All-rounder Healer Chapter 189: Orichalcum Ring Verification and Experiment

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 We returned to the Clan House, and I parted ways with everyone, promising to party in the evening.


 Lucille took the hair of the Golden Dragon with her. She will probably start studying it immediately. I wonder what kind of tests she will do.


 There is a possibility that she will be so absorbed in her research that she won’t come out at night, but if that happens… Well, I can just pick her up.


 I went back to my room, put down Shion and my backpack, and sat down on my bed.


 I came home early today, so I have time to get ready for the night. I put my hand in the magic bag at my waist and pulled out the thing.



“I have to look this thing up.” (Rook)



 I got an Orichalcum ring. I’ve always wanted to look it up, but it seems impossible to look it up in the literature anymore. It seems that it’s scary to ask people around. I was a little scared to put it on my finger and hesitated. But it’s a waste to put this ring, which seems to have some ability, on the bottom of the bag. So, I decided to equip it and check it out.



“Let’s go!” (Rook)



 I picked up the Orichalcum ring with my left hand and put it on the index finger of my right hand.



“…” (Rook)



 I checked that the ring was firmly in place, and then pulled it out.


 The ring slipped out without any particular resistance.



“…Huh.” (Rook)



 Good thing I wasn’t in… Dero Dero Dero Dee Deden, “ I can’t get the Orichalcum ring off because of the curse!” I can even expect it to come to that. Well, somehow, I felt that this wasn’t that bad. [T/N: Dero Dero Dero Dee Deden is a manga about a kid that interacts with supernatural beings.]


 Exhaling lightly, I put the ring back on again.

 I look around the room, but nothing seems to have changed. I thought I might be able to see something invisible like I saw before, but it seems unlikely at this point.


 Next one.



“Light, illuminate my way, [Light Source].” (Rook)



 For now, I used the simplest magic.


 I felt that magic was the most likely to be affected by this ring, based on the various information I had.


 And the result is…



“…It seems like it might become easier to use, but it doesn’t seem to be.” (Rook)



 If they say it works, it works if they say it doesn’t, it doesn’t. In short, it’s not a hula hoop effect… but about a placebo. In other words, I don’t know.



“Hmm, isn’t it a simple concept that enhances the effect of magic?” (Rook)



 With this in mind, I moved the ball of light floating above my head to the left and the right.


 Spinning to the right and spinning to the left.



“…huh?” (Rook)



 I feel that the light ball can be moved much easier than before. This is definitely not a placebo.


 Just to be sure, I took off the ring and tried it again.


 Spinning to the right and spinning to the left.



“I knew it would be a little more difficult to control without the ring.” (Rook)



 In other words, does it mean that the ring increases the ability to control magic? 


 But if that’s the case, it doesn’t explain that ghostly woman. She was taking off the ring at that time.


 No, this ring does not necessarily have only one effect. Items with multiple effects are common in MMORPGs, and that could be the case.


 It’s just my guess that the ghostly woman and this ring are related to each other.



“Let’s test others.” (Rook)



 I try out the magic that can be used indoors without any problem.



“Light healing [Heal].” (Rook)


To the impure, may your soul rest in peace, [Purification].” (Rook)


“Divine light, heal your people, [Holy Light].” (Rook)


“I see, I see.” (Rook)



 I’ve been using it from all ends, and I’m starting to get the hang of it.


 First of all, the effect of [Heal] seems to have been improved. But [Holy Light] is almost the same as before.


 The reason why there is a difference between the two magic types, even though they are the same recovery magic, is probably because the elements that affect the effect of [Heal] and [Holy Light], Attribute Magic and Sacred Magic, are different, and this Orichalcum ring has the effect of increasing the element that affects the effect of [Heal]. It is probably MND, based on the abilities I saw in the white place. It was a parameter related to spirit, restoration magic, and magic power.


 And although the effect of purification was not increased, it was still a little easier to control magic. I thought it might be because MND is also a parameter related to magic control, but I have no proof.


 I also think that the effect of sacred magic is increased by PIE. I believe this because PIE is the parameter of piety or faith or something like that.


 Well, no matter what I learn, there’s nothing I can do about it.


  No, maybe if I train, STR goes up when I do muscle training. So, I wonder if PIE would also go up if I train it like my STR? But even if that were the case, there is no way to confirm that it has gone up. At the moment, there is no way to check the parameters.


 And how do you train your piety? Should I go to church and pray?


 I don’t particularly worship the gods of this world, and I don’t know much about them, but maybe if I do the kind of training they do in church, I might be able to improve the effects of Sacred Magic.


 I don’t feel like I want to get too close to religion, so maybe I can look it up in literature or something.


 Now that I’ve got my thoughts in order, I’ll try the rest of the magic.



Sacred Flame, bringer of silence, [Holy Fire].” (Rook)


Sacred wind, surround him, [Holy Wind].” (Rook)


“Sacred Land, bring forth your blessings [Holy Earth].” (Rook)



 A round stone about one centimeter in diameter rolled into his hand. I picked it up with my fingers and spun it around.


 The effect is still the same, but it’s easier to control.


 But as usual, it shines in rainbow colors and is as beautiful as a jewel.


 No, in a way, it might be even more amazing than a jewel. I’m afraid it might be worth a great price if I sell it.


 Since I learned [Holy Earth], I’ve been making and stocking up on it whenever I have a little extra magic before bedtime, but I can’t have too much of it because I can only use it for [Summon Fairy]. But the fact that I used it as a catalyst for Sacred Magic means that there must be other Sacred Magic that cannot be used without Holy Stones, and I will probably need a lot of them in the future, so it makes sense to make a lot of them and keep them. However, in the unlikely event that someone looks in my magic bag, if I have a small amount of Holy Stones, I can use the excuse that I picked them up because they are beautiful or bought them from a vendor, but if I have a large amount, it is would be difficult to use even those excuses. I’m also scared. Moreover, before, when I realized that, that excuse didn’t work at all when I sold Light Magic Crystal, it’s going to be game over again.


 By the way, this [Holy Earth] took about half of my magic power at first, but now I use less than a quarter of it. I guess that’s how much my magic power has improved, but that’s not important right now.


 I made a Holy Stone, and I’m going to call Lizzy to verify the ring.



“Heed my call and show me the way [Summon Fairy].” (Rook)



 A three-dimensional magic circle appeared in the space, and Lizzy appeared as usual.



“Hello!” (Lizzy)


“Oh, hello.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I feel like I haven’t called Lizzy in a while. But I don’t have to worry. It’s all in my mind.


 The last time I called Lizzy was only about a week ago. It has not been that long at all. But why does it feel like it’s been so long? It feels like we haven’t met for a long time… Ugh, my head.


 Well, human beings, there are some things you don’t need to know, right?



“Oh, that’s right! There’s a huge dragon!” (Lizzy)


“Yeah, it’s the golden one, right?” (Rook)


“Yeah! Well, that dragon is working, so don’t fight!” (Lizzy)



 …working? Oh, come on, is the Golden Dragon an office employee? Do dragons in this world have a job too? …No, before that, don’t fight, there is no way I can pick a fight with that thing, and if I am in that situation, I wouldn’t receive a one-punch KO, but a single fingertip will obliterate me. So of course, I would never.


 I think of this while watching Lizzy playing with Shion.



“I’ll be fine. We won’t get into a fight!” (Rook)


“That sounds good!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu, kyu!” (Shion)



 As I was talking, the door to my room slammed open without the expected knock.



“You’re late! We’re going to the party! ……Oh, oh, oh!?” (Seam)


“Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh!?” (Rook)




 There she was, Ms. Seam, who was staring at Lizzy behind the door frame, exclaiming in surprise.



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