dining room for Mr. Cyrus, Ms. Seam, and Lucille to arrive.



“You’re early. Did you wait long?” (Cyrus)


“No. By the way, why is Lucille with you today?” (Seam)


“…I am also an adventurer” (Lucille)



 Lucille… I mean, I have always seen her in the library, so she has the image of the librarian.


 I don’t really have an image of her as anything but a literate person or a civil servant, never much of an adventurer.


 Today Lucille has her usual black robe, a short sword on her waist, and a backpack, and when she said she was an adventurer, I know she is an adventurer, but it still felt a little strange.



“Oh, I often work with Lucille. And this time I want some more manpower.” (Seam)


“You said yesterday, ‘the smaller the group, the bigger the shares.'” (Lucille)


“I told you not to say that!” (Cyrus)



 With this conversation going on, we left the town and headed north.


 Under a clear sky, there were many adventurers around us. They were all looking at the ground and using sticks to move through the grass.


 Apparently, they are also looking for drops from the Golden Dragon.


 I feel like I saw a scene like this in a detective drama when I was on earth.


 A murder case occurs, and detectives and forensics search for clues at the murder scene. And then, when the detectives heard a voice saying, “There it is!” the police gather around and say, “That’s strange” then the Chief Inspector says, “I told you not to enter the crime scene, didn’t I?”, and then the clues pointing to the criminal are found.



“There it is!” (Adventurer)


“Are you serious?!” (Adventurer)


“Where!? Where is it?!” (Adventurer)



 One of the adventurers, who had been wading through the grass with a stick, shouted, and the other adventurers gathered around him and began to push each other around.



“I heard they found something.” (Rook)


“…Don’t worry about it, a place this close to town has been searched over and over again in the past few days. There’s no way anything is left here.” (Cyrus)



 After glancing at the adventurers, Mr. Cyrus went on the highway, gradually quickening his pace.


 Apparently, he’s feeling a little bit impatient even if he said, “don’t worry about it.”


 But what about it? If it were scales, there is no way people would have missed it, but if it were hair, there is a possibility that the wind could have blown it away from elsewhere.



“By the way, the rumors about two or three Golden Dragon hairs being found, but what use would such a small amount be?” (Rook)



 If there is a good amount of hair, it could be woven into cloth and made into some amazing clothing, but I don’t think there is much use for one or two hairs, and I don’t think there is much money to be made out of them.



“Oh, the Golden Dragon’s hair is very strong against fire and magic, and it seems that it can’t be easily cut with a knife. I heard it will make a difference if you sew one in your clothes. I’ve heard that some of the higher-ups have other uses for it, but I don’t know much about them.” (Cyrus)


“I see.” (Rook)



 Sure, even one strand might make sense, depending on where you sew it in. It’s a big deal that it won’t cut you if you get cut.


 As I was thinking this, Lucille, who was behind me, added more to it.



“Equipment made from strong monster materials may be granted some special effects. The magic or power of the equipped person increases, and so on. I heard that equipment made from materials collected when the Golden Dragon flew away last time has become national treasures in some countries.” (Lucille)


“Woah!” (Rook)


“As expected, Lucille really knows her stuff!” (Seam)



 Equipment that increases can increase the magical power and power of the wearer. In short, they are equipment that can raise parameters such as INT and STR?


 There is also equipment with special effects such as the Paralyzing Knife that help me in Rankfurt, and it would be great to have equipment with such effects.


 But is it a different effect from the Magic or Attribute Arms I heard about before? I am not sure about that either.


 Except for the Orichalcum ring, all the equipment I use is just made from common materials, and I don’t think I own any items with such special effects. The Dark Crystal Short Sword is special in a way, but it is just a material that becomes hard when magic power flows through it.


 There is something that I don’t fully understand about the armors of this world. It seems that there are some amazing items of equipment, and it seems that high-level adventurers are using some amazing weapons, but I am not yet at the stage where I can obtain such amazing items, and I have not even tried to strengthen my equipment with the reinforcement scrolls. The disadvantages of failure are too great, and I don’t have the financial means to take on the challenge.


 But someday I hope to get such powerful equipment. Or rather, it should be necessary if I plan on aiming for the top.




“I still have a long way to go.” (Rook)



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