All-rounder Healer Chapter 188: Discovery

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“Seriously!? Where is it!?” (Cyrus)


“Wow! It really happened.” (Seam)



 After making sure Mr. Cyrus and Ms. Seam have rushed over to me, I pointed directly above me with the tree branch in my left hand, saying, “There.”



“Where is it …?” (Cyrus)


“Hmm?” (Seam)



 The two of them were shifting their heads from right to left, trying to peek up through the thick foliage, but they couldn’t seem to find it.


 That’s as it should be. I am pointing to a branch at the top of a five-meter tree growing in front of me. And there is a string of golden dragon’s hair that is caught on the branch. It is a little difficult to see from the ground.



“See, there’s something gold shining over there, right?” (Rook)


“…Ah! You’re right!” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus exclaimed, and then he jumped on the tree. He grabbed a branch and tried to climb up, but it didn’t seem to work.



“Shit! My armor is in the way! I shouldn’t have worn armor if this is what happens!” (Cyrus)


“What are you talking about, you need armor!” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam pulls Mr. Cyrus away from the tree, grabs a branch, and climbs dexterously up the tree. In a matter of seconds, she reached for the Golden Dragon’s hair, grabbed it, and quickly climbed down.



“Ta~da~!” (Seam)



 It was a golden thread, nearly a millimeter thick, and looked strong and sturdy. It was nearly a millimeter thick and looked strong.



“Seriously? This must be real! This is real, right? …Kukukuku! I finally have an S-rank material!” (Cyrus)


“Calm down.” (Lucille)



 Lucille took the golden dragon’s hair in her hand while pushing the excited Mr. Cyrus to the side.



“It looks golden. The Golden Dragon is the only monster with golden hair in this area. The roots of the hair are still there. I am almost certain that it is the hair of the Golden Dragon. The strand is quite thick for hair. As one would expect from a large monster. It is surprisingly soft to the touch. We need to confirm whether this softness is really as strong as rumored. Don’t we need a Mithril blade and an Orichalcum blade to verify its blade resistance? …first, let’s check it with this iron knife—” (Lucille)


“You, too! Settle down.” (Seam)



 Ms. Seam drops a hand chop on Lucille’s head and took the Golden Dragon’s hair.


 It’s funny how Ms. Seam, who is usually the most excitable, is the calmest at times like this.


 But they are a good team like this.



“It’s the real thing anyway, right? Then let’s go home!” (Seam)


“Nah! We’ve got one, there’s probably more!” (Cyrus)


“Both of you are way too excited! It’s impossible to continue.” (Seam)



 You can’t find more mushrooms continuously in the same place. Besides, Mr. Cyrus and Lucille were sobbing, so it was going to be difficult to work. It would be better to stop as Ms. Seam said.


 So, we leave the forest and head for the town.


 The sun is having just a slightly moved to the horizon. We found the golden dragon’s hair right after our lunch break, so it must have been only one or two in the afternoon.


 The sky is blue, and the wind feels good.


 Come to think of it, we didn’t encounter any monsters even though we went into the forest today. Maybe the rumor that the number of monsters has been decreasing since the Golden Dragon moved out is true. I don’t know, but just as the golden dragon’s migration has had a great impact on the humans around, it must have had a great impact on the monster’s ecology as well.


 As we walked down the street, passing wagons and carts, Mr. Cyrus, the leader of our group, turned around and opened his mouth.



“The Golden Dragon’s hair, is there anyone who wants to use it?” (Cyrus)



 When I checked everyone, only Lucille shyly raised her hand.



“Okay. How about you Rook? Don’t hold back.” (Cyrus)


“I’m……” (Rook)



 Of course, I’m interested in the golden dragon material, and if I had it, I might use it somewhere someday, but right now I can’t think of a specific use for it. If you find it when I was acting solo, I can save it in my magic bag even if you can’t think of a way to use it for the moment, but if I find it with a party, I need to divide it with everyone.



“I’m good.” (Rook)


“Well. I’d like to offer it to the duke or sell it to a big store. I don’t think he’ll give us a knighthood for a single hair, but it’s still a Golden Dragon’s hair. He would probably reward us and not treat us badly. If that’s not possible, then we’ll move to a big merchant.” (Cyrus)



 I see. I guess it depends on who you are talking to, but I guess it is possible to make connections and make a name for yourself by offering a valuable item to an influential person. Well… It depends on the value of the hair, but is it definitely more valuable to receive something that can’t be bought with money than to receive money? Whether or not we need it now, this is how a talented adventurer can climb up. And even though it’s a gift, “I’ll offer you the hair of a Golden Dragon” then a “Thank you, you can go home now” I don’t think it’s going to end in just that. …right? Of course, there are some nobles like that, but they would lose their reputation if they did that, and they should be rewarded in some way. Fortunately, Duke Schumer, who rules this land, is rumored to be a warrior. He seems to have a good reputation and is closely related to the clan. I don’t get a bad impression from talking to Dalita, Duke Schumer’s daughter. I don’t think it will be that bad.



“What do you want to do with it, Lucille?” (Cyrus)


“Research.” (Lucille)



 Hmmm, that’s right. That’s very Lucille.



“How about I leave the hair with you for a few days so that you can study it and then present it to the Duke? Of course, no cutting or burning it.” (Cyrus)


“……I accept.” (Lucille)



 Yeah, if he hadn’t nailed the idea, she definitely would have cut or burned it. She said something about verifying the resistance to cutting earlier.



“How about Seams and Rook?” (Cyrus)


“I think that’s fine.” (Rook)


“I’m hungry.” (Seam)


“Kyu!” (Shion)


“OK! Then that settles it!” (Cyrus)



 At the moment, I don’t particularly want to have connections with nobles, but I would like to know about them for later use. In that sense, I’m interested in aristocrats, and it’s better to have someone who knows individuals that are relatively safe to meet.


 Well, what will happen will happen.



“I’ll ask Dalita to connect me with the Duke. It will take a while, so in the meantime, do as you please. As soon as the Duke is ready, we’ll all go to see him!” (Cyrus)



 Mr. Cyrus smiled as he said this.


 I guess making a name for yourself is a big goal for an adventurer. Well, in a world like this, wealth and fame are easily the biggest goals in life.


 …The Duke and Lucille are supposed to be brother and sister. Who else knows that information? To what extent did the Duke’s father, the deceased former duke, tell people about Lucille?


 As long as Lucille has not been welcomed into the Duke’s residence, I don’t think many people know about it. Does the Duke know about it? If he knew, what would he think if Lucille went to see him?



 Well, if Lucille doesn’t think it’s a problem, it’s not up to me to say anything about it.



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