All-rounder Healer Chapter 192: Let’s Request an Appraisal

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“Phew…” (Rook)



 I got myself out of bed and sat down on the bed as it was.


 The day after the drinking party, I woke up and found someone next to me! I heard that there is no goofy development like in romance comics, like how it develops into a romance–as usual, it is Shion sleeping next to me. That’s fine with me because he’s cute.


 However, I drank a lot and ate a lot yesterday. It has been a long time since I drank this much. After all, it’s fun to have a party after a successful job, isn’t it?


 But my head might be hurting a little. ……


 I thought about it for a while and then channeled my magic.



“…sacred wind, surround him [Holy Wind].” (Rook)



 The sparkling, gentle wind envelopes my surroundings.


 At the same time, the pain and the sick feeling in my head disappear.



“So, it can cure this too…” (Rook)



 I used it because it seemed somehow possible, and I was able to cure it.


 I’m not sure if it’s okay to use Sacred Magic for something like this, though. …well, that’s normal for people who use Sacred Magic as a substitute for taking a bath think, right?


 While I was thinking, I get ready with the usual magic bath and leave the room.



“Good morning.” (Rook)


“Oh, good morning.” (Clan Member)



 I greeted the people I met in the hallway in the morning.


 I’m getting to know more and more people in this clan, I think.


 When I was staying at an inn in town, I didn’t feel this way because of the constant turnover of people, but in a clan, the distance between people becomes closer. In the Southern Village, the first village I stayed in, there were fewer people, so it was easier to get to know each other.


 I left the clan house and walked toward the blacksmith shop.


 The leaves on the trees were rustling in the calm wind, and the sun was shining down on me.


 It was a cloudless sunny day and a bit hot. But it is far from the level of summer in Japan and is tolerable enough. If it had been a climate like Japan’s, I might have despaired in real life. It would have been unbearable in this world without air conditioning.


 While I was thinking about this, I arrived at my usual blacksmith shop.


 I opened the door with a click and walked in to find my Dwarf master at the counter, as usual, staring toward the blacksmith shop with his cheekbones resting on the counter.



“Excuse me.” (Rook)


“Hmm? Oh, it’s you. You couldn’t use the dark crystal weapon after all?” (Old Dwarf)


“No, there’s no problem. Would you be willing to appraise a ring?” (Rook)


“Well, you’ll have to look elsewhere. There are no appraisers in this store.” (Old Dwarf)



 No appraisers, huh?


 What should I do? I thought that if I had a professional look at the Orichalcum ring, he might be able to tell the effect, like when I had Mr. Gildan look at the Paralyzing Knife in Rankfurt.


 But this master had said a lot of things before when he looked at the Dark Crystal Short Sword, right?



“Can’t the master appraise it? Didn’t you appraise the Dark Crystal Short Sword before?” (Rook)


“That was just my knowledge and experience. I am not an appraiser.” (Old Dwarf)


“…Are there only a few people who can appraise?” (Rook)


“That’s right. Even if you have the talent for blacksmithing, you may not always be able to appraise it. My experience is that there is less than 1 in every hundred blacksmiths.” (Old Dwarf)



 Hmm, I see. So, wasn’t Mr. Gildan a pretty amazing person?



“Even if you can appraise a sword, it is not a special advantage for a blacksmith. What is important is how good a sword you can smith. There are people who can appraise swords, but their blacksmithing skills are subpar. Well, a good blacksmith who can use appraisal is generally a good appraiser, but not the other way around. A blacksmith whose skills are not good is not good at appraising.” (Old Dwarf)



 If this is the case, it is almost certain that production abilities such as blacksmithing and woodworking are different from appraising abilities. Perhaps a person who is born with both production abilities such as blacksmithing and eye abilities such as the [Heavenly Dragon’s Eye] and [Aesthetic Eye], and who happens to have both, learns blacksmithing and becomes able to appraise objects made with blacksmithing. Perhaps it is the same outside of blacksmithing.


 This makes sense why there are so few people who can use appraisals.



“A blacksmith with a poor skill is not good at appraisal, does that mean that a person with poor blacksmithing skills does not understand their weapons well?” (Rook)


“Yes, that is the case. A great blacksmith can know the material, ability, sharpness, and many other things, but a poor blacksmith can only tell if it could cut goblins. Well, even a great blacksmith can’t tell anything about a great work of art like an artifact.” (Old Dwarf)



 In other words, to appraise a great item, you need to be a good blacksmith, I guess. I have noticed that the number of items I know about has increased in my appraisals as well.


 But how do you appraise artifacts? …I heard that even the best blacksmiths cannot appraise artifacts, but from the literature, it seems that there are countries where artifacts are well managed. Maybe there is another way to appraise artifacts.



“Well, can you introduce me to someone who might be able to appraise it?” (Rook)


“Hmm, a ring… there is Denis in the north of the town… Old lady Ulke might be an option.” (Old Dwarf)


“Ah? Isn’t Granny Ulke the alchemist?” (Rook)


“It’s a ring an adventurer wants to appraise, so it likely has to have some effect? There are times when an alchemist with an appraisal skill can appraise such an object. It seems that there are alchemists who can understand Magical Weapons even if they do not have any appraisal skills. Isn’t there a ring Attribute Arms…?” (Old Dwarf)


What do you mean?” (Rook)


“I think it is about the size of the Magic Crystal.” (Old Dwarf)



 Oh, surely, a Magic Crystal is about 3 cm in size for the smallest ones. If you fuse it with a ring, it will be really huge, but the smallest D-rank Magic Crystal will not have much effect. I don’t know if it can be done or not, but I don’t think it would be made very often.


 And then there are cases where alchemists can also appraise rings.


 If my previous thoughts on [Appraisal] are correct, it means that alchemy as well as blacksmithing is necessary to make weapons with special abilities.



“Besides, I don’t mind if I introduce you to them.” (Old Dwarf)



 Saying this, the dwarf master scratched the back of his head and exhaled heavily.



“If you’re going to ask for an appraisal, you have to be sure that you know whether you can trust the person you’re dealing with. Only the appraiser himself knows the results of the appraisal. There is a possibility that the appraiser will lie to you and rip you off. Besides, if you ask someone to appraise your property, it means that your ability will be revealed to others. If word gets out that a young adventurer has equipment that is too good for him, he could get into a lot of trouble.” (Old Dwarf)


“Yes… I’ll be careful.” (Rook)



 Hmmm, that’s for sure. But I couldn’t completely understand it just from my own research. There is no way to appraise it like in games, so if I continue to identify it as I use, equip, absorb, and find out what kind of effect it has, I feel that one day I will hit a cursed piece of equipment like in that game, or my level will drop, or I will be in pain. So, in the end, I have to have an expert look at it, but it’s difficult for a traveling adventurer to choose a person…


 It would be nice if I could master appraisal myself, but the appraisal system makes it unlikely that I will ever be able to master blacksmithing or other appraisal system.


 But I’ll take his advice. This kind of advice is only given when you are young. Once you are an adult, you have to learn from real pain, and in this world, that may be the time of my death.


 Besides, the Orichalcum ring should be a valuable item even if it has no effect. It may be more noticeable than I imagined. And it has been confirmed to have at least an MND-increasing effect. I don’t know how much that would be worth, but judging from an outsider’s perspective, it wouldn’t be considered a suitable item for me.


 Well, just in case, was it the correct answer to talk to this dwarven master without showing the Orichalcum ring? For the time being, I’ll try not to show this ring to anyone even if they don’t know its true capabilities.



“So, what are you going to do?” (Old Dwarf)


“I will stop at this.” (Rook)




 When I said so, the Dwarven master said, “I see,” and showed his white teeth.



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