All-rounder Healer Chapter 19: The Boss and Mysterious Grimoire

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 Then, I arrived in front of the stairs leading to the fifth floor.


 The structure was simple, and the monsters that came out were slime, slime, goblins, goblins, slimes, goblins, goblins, goblins… and there were more goblins downstairs. The enemies attacked one at a time, and I was able to advance more easily and steadily.



“I will take a break here for the time being” (Rook)



 In games, the lowest level always houses the boss.


 Sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. I take out the fruit I bought at the store. I pulled it out of the backpack and took a bite.


 Yeah, this is delicious.


 I think about the leveling system while I was eating.


 There is no doubt that there is a system for leveling. The existence of abilities and six parameters has been confirmed in that “white space”. However, I have not seen anyone, equipment, or items that I can use to confirm it. Well, I cannot say anything about it based in this small village alone. At least I do not think it is something that ordinary people or villages can have, for the moment.


 If I find such an item or tool, I would like to get it and examine it.



 After swallowing the last bite of fruit and checking my equipment. I head down to the fifth floor.


 Now, will there be demons or snakes…?



“Well, I am sure it is going to be a goblin.” (Rook)






 When I went down to the fifth floor, there was a straight path, and at the end was a large hall.


 There are several candlesticks lit in the hall, and it seems to be the only place in the dungeon that is lit.


 And in the middle of the hall…



“Yeah, it is a goblin… It also has a dagger.” (Rook)



 The goblins, which are the same as before, are just now equipped with a dagger.


 Is this the way with beginner dungeons? The difficulty level is still low even until the end. Well, being stabbed by a dagger is dangerous. Anyone who has come this far should be able to deal with this without any problems.


 I noticed one interesting thing here. Until now, monsters have attacked in a straight line when they sense me. The dagger goblins here have not attacked me probably until I enter the hall.



 Entering the hall as unhesitatingly.


“Guga!” (Dagger Goblin)


 A dagger goblin swings up its dagger and ran toward me to attack.


 Then I quickly returned to the passage.


“Gugoghe!?” (Dagger Goblin)



 The dagger goblin scurried around to check its surroundings as if it has lost sight of me, and then slinks back to its original position.


 Once again, I entered the hall.



“Guga!” (Dagger Goblin)



 The dagger goblin comes at me again, raising its dagger.


 As I return to the passage, the Dagger Goblin loses sight of me and returns to its original position.



“Hmm, how strange.” (Rook)



 I am tired of repeating the pattern, so I bludgeoned the head of the dagger goblin to finish it.


 After the dagger goblins disappeared, a slightly larger magic stone and dagger were left.


 Picking both up. I put them in my bag.


 I mean, this knife is similar to the one sold at the store earlier!


 Yeah, I feel disappointed. I see… So many of them were lined up in that grocery store because they often appear here…


 Well, it cannot be helped.



 Moving on. The space above the stone pedestal in the back of the hall began to glow with a high-pitched humming sound. Then something came out of the center of the light while the space distorted, and something fell on the pedestal…


 Soon, the light subsides, and silence returns.



“… What!?” (Rook)



 I immediately jumped back from the pedestal and shouted in reflex.


 I feel that too many mysterious things have happened since I came to this world.


 No, strange things have been happening since the “white space” before I came to this world.


 Even if it is acceptable that there is magic, things suddenly pop out from an empty space, and even the common sense that has been being created since I came here cannot be easily accepted.


 For the time being, I carefully approach the pedestal and see what appeared fallen.


 It is a book, and the cover says [Holy Light]. If you look closely at the book, you can understand that a [Holy Light Grimoire].


“I see.” The grimoire of [Holy Light]. “……. Huh?”


 No, wait, wait. Why did I understand that this is the grimoire of [Holy Light]? It says Holy Light, but it does not say it is a grimoire.


 Taking a closer look at the book again.



[Holy Light Grimoire]




“Yeah. It is a [Holy Light Grimoire]… No. No. No.” (Rook)


 Why does the word [Holy Light Grimoire] enter my mind?


 Focus my attention on the cane, I have in my right hand.


 I cannot feel anything.


 Focusing on the robe, I am wearing.


 I do not feel anything.


 Pull out the things from the bag and look at them one by one.


 I do not feel anything.



“Yeah. I do not understand.” (Rook)



 Approaching the pedestal and picking up the [Holy Light Grimoire].


 It is similar in size and shape to the grimoires I saw yesterday, but it has a bluish hue.


 And then…



“I can use this.” (Rook)



 When I touch it, I feel that something has connected to the grimoire. It is almost the same as the [Light Ball Grimoire] yesterday.


 I carefully open the cover.


 Then, like when I used the grimoire of [Light Source], the content came to my mind even though I did not understand the meaning of the words inside. Once I have finished looking at all the pages. It was wrapped in white flames and burned to nothing.



“I see. Is it recovery magic?” (Rook)



 After reading, I understood the content and how to use the spell.


 Apparently, [Holy Light] is a recovery magic spell.




“I’m not sure I can try it this time, though.” (Rook)


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