All-rounder Healer Chapter 187: In the Forest Looking for Drops

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 I comb the grass with a branch I picked up along the way, then look up over my head and comb through the tree branches as well.


 And once again, I comb through the grass on the ground with the branch, and the branches of the trees are combed through as we moved further again.


 And… this such a tedious mechanical work!


 It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack… Well, it’s fine if we know it’s still there, but this is so much harder because we don’t even know if it’s really there in the first place. It is possible that we are endlessly searching for something that isn’t even here.


 If the golden dragon is a type of dragon that has no wings and moves on the ground, the path it took would be easy to verify and it is relatively easy to search because you will only search in the vicinity. However, since it is flying, the path it took is difficult to understand. Moreover, the drops may be swept away by the wind. Well, if such a huge monster walks on the ground and comes to the town, the town will be destroyed, good thing it’s not the case.



“…I’m bored.” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam, who was rummaging through a tree a little further down the road, stopped suddenly and dropped her branch on the ground.



“I’m so bored!” (Seam)


“Hey Seam! Stop yelling in the woods!” (Cyrus)



 Well, that’s right…


 After several hours in the forest, all of us were just combing through the vegetation around us without any clue what we were searching for. Even I’m getting a little tired of it. Lucille doesn’t mind this kind of work, though, she keeps silently combing through the vegetation.


 Leveling up and collecting items in games also tend to be a grinding task, but I can keep going because I can see the steady accumulation of experience and I know that even if the odds are low, I will find something if I keep working at it. But not being able to see what’s ahead is a little tough.



“…lunch.” (Lucille)


“Oh, that’s right! Let’s take a break!” (Cyrus)



 After hearing Lucille’s murmur, Mr. Cyrus put down his backpack and pulls things out from inside.


 Black bread and jerky is a popular lunch for adventurers.



“It’s on me today! Everyone eat—” (Cyrus)


“Thanks for the food—!” (Seam)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Before he can finish, Ms. Seam’s hand shot forward.


 So fast! Or rather, she’s already in a good mood! Well, Shion has also joined in the hustle and bustle!


 I’m beginning to understand how they’ve been searching for the Golden Dragon’s drops for the past few days, also, I’m beginning to understand how they’ve been able to keep Ms. Seam’s focus during that time.


 I took out my cloak from my backpack, laid it out properly, and got a few pieces of dried meat and a piece of black bread that Mr. Cyrus had cut off.



“By the way, how big are the scales of the Golden Dragon?” (Rook)


“Ah… I don’t know the complete details, but they seem to be very big.” (Cyrus)



 Did you come looking for something like that even if you didn’t know the details? Then I wonder if ordinary adventurers have a chance to see one.



“It’s about the size of a buckler. The predecessor said.” (Lucille)


“By predecessor, you mean Mr. Borok?” (Rook)


“Yes.” (Lucille)



 I see. The first time the Golden Dragon flew out of its nest, Mr. Borok went to the nest and brought back one of its claws. I believe the story was that the claws were the reason the clan’s name is “Golden Dragon’s Claws”.


 I think there are a lot of scales in the golden dragon’s nest, and I think he also brought them back.


 …I think that the route to the golden dragon’s nest must exist because Mr. Borok went there when the Golden Dragon flew away before, and now that the Golden Dragon is not there, this could be another chance. If we go to the nest, we can pick up all kinds of things without having to go on this needle in a haystack search for Golden Dragon drops, right? If it drops things just by flying, there must be a lot of things in its nest, so why isn’t anyone trying to go there?



“Isn’t it faster to go to the Golden Dragon’s Nest than to cluelessly look for it?” (Rook)


“Hey, stop talking crazy. It’s rumored that the area around the nest is full of powerful monsters, even if the Golden Dragon isn’t in its nest. The route to the Golden Dragon’s nest has also not been disclosed by the predecessor.” (Cyrus)


“It is not good to provoke the golden dragon unnecessarily. If humans provoke it and provoke it to anger, it will destroy the country.” (Lucille)


“So that’s why……” (Rook)



 The Golden Dragon is a monster of that level, huh?


 Certainly, if an adventurer or anyone is aiming for the Golden Dragon with the aim of searching for treasure, with no one knowing how or what the Golden Dragon thinks if by any chance the dragon becomes annoyed. It might aggressively target a nearby town. If people retaliate or defend themselves. The country might really get destroyed.


 Hmm… Maybe this country or more specifically the town of Arnorn is in a series of exquisite luck, thinking, “I believe the Golden Dragon would never attack the town.”


 It would be safe if we could subdue the Golden Dragon, but we don’t even have that level of strength, and even if we had that strength, if we fail, it will retaliate and the country would surely be destroyed. On a national level, they wouldn’t want to touch the Golden Dragon if it doesn’t do anything. But if a daredevil adventurer rushed into the nest, that alone might upset the balance.


 Well, the route to the Golden Dragon’s Nest is not open to the public.



“Okay! Break is over! Let’s continue!” (Cyrus)


“Eeeh…” (Seam)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I picked up Shion, who looked disappointed for some reason and put him on my shoulder.


 I mean, how did you get along with Ms. Seam so much? Is it a fellow glutton connection?


  Well, what will we do about the afternoon search? I don’t think we’ll find anything even if we continue the same search as we did in the morning. To tell the truth, I don’t really want to use it, and it’s not something that should be used in public.


 While thinking of this, I chantlessly cast the spell in my mind.



Power that guides magic and controls everything. Sacred World Open [Magi location].



 As soon as I invoked the magic, I felt as if my vision was expanding, and I could understand what was going on around me. Then I closed my eyes, and while concentrating, I put my right hand out in front of me and converged it to give directionality to the way it sees. The semi-circular form changed to a conical shape extending from the palm of my hand, and as the density of magic became denser, I could “visualize” more detailed information.


 The conical [Magi Location] at the palm of my right hand is swung up and down, left, and right, to search through the vegetation.


 It was like using a metal detector.



“Ugh…” (Rook)


“…” (Caterpillar)



 I found a caterpillar behind a tree branch overhead.


 …I don’t really want to use this because… It just makes you see things that you normally don’t want to see. Well, it’s really convenient though.


 I checked the top of the tree, which should be unsearchable, and then I checked between the grass on the ground. Then I check the next tree and the next…



“…What are you doing?” (Lucille)


“Oh?” (Rook)



 I locked eyes with Lucille, who was just behind me, who had an expression like she was looking at something strange.


 Ah, when someone looks at me from the side, they would see a strange person walking with his palms moving everywhere. Well, moving a tree branch with my left hand should have been a camouflage… But I still looked weird…



“… Well, I feel like I can tell more by holding my palms in front…” (Rook)


“…………I see.” (Lucille)



 Lucille said and headed toward another tree.


 I just said some random excuse, but did she accept it? …I feel she said something like saying “Pardon me”, so I’ll just chalk it up to my imagination.


 I got myself together, headed to the next tree, and as I was investigating from below with my conical [Magi Location].




“Oh, I found something!” (Rook)



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